She Said What?

OUR li’l chatterbox, Princess Ella, talks so much it’s inevitable she’ll deliver at least one golden quote per day.

Because of this, we’re launching a new regular series titled She Said What? Feel free to send your own little one’s funny lines through to us via the Contact page and we’ll give them a run.

Like Rachel, from Because I Said So.

The Little Emperor asked Rachel who made him. “He followed this up by asking how had we got the bones in?’’ she said, laughing. “I knew the question would come up eventually, but wasn’t expecting it in that format. Thought it would be more of a: `where did I come from’. Awkward moments!’’


Princess Ella was also concerned with her body this week, after not feeling 100 per cent. When I later asked her how she was feeling, she replied: “my tummy has a headache.’’.

Of course it does!

So, come on. Share what line your little one’s said that’s caused you to laugh this week?

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5 Responses to FEATURE: She said what? Part 1

  1. rachel says:

    he he! i look forward to following this feature on your blog. I’m sure it will be a laugh a minute – i know my little one’s saying are – they always give me something to write about!
    thanks for including my little emperor in your first in this series. funny that both kids were thinking about their bodies this week. must be an age thing 🙂

    • Kel says:

      LOL! Definitely must be an age thing! Thanks for sharing this Rachel. I loved it. I’m waiting for the day Princess Ella asks the same question! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line next time the Little Emperor delivers a golden quote!! 🙂

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  3. Barb says:

    I personally cringe when I go to school to pick Ellie up…..last year she wrote in her daily news that her family does the gardening in the nude!!! The teacher nearly wet herself when i walked into the room that afternoon. I needed to explain that Darcy and Ellie stipped off and played in the sprinkler while we did the gardening FULLY CLOTHED…thank you very much!!!

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