IT WAS hard to pick who was happiest when the delivery man arrived this week. Was it his joy in seeing me in my dressing gown, no hair or makeup and coke bottle-thick glasses (more on that another day… maybe)? Or me realising he was delivering this:

from the wonderful Glenys of Cupcake City? Yes, definitely me. The other real joy in receiving our miniamo Cupcake Bake and Decorate Set is The Bloke in The Shed isn’t much of a sweet tooth. Poor us, hey!

I opted to bake our cupcakes one day and ice them the next – I couldn’t bear the thought of Ella bouncing off the walls after eating a bowl of icing on top of cupcake mixture. The kit included 12 round cupcake moulds, heart-shaped stencils, easy squeeze icing tube, decorating nozzles and 16-recipe cupcake and biscuit book written specifically for your child. I’m indecisive at the best of times, so the choices (combined with our own baby cupcakes with sprinkles recipe) caused slight problems. Finally, we settled on a recipe which called for a swirl of strawberry jam just before popping them in the oven.  Too easy.

Then the real challenge began. Of course, art is subjective. Right? Well, that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. We got out the full colour palette,

some candied decorations and Cupcake City also threw in some edible gold dust. You can find other fun cupcake decorations at Cupcake City too.

The end result was Ella with fingers and a mouth laced with blue.

She looked like she’d been playing in the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, my icing was far too runny, so when I was trying to achieve beautiful little flowers atop my cupcakes, I ended up achieving this:

My other challenge was an impatient preschooler who just wanted to grab the piping bottle and have her way with each cupcake. I think, with a little more time (and minus a preschooler), this kit has the ability to create some really beautiful cupcakes. Alas, mine are far from beautiful. Now please, don’t laugh.

Here’s the cupcake Ella decorated. Note, it wouldn’t stay on the bench long enough for me to photograph it.

So, they’re not perfect, but we can promise we had an absolute ball. The kit works a treat (it’s just me, really), the piping set is really easy to use and the cookbook is actually a great bonus to this kit. Tomorrow we’re tackling some of the decorated biscuits.

While the silicone moulds make cupcake making easier than ever (and help save the environment), the decorating side of the kit is probably suited to children with a little more patience than my three-year-old. Although, to be honest, she had fun despite her unusual looking creations.

So, if you’re thinking of visiting us, beware: you may get a little cupcake with your icing! I’d suggest it would be safer to visit Cupcake City’s Facebook page and website instead – she comes across the most incredible cupcake finds.

To go in the draw to win a miniamo Cupcake Bake and Decorate Set (RRP: $30) from Cupcake City (choose between “Pastel’’ or “Bright’’), leave a comment telling us what you love to cook in the kitchen with (or without) your kids.  The giveaway closes Sunday, June 26 at 7pm and a winner will be drawn randomly and announced on this blog and via Facebook and Twitter. Australian residents only. Limit of three entries.

Then here’s how you can up your chances in the draw. Each task is worth one extra entry, but must be included as a separate comment (or it won’t count).

  1. Click the Facebook button below and share this giveaway with your Facebook friends. Then leave a separate comment saying something along the lines of “I’ve shared this on Facebook’’.
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**DISCLAIMER: I received a miniamo Cupcake Bake and Decorate Set for review. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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And, using my new “And the winner is…” plugin, the winner of the Bake and Decorate Kit is:

BARB! Barb said.

Yummy looking cupcakes! I personally am looking forward to a pic of the woman in her dressing gown that met the delivery guy!!! I have a few of these cupcake kids cooking sets packed away as presents for Ellie’s friends…..they’re always well recieved by 6-8 year olds!

You’ll be waiting a while, Barb!! hehe!! Congratulations! I hope you and Ellie enjoy it.

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137 Responses to WIN: Cupcake City’s bake and decorate kit (review and giveaway)

  1. Barb says:

    Yummy looking cupcakes! I personally am looking forward to a pic of the woman in her dressing gown that met the delivery guy!!! I have a few of these cupcake kids cooking sets packed away as presents for Ellie’s friends…..they’re always well recieved by 6-8 year olds!

  2. Kirsty says:

    The kids and I love to make pizza in the kitchen, normally with chicken, bacon, pizza topper and mozarella cheese.

    Love those cupcakes! I would choose the bright ones!

  3. Sonja Greenwood says:

    I would love to cook my wedding cake! as im not much of a cook, i would leave my husband to be to do the baking, and i would step in for the fun part…the decorating! i have a crazy idea of doing a ‘barbie doll cake’ as a bride… but i think wedding planning is crazy enough without attempting to make your own wedding cake!

  4. Kirsty says:

    I twittered it! @mummytofive 🙂

  5. Kirsty says:

    I facebooked it too 🙂

  6. Kellie says:

    I bought my little girl the Masterchef cupcake kit because we love to bake. I’m in charge of the cooking and she is in charge of decorating, she does a fantastic job 🙂

  7. amie says:

    the pastels are beautiful, maya and I made our first birthday cake together- the purle icing laked a little, well purpleness, but it was so much fun and my mum loved it!

  8. amie says:

    I have face booked!

  9. Casey says:

    Actually I just love baking. Cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, slices!!! Can you tell I’m a sweet tooth. The thing I love about cupcakes is that you can choose to decorae each one individually! Ooohhh how I do love cupcakes 🙂

  10. Casey says:

    I hit that lovely Tweet button too

  11. Casey says:

    And I was feeling very sharing and caring so I ‘shared’ on Facebook too 🙂

  12. Caroline B says:

    OMG they look YUM!
    I love cooking cupcakes, biscuits, slices, you name it.. heck I just love baking. Can’t wait til Miss K is old enough to learn to cook.

  13. Caroline B says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  14. Caroline B says:

    and tweeted @NightwolfDesign

  15. Veronica says:

    The easiest thing I’ve found to cook with the kids is apple crumble, because I can give them both a butter knife and let them cut the apples, while I do everything else. Heaps simpler!

    This looks great. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Tat says:

    Honestly, I dislike cooking, even more so lately since my husband rebelled and now I am doing all the cooking. Chocolate banana shake is the one thing I don’t mind making (and drinking) all by myself. But I don’t mind stirring it up a bit and trying some cupcakes!

  17. kate says:

    mm, shared on facebook 😀 i love cupcakes, and would love to bake them more often, but the thing i really want to cook is a lovely roast. its been so cold here lately-perfect roast weather!

  18. Liz says:

    All my kids love baking. The enthusiasm of cake making has been passed on to me by my Nan, it somehow skipped my own mother however lol, and I hope to pass on some skills to my own kids 🙂

  19. Tamika M says:

    Id love to bake tiramusu cupcakes, i have always wanted to.. i should find a recipe and make them. Im sure they would be worth the work, the taste experiance would be worth it im sure!

  20. Ashlea wakefield says:

    I have facebook

  21. Tamika M says:

    Shared on fb 🙂

  22. Lisa Jansen says:

    I think your cakes look great! I usually have two kids in the kitchen which can make for more fights than decorating! We love to bake and on those days where there is nothing planned and the kids are bored, we bake cookies and out come the decorating sets!!

    I have shared on Facebook 🙂

  23. Marita says:

    I love to bake cakes, biscuits, bread – find baking to be theraputic stress relief 🙂

  24. Marita says:

    Shared on facebook

  25. Marita says:

    Retweeted your tweet about the giveaway 🙂 – I couldn’t get the tweet link on this post to work

  26. Katrina says:

    I love making banana bread by myself and sugar cookies with my daughter!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I have “facebooked” it….This would be a good prize to share with my 10 yr old nephew, Reece…he loves to try cooking and we do cup cakes, and large cakes…along with a few of his favorite savoury dishes…raviolie, sausages, hambergers and he love to sit and stir the soup as it cooks….

  28. Manda Rainbird says:

    I have shared on Facebook!

  29. Manda Rainbird says:

    I like to cook my toddlers meals as then i know exactly what they are eating

  30. Deb says:

    My kids just love cooking cakes, well actually its more the licking the spoon/bowls/beaters that they are interested in and then the, ‘are they ready yet’, 30 seconds after they go into the oven… but lots of fun they would love the bright ones:) great giveaway!!!

  31. Deb says:

    Shared on FB also:)

  32. Rose says:

    YUM!!!! My lil girls would adore using that in the kitchen, they’d be so excited!!!

  33. Mostly I like to make dinners.
    Soup is my favourite. I am a very practical girl.
    My 4 girls, though, do like to have baking sessions in the kitchen. They are always looking through recipe books and trying new things. The sweeter the better!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. The set looks very cute!

  34. We installed a new oven in our reno kitchen earlier this year so we have discovered a real passion for baking. Cupcakes, brownies, scones, winter puddings or biscuits are usually on the menu. Simple but yummy cooking.

    I have shared this giveaway on the Busy Brissy Mum facebook page.

  35. Di says:

    I love making Spaghetti Bolognaise. It’s hubby’s favourite meal, so it’s the dish I’m best at cooking (lots of practice)!

  36. Di says:

    Ive shared this on Twitter (username @ShinyGlitterBug)
    Here’s the tweet

  37. Gael Macpherson says:

    My children (aged 4 and 5) have been ‘helping’ me in the kitchen since they were very small. I certainly don’t have the skills or knowledge to help them win Junior Masterchef, but what I can give them is an appreciation of creating/ making/baking things with imagination and love.
    My favourite things to make with them are the things we make for other people – friends, family, teachers, etc. At Easter time we made little chocolate chicks using easter egg molds. We made little ‘nests’ out of chocolate, filled the nests with coloured shredded coconut, put the chicks in the nests and wrapped them in clear cellophane and a ribbon. Seeing their proud, happy little faces as they handed these gifts to their kindergarted and school teachers definitely gave me one of those all-too-rare ‘good mother’ moments.

  38. Gael Macpherson says:

    I shared this on facebook

  39. Jodie says:

    I do love cooking in the kitchen with my daughters – usually something sweet. My older daughter (4) is becoming more and more capable of doing things by herself. It is great to watch her enjoying being in the kitchen.

  40. Jodie says:

    I have shared on Facebook.

  41. Norlin says:

    I love baking! Full stop, preferably without the kids, but sometimes they’re ok to have in the kitchen. The kids love desserts and so do I , I think that’s our weakness. The bright set looks great, at least Master 5 won’t feel that it’s too girly as he LOVES being in the kitchen helping too.

  42. Melissa K says:

    Am now a follower on facebook and have shared via facebook

  43. Melissa K says:

    Following via twitter and have tweeted!/Mel0307/status/80148898492067840
    Thanks for the fab giveaway and good luck all!

  44. Paula says:

    I love to cook almost anything – so long as it is easy and tastes fantastic. We love baking cookies and cakes.


    I love to cook, and eat, cupcakes!

  46. Melissa Lucin says:

    What a great project to share with the kids.
    we often make edible art! Pizza faces, giant cookies, anything that gets the kids to eat a variety of different foods and lets them be creative!



    I shared this on Facebook.


    I shared this on Twitter.

  49. Kristy says:

    What we love to cook in the kitchen is pizza from scratch. Everyone cuts or rolls or grates or chops, or spreads sauce. We each choose our own toppings and the smell wafting through the house is mmmmm delumptious! Everyone can get involved at our place from the 11 year old down to the 2 year old 🙂

  50. Linda Courtney says:

    I love to make chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Alone is best as I get to lick the bowl all by myself.

  51. Linda Courtney says:

    I shared on facebook. 🙂

  52. Ash Mack says:

    I have to say my kids are great little budding chefs in the kitchen with me but when I’m on my own and have plenty of time there is nothing I love more than to make a good Irish stew. A great winter warmer dish and real comfort food. As my husband says “it would put hairs on your chest” !!

  53. Ash Mack says:

    I have shared on facebook. Thanks.

  54. Kathy McDuff says:

    I’ve shared on Facebook – thanks!! 🙂

  55. Lisa Walton says:

    I love to cook brownies. My family love them and they are quick and easy. I just use a packet (Betty Crocker – I think!) but my son and his friends think that I am the best cook in the world!

  56. newmumma says:

    What I love to cook is pastas 🙂
    Prawn and sundried tomato


  57. newmumma says:

    I facebooked too 🙂

  58. COLLEEN CARNEY says:

    I love to cook cute cupcakes.

  59. COLLEEN CARNEY says:

    I’ve shared this on Facebook.

  60. nellbe says:

    We love cooking chocolate brownies and also also cookies to ice. This kit looks great fun!

  61. melanie w says:

    I love cooking desserts with or without the children with them theres definately more mess but they have so much fun its worth it.

  62. Lauren B says:

    I would love to win the cupcake kit. I have shared on Facebook :o)

  63. Wendy Hatton says:

    I’d love a pastel set- sound a bit less scary on the hands and face!
    I like cooking Anzac biscuits with my grand kids. They can get involved in mixing and making balls and squashing onto the biscuit tray. And they like that they’re soft out of the oven and harden really crisp.

  64. Candice says:

    We love to make cupcakes and cakes in general. My eldest son is in charge of decorating…….and helping me clean up ie licking the icing off the beaters lol

  65. katie poli says:

    mr 2 cooked us pancakes for breakfast last weekend! i helped him with measuring, pouring and flipping, but he did a large portion of it himself 🙂 we cook all the time, chocolate fruit cake, ‘ninjabread men’ and cupcakes are also high on our list of favourites!
    i would choose the bright set! gorgeous!

  66. Lola says:

    My son loves to cook chocolate cakes with me! I get to lick the bowl even though I offer it to him first! Icing and then eating the cake is the part that he loves the best! 🙂

  67. Lola says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  68. kiwilayla says:

    Tweeted –

    To my mind cupcakes are so satisfying and we can delude ourselves they are not so terribly fattening and bad for us as baking big luscious cakes…… just a little is surely okay !!!

  69. Trish says:

    mmm I love the pastel to bake some cupcakes for the boys 5th ‘homemade’ birthday

  70. I think you did a lovely job girls! I would eat them! I would choose the pastel set for my Minis and I like to cook with my eldest scrambled eggs as she loves to stir the eggs and then when they are cooked she actually eats them!!

  71. Nicole says:

    Pizza! Nothing better then homeade pizza. My son loves making it

  72. Nicole says:

    Have like you on facebook. You are AWESOME ! This has to be the best prize yet! Huge CARS fan in this house 🙂

  73. Trish says:

    I tweeted my little drummer – my boys love to sift/measure and crack eggs on the floor 🙂 when they help & decorate – eating half the decorations too.

  74. Nee says:

    My boys love baking anything because it’s usually followed by eating! Sprinkles & decorating is their forte so they would love this!
    PS I personally love cooking peanut butter cookies with them – only 3 ingredients required!!

  75. Nee says:

    Of course I shared the love (ie link) on Facebook 🙂

  76. I love cooking choc chip cookies, I always have my kids helping me with their mini aprons on.

  77. saps says:

    I love to bake carrot cake with my son and to decorate it with his imagination…

  78. saps says:

    Tweeted the giveaway on twitter…

  79. I love cooking meals that taste delicious [without my kids, so I can taste test before dinner] but also love baking with and without their help.
    I have my daughter’s first birthday coming up and am looking forward to making her cupcake tower cake… they won’t be helping me with that, except licking the bowl and beaters, of course 🙂

  80. Jasmine1485 says:

    I love to make brownies, there are so many different mix-ins or toppings you can add!

    kate1485 at

  81. Jasmine1485 says:

    I tweeted about it here:

    kate1485 at

  82. Angela Hamilton says:

    I love to make slices and cakes with my little girl. Her favourite bit is “helping” me clean up by licking the spoon and bowl to get all the left over mixture haha

  83. Angela Hamilton says:

    I shared this with all my friends on facebook

  84. Elisha says:

    I love baking ! I used to bake a lot , and then i had twins – I still try and get in there though – at the moment its homemade ice cream !!! The big kids love making it as they can pretty much do it alone – 600 ml Cream, 1 tin condensed milk and any chocolate, or fruit, or both that you like – whip, freeze, eat ! Omg, its so yummy, we are making a peppermint crisp one tomorrow ! mmmmmm

  85. Elisha says:

    Shared on Fb xxx

  86. Naomi Ellis says:

    Super awesome giveaway Kellie! I of course love making brownies by myself and also with my cherubs. Yummo! want some now 🙂

  87. michelle harding says:

    The kids love making home made pizza’s because they get to put on what only they eat, messy but lots of fun 🙂
    Sharing on FB

  88. Tracy says:

    I love to make cakes. I don’t get any help with this right now – Electronic Boy is soo not interested. Might have more luck when Wriggles is older… or not luck, with all that extra mess, but it will be fun!

  89. Raelene Graham says:

    I’d prefer cooking with the kids,they get such pleasure from ” helping”

  90. Raelene Graham says:

    Have shared on facebook(Rae Graham)

  91. Raelene Graham says:

    Have tweeted (danluc0507)

  92. Karen Calcutt says:

    Do you even need to ask!!! I love cooking cupcakes of course and our most favourite flavour is chocolate. Mmmmmm.

    Posted on Facebook.

  93. sarah says:

    i shared this on facebook!

  94. sarah says:

    i love baking with my kids~ their faces when they see what treats we will make and the imaginations when it comes to decorating cakes etc are amazing.. and of course when it comes to clean up time they are always more than happy to wipe the beaters and bowls clean! 🙂

  95. Hayley Behrens says:

    Love the Pastel set. Its my daughters 11th Birthday on the 5th of July and I know she would really love to have this. She is already a kitchen wizz making pancakes every Sunday morning and in the holidays makes a dinner and dessert. I know we would both enjoy making the cupcakes just like you and your beautiful daughter did. Great looking photos. Blue ribbon cupcakes!!!!!

  96. CaZ says:

    The girls and I would love to cook these cupcakes. They love making them …and eating the mixture, and the icing and the actual cupcakes 🙂 They’d love the pastal I’m thinking.

  97. My kids favourite cake to make is a cake in a mug – Chocolate mud cake. They are so simple to make and there cooked via the microwave, so the kids can make them ‘by them selves’. Once the cakes have cooled down the like to top with whipped cream.
    I think they would have so much fun with this wonderful set!
    Fantastic giveaway. x

  98. Leila says:

    I love to bake and have a very sweet tooth which suits the kids fine as they love to help me make yummy treats as well.

    I think we’d love the bright, why not make a baking session as bright and colourful as the creations are going to be 🙂

  99. Leila says:

    shared on FB as well

  100. Barbara says:

    I love baking cookies/biscuits

  101. Barbara says:

    I’ve shared on Facebook

  102. Jasmine says:

    I love to cook stir fry

  103. Christianne says:

    I love to make freezer biscuits with my little man rolls the dough in which ever decoration he wants and I place them in the oven. Although my partner is always begging me to make shortbread for him as they are his favourite and the batch is finished in 2-3 days. Both recipes are quick and easy, I love them 🙂

  104. Stacey says:

    I’ve shared on FB!! Love to bake choc chip cookies with my daughter and she makes great pizzas with Dad!

  105. Alison L says:

    My kids and i love to bake anything that we can put Ganache on!! Sometimes we bake nothing and just eat the Ganache! 😛
    Lots of cakes go through this house.. We all have majorly sweet teeth and adore our cakes and muffins!
    They’re great for the lunch box too! 😀

    Thanks for such a gorgeous giveaway!

  106. Alison L says:

    Have shared on Facebook 🙂

  107. Alison L says:

    Have tweeted @oozzle 🙂

  108. Christianne says:

    shared on facebook 🙂 good luck everyone

  109. Lyndel says:

    i love to cook mini cupcakes with my son,we have heaps of fun, i really like the pastel cupcake set

  110. Lyndel says:

    i have shared on facebook

  111. Lyndel says:

    have shared on twitter too!/lindyloo400

  112. melanie w says:

    shared on facebook

  113. melanie w says:

    tweeted @hootylishous

  114. I love cooking pretty much anything, but especially vegetarian snacks for Professor and I to take to work each day. I never had vegetarian meals when I was growing up, so since we’ve been married I’ve enjoyed making meals that don’t have any meat in them!

    Oh, and if I win this set, I’m totally having a grownups Mad Hatter Tea Party – I bought the most gorgeous fascinator yesterday, and the fabulously decorated cupcakes will be just the thing!

  115. Shared on Facebook…

  116. ….and shared on Twitter!

  117. Cheryle says:

    i was passionate about starting maya right , and being a fussy eater my self i was avid i would avoid this in her …. well it wasnt working until i envolved her … she loves helping reagrdless of what it it but turning carrots peels in to swirles with her masterchef kit of fancy tools like a little chef is certainly a favourite . Cupcakes are a favourite in this house , and Maya enjoy’s icing and filling the cakes with her cupcake pen ( makes so much less mess ! ) in to colourfull colours and designs , Much like Ella .

  118. Rebecca says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  119. Rebecca says:

    Shared on Twitter

  120. Belinda says:

    We had a ball decorating ‘Scary cupcakes’ for a scary party last year – so much colouring, lollies and sugar oh and mess! The little dude loves to help with anything sweet- as long as he gets the stirring spoon… and the bowl…. and the beaters. Chaotic fun

  121. Jamie says:

    I love to bake FOR family and friends, especially kids, although I don’t have any of my own yet. I have participated in Cupcake day for the RSPCA for three years in a row and have raised over a thousand dollars – it’s a great cause, and it means I get to go nuts and bake heaps of different flavours!

  122. Jamie says:

    shared on Facebook – I can’t decide which is better, the pastel or the brights – they’re both awesome!

  123. Belinda says:

    Shared on facebook

  124. Tammy Fenton says:

    To be honest I don’t like cooking and I am not very good at it, however my beautiful 10 year old daughter is a brilliant little chef. Lily bakes cakes, muffins and slices for her and her little brothers lunches most Sundays! she would love this prize.
    Shared on FB

  125. Michelle says:

    I love making biscuits with my children. We bake a variety, from buttery ‘wonderland shapes’ to choc-chip. It’s a great way to spend quality time together and I take great delight seeing them lick the spoon!

  126. Michelle says:

    I’ve shared in twitter too 🙂

  127. Michelle says:

    I also shared on Facebook. Now fingers crossed, my daughter is having a birthday party where we will be baking cupcakes with her friends. Perfect!

  128. Charli Frank says:

    I cook all the time with my teenage granddaughter. She always cunningly asks for cupcakes or biscuits just before teatime! Since she was very little she has called hundreds and thousands and any cupcake toppers “lights”. We still call them that now- “Did you buy the lights Nan?” She is a cheeky soul!

    She was born very premature and because of this she has learning difficulties. Anything to get her to concentrate and pay attention to detail will help her. I worry about her future all the time as do her parents.

  129. Charli Frank says:

    entered via twitter!/charlifrank

  130. Naomi Vela says:

    I’ve shared this on Facebook…..Hugs Naomi

  131. Naomi Vela says:

    I think I’ve Twittered it! Hugs naomi