Princess Ella devouring her strawberries from ``Santa''.

WEDNESDAY mornings are like Christmas in our house – minus chocolate for brekkie. The neighbours can hear Princess Ella’s squeals as the gift bearer arrives at the door. She then proceeds to explain how she’s got pink underpants on and “look, I’ve got strong muscles. See?’’ Vital information. After they leave, we excitedly unpack the parcels to see what they’ve left.

Of course, I already know what they’ve left. Yes, the Coles lady is like Santa Claus in our house.

With a five-month-old breastfed baby, heading to a supermarket with the worry I might have to back myself into the deli section to feed mid shop terrifies me. Add to that a preschooler who’s tempted by anything in a shiny wrapper and I fear the place more than the dentist (I’ve already had six teeth pulled in my lifetime).

So, when I discovered online grocery shopping I thought all my Christmases had come at once – and so did the three year old. Now, instead of screaming for the chocolates at the grocery counter, she’s squealing “look Mum, strawberries’’ in our kitchen.

Mind you, when I describe the Coles lady as being like Santa, I really do mean it. No, she’s doesn’t have a beard – that I’ve noticed, anyway. She’s like Saint Nic, because most weeks she brings us free samples. Granted, last week we were left disappointed because all we received was a small bottle of deodorant.

Ungrateful li’l…., you say. Well, it’s hard to take when the week prior we received:

  • Two packets of mini Milky Ways
  • Two packets of Cadburys assorted mini chocolates
  • Two gossip magazines
  • A box of Robert Timms coffee bags
  • Another mini deodorant
  • Vitamin water
  • A large bottle of spring water
  • A large V8 juice
  • Two big packets of Dorritos

All free! Clever marketing, I say. Although, I started to wonder if maybe the Coles lady had left behind someone else’s shopping. In fact, I didn’t touch any of it (despite Ella’s pleading) until the next day in fear she’d return and want them back.

Every time I heard a vehicle outside, I’d get Ella to check if it was the Coles lady. Of course, she obliged because, well, a second visit from Santa in one day would have made her the happiest girl in the world.

So, my answer to surviving grocery shopping with kids? Stay at home! The kids will love you for it.


What are your tips for surviving shopping with the kids? Have you embraced online grocery shopping yet?

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9 Responses to FEATURE: How to survive grocery shopping… with kids

  1. You’ve sold me, I’m going to give it a go now 🙂

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! It’s fantastic Marissa. The only way to do the groceries, I reckon!! We got a free bottle of Ribena cordial from the Coles lady this morning! Very happy! 🙂

  2. feli says:

    when I was still on maternity leave, i use to shop with woolies. and every time the delivery guy comes, I would literally jump and skip to open the door. HAHA

  3. Super Sarah says:

    I only did my first internet shop recently because I knew I was going to be home regularily on a Thursday morning. Its been fantastic and my grocery bills are down three weeks in a row now! Its a bit sad though because I used to use grocery shopping as an excuse to get out of the house in the evening occasionally, without children!

    • Kel says:

      Have to admit our grocery bill has gone down quite a bit too, Sarah. Just being able to compare items without feeling pressured by time is heaven! But yes, have to make up other excuses to get out of the house now!!! 🙂

  4. melanie w says:

    I love online grocery shopping also its so convienient i used to love doing the groceriy shop now i have 4 kids and DP i hate it so when coles online came along i jumped at the chance and love it a big YAY! for home delivery.

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