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MY NAME is Kellie and I am a list person. In fact, I write lists for my lists. I know, sad.

Things have been so incredibly busy around here, with Mum PR picking up at an incredible pace, hubby preparing for his new role as newspaper Editor, Baby Holly becoming mobile and Princess Ella, well, just being her usual busy self. So last week when the housework started to look like it needed a little tender care (actually, probably more brute force), I decided to ring in some help and create a new version of my to do list.

The help was Princess Ella. And this was the list:

The list.

Can you guess what each task is?

It made house cleaning incredibly fun for Ella, as she got to cross off each job after we completed it. Although, not all duties were performed0 to my usual standard. This was the washing:

Ella's attempt at hanging the washing.

It was a good effort. While I’m not into slave labour, I do like to teach Ella new skills, show her that life is about balance (play and work) and give her some responsibility.

Do your children help with the housework? How do you make it fun?

By the way, the list (in order) is: wipe condensation off the windows; mop the floors; do the washing; bake biscuits; cook dinner; pay bills; clean bathrooms; clean kitchen; finish the doll’s house; and change the sheets on the bed.

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12 Responses to FEATURE: We’re making a list and checking it twice

  1. She loves to tidy up and we make such a fuss of her when she cleans that she loves doing it. She also loves to sweep and wipe so I hone in on these and make the most of her enthusiasm, even if it means I have to do it again afterwards, but she is so proud of herself.

    • Kel says:

      Yes, I generally have to re-do everything (like hanging the washing), but it’s lovely to see them so enthusiastic about it. And it at least helps you get a few things achieved during the day. 🙂

  2. CaZ says:

    My main rule is that the pack away what they are playing with before they start something new. Then we have the pocket money jobs. Setting and clearing the table and cleaning up the playroom. I think its good they contribute – without being a slave driver. And they do love to help!!

    • Kel says:

      I think you’re right, Caz. They really do love knowing they’re being a help to us. I never got pocket money as a child, but it’s something I’d like to introduce to the girls once they’re old enough. I think it helps teach them the value of a dollar.

  3. Tat says:

    Making it fun? My children fight to help with the housework! They chuck tantrums if they are left out. It gets very slow and annoying, but I have to remind myself that they will grow out of it and I have to do all I can now to keep them helping in future.

    • Kel says:

      Oh, lucky you, Tat! LOL!
      Yes, definitely frustrating with how slow it takes to get anything done, but I just keep telling myself that at least it’s getting done in the first place!! Hope you have many more years of enthusiastic help to come.

  4. Lulu says:

    I think picture lists like this are great. Since hub & I don`t share a native language I write our shopping lists if he is doing it in English with some Japanese scattered throughout and also some pictures or sometimes just colours.

    Like if I write sliced cheese I then put the characters for black and yellow in brackets and he knows I mean the black and yellow packet. Some things I always write in Japanese for some reason but he is pretty good at understanding the English lists now 😀

    My older son is 18 months old and he likes to help with the vacuuming (by pushing the vaccum around while I vacuum up!), putting dirty clothes in the washing basket (which is in our bathroom- sometimes he makes mistakes and puts them in the sink which is next to it), putting the shoes together (we do not wear shoes in the house so when we come home from the park it is his job to take off his shoes and put them nicely in the entrance), he passes me the washing for hanging, puts the dirty nappies in the nappy bin (which he can not open himself yet so we have to open it for him but he puts them in and closes it) and if I sing a clean up song he will put his toys away in their “places”. When I write it all down like that he does a lot I guess! Of course at his age he is not always consistant but he does like trying to help!

    I forgot that he also puts his cup/snack bowl on his highchair (he can`t reach kitchen sink) when he is done with them. He is VERY good about this- and it is not something we taught him as such. I always returned his water sippy cup to the highchair so that I would know where it was but he has taken to doing it himself once he is finished and he now puts his bowl up there too. Very cute!

    • Kel says:

      I think that’s the main thing – that they’re trying to help. And I think they’re just so proud of themselves when they see we’re happy that they’ve been able to help us. Every child wants to be a “big kid” and help mum or dad!
      I love the idea between you and your hubby. That’s brilliant. I’m sure it makes life so much smoother for you both.
      Thanks so much for sharing, Lulu. 🙂

  5. Marthese says:

    That is a fantastic role to introduce…we always encouraged them to help, and they used to have jobs around the house to do… can only get better, by making a big fuss on what they do great ….it will encourage them to even try harder on other things:)

    • Kel says:

      You’re right, Marthese. The encouragement part and making a fuss about their achievements is just so important. Ella has such pride in what she does and now always wants to help Mum!

  6. Barb says:

    I too am a list/list kinda girl…..I tend to sit down at night or first thing in the morning and write a list of absolutely everything I would like to get done that day. Oh the sheer joy of crossing things off the list….such a sense of accomplishment (yes, very sad i know….but I’m ok with that)

    Ellie seems to have the list gene from her mum and she too is always writing lists of various descriptions. She also has a list of jobs/chores that she is expected to complete. No major things but things like open her blinds, turn night light off, put her plate in the sink after dinner, get changed after school etc…she also loves crossing things off her little “to do” list….and it means she actually does these jobs instead of me telling her a gazillion times!

    I love the idea of a picture list, might try it out with Darcy 🙂

    • Kel says:

      Oh, how lucky are you to have a list-making daughter. I have parent envy!!
      I do all my lists the night before, otherwise I have thoughts rolling around in my head all night.
      Best of luck with Darcy too. I’d like to make the list making thing a bit more regular for Ella and love the idea of her doing simple chores she could tick off herself – as opposed to my jobs!! Thanks Barb!

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