WE’VE been blessed with two girls who rarely turn up their noses to new foods. We’ve always credited three-year-old Ella’s wide and varied tastebuds to trying all manner of foods when she was starting out. She now loves olives, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes (sometimes) and eggplant (if it’s on homemade pizza). We’re hoping to strive for the same outcome with Baby Holly. (Me? Well, that’s a different story. I just cannot do olives.)

With Holly reaching eight months, sometimes I need a bit of recipe inspiration, especially when I like to cook everything myself. Holly’s already started on the finger food. Vol-au-vents and canapes, of course. Although, I’m learning again how there’s a fine line between learning to feed yourself and just throwing the food down like it’s going out of fashion. Talk about a choking hazard.

As an avid reader of the Frills In the Hills blog, I was more than a little excited to hear Liss had released the ebook First Foods I Fed My Frills. I was secretly hoping there might be an opportunity to review it and there was. Although, to be honest, at a rather affordable $5 I would have been more than happy to pay for it.

What I like is that mum-to-three Liss doesn’t preach hard and fast rules. It’s more about what’s possible at certain stages and letting parents know each child is different. This I can vouch for. There are also some wonderful resources at the end, a list of equipment (including one rather ingenious invention) and some handy snack food ideas.

Holly in her high chair ready to eat.

The most appealing part of the book for me though was the recipes for the whole family. I’m not into doing different meals for different family members, so it was here I needed the most inspiration. And I got it. The book is written in Liss’ usual conversational tone and is well worth a look for mums navigating their way through introducing their bubs to solids and the six months beyond that.

I’ve signed on as an affiliate for Liss, so you can buy the book by clicking on the picture in my sidebar there. Well worth the $5 investment.

What solids did your bub enjoy when starting out?

**DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of First Foods I Fed My Frills for review. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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4 Responses to FEATURE: First Foods I Fed My Frills ebook review

  1. Deb says:

    My little boy just loved sweet potato and my little girl it was cherry tomato’s, and the olives I’m with you on that one… Ella can have those all to herself:)

  2. Cheryle says:

    apples with soya sauce was mayas absolute favorite thing ever im not sure what posessed the 8 or 9 month old child to dip her apple in my left over sauce after takeaway one afternoon but still to now loves it . and deep fried fish legs from the phillipines street vendor wanted some every day gamer than me . i’m with u on the olives also … i’ll pass

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