THE countdown to the fella with the fluffy ears and tail is well and truly underway here. So much so, we spent yesterday getting in the spirit of Easter. For morning tea, we indulged in chocolate hot cross buns. Later that afternoon I looked in the mirror, only to notice I had it all around my mouth. No wonder the mailman wouldn’t look me in the eye.

We then scoured the pantry with the intention of making some Easter Candy Bark but, alas, there was no chocolate. Some gremlin ate it all while blogging late at night. Hmmm, who could that be?

Instead, we went and got out this little creation made by her dad back in January.

White Rabbit-come-Easter Bunny

A couple of weeks ago this very hat became rather famous after making an appearance on Mrs Woogs’ blog Woogs World. She sent a call out for Easter hat creations, so I submitted the above photo (yes, they are pink undies) and this description:

Princess Ella, wearing her bunny hat, painstakingly made by her dad, (painstaking, because it’s held together with a pink ribbon and 1000 staples). He originally made it as part of a one-year-old’s Alice In Wonderland birthday party in December (yes, that’s one serious birthday party). Ella, obviously being the white rabbit. Not really the crafty type, hubby was so impressed by his own efforts he put it away ready to reuse at Easter

But this all wasn’t quite enough. We needed to make something “Eastery’’ and so we headed to the doodle drawers – I mean, craft drawers – and discovered some red felt. The idea was to make a basket to put eggs in during her Easter egg hunt to come Sunday morning.

Ella got into the spirit of things by donning the hat while we did our craft. But be warned, she ain’t no Easter Bunny. She told her dad this week she can’t use a proper toilet seat. Why? “Because I don’t have a big fat bum’’ You see? How on earth could she be an Easter Bunny? (And, by the way, she takes after her Mum in that department).

Anyway, here’s our step by step guide to making an Easter basket:

Get a square piece of felt

Cut slits from the corners midway to the centre of the square

Interlink the sides and glue together. We had no craft glue, so used sticky tape. Yeah, doesn’t quite have the same appeal!

Cut a strip of felt and glue to make a handle

Decorate. This is Ella’s version of a cat face. Why a cat? I have no idea. Then add eggs.

Oh, and reveal the full effect of the hat (which makes her look decidedly like Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland).

Although, I was lucky to even capture these photos, considering how fast the egg was devoured.

Then, patiently wait for Easter Bunny….

So, what Easter craft activities have you been up to this week?

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12 Responses to FEATURE: Hunt is on for Easter Bunny

  1. Barb says:

    Those photos are sooo cute, I love the basket too. We may have to head over to the doodle draws later today…

    Last night hubby and I spent the evening organising our traditional family Mountain River Treasure Hunt. Involves detailed maps (one for each…can’t stand the bickering) the hunt takes them all over the 5 1/2 acres of our property, each hidden location yielding mini choc eggs, the final destination has the big bootie (this year a skipping rope, books and some plastic farm animals…plus Lindt bunnies from Grandma ) We figure if we make it on such a grand scale we might actually get about an hours distraction from both of them….plus a bit of much needed exercise for us!

    Happy Easter Threelilprincesses xxx ….and the prince too 😉

    • Kel says:

      That sounds like so much fun, Barb. What child wouldn’t love to have you two as parents!?
      Sadly, our treasure hunt is just around the lounge room!!! Can’t wait ’til the kids are a little older and they can go “hunting” together outside!
      Big Happy Easter to you and yours! xx

  2. I could have used this about a week ago!!
    I had to make an Easter hat for my girls for their preschool parade and ran out of cotton balls.
    Instead I raided the tampon draws and started ripping them apart. Didn’t turn out too bad in the end but nothing like that gorgeous hat in the pic!

  3. What a sweet blog, love it!! What an adorable bunch of princesses you are. Happy egg hunting, not long now, love Posie

    • Kel says:

      Awww,thanks so much, Posie. Yes, Ella was super excited tonight to only have to hold up two fingers to show there are only two sleeps left! I think tomorrow she will struggle to contain herself!!! 🙂

  4. Becky says:

    Love this craft! And that hat is just precious 🙂

  5. Glowless says:

    Nawwww what a cutie pie!
    In my preschool photo you can see my pink undies 🙂

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