The new caviar - bananas!

DISCUSSION between myself and Princess Kel during a city stroll this week turned to bananas (you know bananas, the fruit which now has a higher price per gram than crack cocaine). Well, the conversation was around the fact we should buy two – despite the cost – to at least give the newly solid-eating Princess Holly a taste for them and Ella a treat.

So after quick call to the bank manager to secure the funding for said purchase, the decision was made. Later in the day we call in to a supermarket and I pop in to grab a few essentials, scruffing an extravagant three bananas on the way. People at the checkout look at me like I’m P Diddy.

On the drive home, Kel remembers a couple of other things she needed and we call by a little supermarket in the neighbourhood. Upon re-entering the car, Kel says “oh, I got bananas’’.

“Um, so did I,’’ was my response. We look at each other and swear quietly enough not to be heard by the princesses in the back seat.

“How many did you get?” says I.

“Two. How many did you get?’’ says Kel.

“Three’’. Yep, five bananas coming in at a nice little sum of about $16.

We cut our losses, decide to live on bread and water for the next month and tell a delighted Princess Ella in the back seat she can have her first banana since the floods hit Queensland …. AS LONG as she saves part of it for Holly. Ella, clearly switched on to the new high value on the bendy fruit, proceeds to jump from the car on arrival home saying “see, I saved some for Holly’’ holding up a piece of banana roughly the size of a walnut. Not even a very big walnut.

Later in the day I posted this status on Facebook: “Bought five bananas today. May not be able to pay the power bill this month.” This is a selection of the responses which followed:

Coley: I’m working two jobs just to pay for my girlfriends 2-a-day habit.

Shae: You can buy a pair of Jimmy choo heels for the cost of bananas.

Testy: I never even gave it a thought and bought 3 the other day from Woolies – got home and realised that they cost me over $8.00 WTF??

Feel free to vent below. Read more Lessons for Wives.

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30 Responses to LESSON FOR WIVES No. 6: The importance of communication

  1. rachel says:

    OMG! you guys are living the high life in the Palace!
    bananas used to be my ultimate first baby food. the smiling tiger would have one for breakfast every morning. since the massive price hike he has gone from having half a day and now to none – which he isn’t very happy about….but suck it up champ, i say. life is tough. i miss bananas too but they are just way too expensive at the moment. i get excited when i see them for under $10 a kilo these days and buy a few.
    looking forward to bananas being a regular part of our day again soon…

  2. Leimay says:

    My littlest is 10 months old and still yet to have a banana! A store almost an hour away has them for $5 a kilo for the next few days and i’m tempted to do the drive just to pick some up.

  3. Caz says:

    Mr Kellie – your a very funny man! So true thou. I buy 2 a week for my three year old monkey pink … she knows that’s all she get and is very protective of them. At least it makes them think of fruit as a treat!!!!

    • Good point Caz. Wonder if there’ll ever be a “banana war” like there has been oil and cocaine wars. Can see the news bulletins now: “A Sydney bikie gang headquarters was raided today on suspicion of importing bananas ………….”

  4. Elisha Squire says:

    Its a terrible shame – Nana’s have always been big winners in my family, but to give one to all 4 of the eating children its a tad expensive ! I think its terrible that we can buy 2-3 bags of lollies etc for the same price of a couple banana’s . !

  5. Justine R says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the laughs! I am new to your blog, and it has me in stitches! Such an enjoyable, relatable read, having our own three princesses too! Well done!

  6. khushi says:

    Hello Mr.Julian!
    I totally enjoyed reading your post! And if the banana situation is SO bad that your imagining a WAR!, In India bananas cost less than $5! (Thats if you convert rupees into dollars) 😛 So shall I MAIL some? 😛
    Thanks for the laugh though 🙂
    And takecare.

  7. Glen says:

    You guys are living the dream!! I tried fruit once – can’t say I was overwhelmed.

    Came over here from Glowless – liking what I see.

  8. It is getting to be ridiculous. I love the idea of looking like PDiddy with a stash at the checkout…

    Hi from The Fibro.

  9. Amanda says:

    I hear you. My husband and I had something of a loud dispute over the new banana rule – the small boy is allowed one banana per day but husband, zero. (And I don’t eat any either). I had to compromise at husband having one on weekends and getting a small piece (maybe walnut-sized is about right too) of the small boy’s if it is a particularly large banana. Why couldn’t this banana emergency have happened the year before when I was pregnant and bananas made me gag?

  10. Seana says:

    I bought four last week, my wee boy was over the moon at the return to a banana smoothie for breakfast. But I’m still getting over the shock, it was a moment of madness!

  11. I confess that there hasn’t been a bendy yellow in the Fibro for months and months. I keep thinking I should buy them to support the farmers, but then I work out the cost. What if they don’t get eaten? Expensive banana muffins.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  12. Karen says:

    I feel completely ripped off. All of my babies have suffered at the hands of mother nature, depriving my youngens of the happy fruit.

  13. Aakriti says:

    Haha…woaaa…u bought them so expensive?? Here in Delhi…we don’t havta shell that much money for Bananas..No wonder u went bananas to but those bananas for ur baby:P..haha..
    from the Fibro:) Aakriti

  14. Maxabella says:

    You bought five golden bananas? Extravagant!

    I’m still flabbergasted that despite the price per kilo, banana chips are still cheap as, well, chips… x

  15. hilary says:

    I had a very lovely friend’s mum give me a bunch of teeny nanas from coffs harbour OMG sooo good to eat them again!

    • Kel says:

      I know what you mean, Hilary. One fruit and veg shop here in North-West Tassie has just dropped their banana prices drastically, so we’ve been able to put them back on the menu! I nearly forgot how good they were! 🙂

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