Multi Golden Guitar winner Sara Storer

TODAY I’m handing the blog over to multi Golden Guitar winner and mum Sara Storer. The aim is simply to show mums out there that, no matter what cards you’re dealt in life, we all share similar experiences. Even celebrity mums.

This down-to-earth country music star, who’s renown for her unique Aussie sound, is mum to little Harry and has her second bub due at the end of the month. Her latest single, Children of the Gurindji with Kevin Carmody, will speak to many mums this Mother’s Day. You can see the video clip at the end of this post. Some of you will already be familiar with Tears, a song which touched so many with its direct message about domestic violence towards children.


Kellie O’Brien: You’re one of country music’s newest mums. How did mums like Beccy Cole, Kasey Chambers and Gina Jeffries support you on your new path?

Sara Storer: The girls were a big help and a wonderful support during my first pregnancy and after Harry was born. I was on the road touring with the Songbirds… Beccy & Gina. Being mums they had heaps of advice especially about my future concerns of being a mum on the road with a baby. The girls also took it in turns of babysitting Harry whilst I was on stage or having a number of wonderful tips for those moments of chaos just before I was to go on! They (Bec, Gina & Kasey) were very inspirational and encouraged the idea that I can be a mum and a singer at the same time.

KO: What is the story behind naming your son Harry? Is this a nod to the retired buffalo shooter who inspired your first song, Buffalo Bill?

SS: It was just a nice coincidence that we named our boy Harry. Not directly linked to Harry the Buffalo shooter who inspired my first song but the love of the name and the lovely song it sings when I say…’ Harry O’Hare get out of the fridge!’

KO: You took time off from your music career to play mum to Harry? How important was that time for you?

SS: Well initially it was extremely important to bond with our baby and take some time to rest and recover from the big day! It definitely has been a challenge between balancing motherhood and career. Motherhood has been and still is the most wonderful thing I’ve experienced but I still love performing and being Sara Storer the artist and all that that brings.

KO: How has that period inspired you musically?

SS: Motherhood is so much more than I expected. It’s huge and has and will inspire many songs about my family. I have been introduced to so many new emotions and every day brings something new. I hate it if I miss anything and would prefer to see it all for myself… that’s why balancing motherhood and career is such a challenge.

KO: Your singles Tears and now Children of the Gurindji (with Kev Carmody) are very much centred on our Australian children; the latter from your experiences as a teacher in the Northern Territory. Has having Harry made you look at life – and children – differently?

SS: I guess having Harry has reinforced my beliefs and values about the upbringing of our children. We can change a child’s personality by exposing them to things that should never be seen, heard or felt. It’s up to us to protect them from abuse of any sort, so let us start in our own backyard… our neighbours and our students and our families and give a child a fair start.

KO: What one moment shared with Harry stands out most for you?

SS: One true special moment would be watching my fiancé become a big softy. When Harry and I have been on the road for weeks and we come home to Darwin and Dave meets us at the airport, it’s very special. The relationship between a father and son is such a lovely thing to watch at any age. And I see a big toughie reduced to a big softy in seconds!

KO: What do you love best about being a mum?

SS: I love not missing anything. I love the fact that my job allows me to take Harry on the road with me. I love that I haven’t missed funny things he has said and his first steps and triumphs. Of all the advice I’ve been given the one that I take seriously is that it all goes so quick and before you know it they have grown up. So I try to slow down and never wish to rush the day away. (Even though there have been days that I could definitely put into fast forward… and nights!)

KO: What’s in store for Mother’s Day?

SS: I have just turned around and asked the two males on the couch ‘what is installed for Mothers Day?” and the reply was…”When is Mothers Day?”I will be working on that one! Look, I don’t get too precious about those days… as in I don’t turn into a psycho and demand presents, but I do appreciate mums and what’s involved in the day and life for a mum. For example, today I have done 18 phone interviews as well as squeeze in four loads of washing, a quick whip around, this questionnaire and the days not finished yet! I think I will demand some chocolates!!  

What aspects of Sara’s life can you relate to?
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10 Responses to FEATURE: Inside the life of a celebrity mum

  1. Sheralee says:

    I can definatly relate to the “when’s mothers day?”, and also like Sara, I will be working on that…. Love her music 🙂
    (Just can’t wait to show Adam this, he is going to be so jealous that you interview Sara).

    • Kel says:

      hehe!! Yes, thought he might be!
      Thankfully, I’ve had it drummed into the Bloke in The Shed when Mother’s Day is!! Plus, Ella won’t let him forget it! 🙂

  2. Elisha Squire says:

    Love Sara! LOVE her Music and Im also lucky enough to have a sister in law who is friends with her! Funny story – Just before my wedding last year i was in Dubbo with my SIL, shopping, when we ran into Sara, My SIL and her chatted away like old friend do, unbeknown to me that it was SARA STORER!!! ( Probably a good thing, i would have went all mad fan and demanded photos and autographs etc in the middle of Myer!) So after Sara left i was a little shattered to know it was her and i didnt even know =( ! My awesome SIL got Sara to write to write me a quick note one day when she was in her workplace, that little note on a LANDMARK letterhead is now framed and sits proudly in my home! ( Gee i can babble on ) Anyways, as i write this.. “Children of the Gurindji” is playing in the background on CMC! Great Post, I love it !

    • Kel says:

      That’s hilarious, Elisha! Love it! I’m sure you’ll treasure that for a long time to come!
      She’s definitely an inspiring woman! And yes, great song!! 🙂

  3. Glowless says:

    OMG famous guests, you are the bomb, Kellie 😛

    • Kel says:

      hehe!! Got to have a few celebs on the blog every now and then.
      I’m harking back to my journalism days a bit. I miss doing the celeb interviews!!! 🙁

  4. Kristy says:

    I love what she had to say about protecting our children and how it starts in our own backyard.

    • Kel says:

      Yes, that struck a chord with me too, Kristy. She’s so right – it’s really important we give our children the best start in life.
      She’s such an inspiration. 🙂

  5. Leonie White says:

    Gaz just said who is Sara Storer well don’t worry he won’t ask that question again the clip will be playing and replaying so next time I say Sara he won’t say who is Sara. Got to love our country music, funny how when your bought up with your parents playing country and your young and turn to pop, rock etc., you seem to revert back to country. Does this sound familiar to anyone.

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