A USUALLY reserved Nicole Kidman becomes emotional on 60 Minutes this Sunday when she reveals how she was present during the surrogate birth of her second child.

Faith Margaret, who was born in Nashville on December 28, is the second child for Kidman and country superstar Keith Urban.

Usually not one to care much for Kidman, during this interview with Karl Stefanovic she captures my heart.

In a sneak peek on Ninemsn, she talks about how the birth was “so deeply emotional and moving”. “Having given birth … and then seeing my child being born this way — the love I felt for our surrogate… I get emotional just talking about it because I am so grateful to her.”

As Kidman begins to cry, you can’t help the tears welling in your own eyes. As parents, the most precious thing in the world are our children, no matter how they came into this world.

When Princess Ella puts her arms around me at bedtime and says: “I love you, mum” or Baby Holly brushes her li’l mouth against my cheek and I smell that sweet baby morning breath, I’m grateful for every moment I have with them.

Kidman’s comments remind us to appreciate the wonderful things we’re given in life – no matter how they came to us.

Kidman and Urban have a biological child, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, born in 2008.

For the full interview watch 60 Minutes at 7.30pm on Sunday night.

So, what moment each day do you cherish most with your child? Is it something they do first thing in the morning, an unexpected moment throughout the day or cuddling up together before bedtime? Let us know.

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