Ella dressed in Julian's Collingwood scarf and hat

SHE must have caught me at a weak moment. I know a deal was done, I just don’t exactly remember when or how.

Let me explain. When Princess Kel was pregnant with our first (which turned out to be Princess Ella), we agreed: If it was a boy it would be a Collingwood supporter; a girl would be a Carlton supporter. Yep, Kellie supports the Blues and I follow the Pies (and despite this we still are happily married and have been for eight years).

For a while the deal remained true. Kellie would take great delight when I screamed out “GO PIES!’’ and Ella would reply “go the Blues’’.

But then the tide turned. Ella started to see in black and white. It could have been the fact Collingwood had a winning year last year so she saw the joy it brought me, the fact I constantly played the club song to her during the final series or me getting her a Collingwood footy.

Whatever, but when I sing out “Go Pies’’ now, Ella echoes it. She even requests “Good Ol’ Collingwood Forever’’ instead of “Twinkle, Twinkle’’ during our bedtime sing-a-longs. She was also more than happy to don my beanie and scarf for a photo which I posted on Facebook (as you can see). These were some of the responses –

Moya: “child abuse’’.

Jason: “Now that is just wrong on so many levels’’.

Angus: “Congrats on giving your child the best possible start in life.’’

Emma: “Stop it Julian, you’re embarrassing her!! Kel, make it stop!’’

Kellie: “ I’ll never have an afternoon nap ever again. My poor Carlton-loving daughter…’’

Deep down, I know I’ve brain-washed my little girl and deep down I know Kel thinks I have reneged on a deal. She can hardly complain though. There is a long tradition of first-born daughters following their father’s footsteps. Why does Kel support Carlton? Because her dad does ….

Have you influenced which footy team your child supports?

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7 Responses to SHED: It ain’t all black and white

  1. Toni says:

    We’re neatly divided in this house. Son follows West Coast (like Dad), both gang up on the Dockers (my team), and daughter couldn’t really care but knows the Freo club song.
    I figure one loud Dockers fangirl equals two WC fans any day.
    We do try to make sure the kids are respectful of other peoples’ teams (except on Derby Day when all bets are off)

  2. feli says:

    At my home, we follow soccer and my DH is a strong Arsenal Supporter and I am a Liverpool supporter.

    Already my DH is grooming our 6 month old daughter to be an Arsenal supporter. HAHAHA…

  3. Luke says:

    I am currently influencing my two youngest toward following the Blues. Missed put with big brother who is a Dockers man (long story) and big sister who follows the Saints because her grandad does. At least its not Collingwood!

  4. Melissa says:

    I love this post! Reminds me of the Epic Ford Vs Holden debate we have in our home.


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