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IF YOU visited the blog yesterday, you would have seen the rock star that kindly offered up an interview.

Yes, that’s Raggs, from the live action and animated TV show of the same name and rockin’ Kids Club Band. It’s fair to say, our surprise interview caused quite a few giggles.

Raggs is a pretty familiar character in our household, thanks to previously being part of our afternoon TV schedule. It’s returning to TV on Boomerang and 7TWO, by the way. He’s also familiar to our car, maybe a little too familiar. Although, Tutti Fruity Baby is a rather fine song!

Three-year-old Ella didn’t sit still too long when we popped in the new batch of Raggs episodes from the Move Your Tails! DVD, promptly standing up, putting hands on her hips and wiggling to the theme song.

When there are so many movie-length DVDs out there, it’s nice to discover something for toddlers and preschoolers that has TV-length episodes. Even better when the episodes revolve around play and play ideas. We all need those!

Ella had a giggling fit during one scene where one of the five dogs couldn’t stop saying the word “fleas’’. Small things, huh. Another scene, which had the five dogs playing doctors, meant I spent the rest of the afternoon operating on her to get rid of bees in her stomach.

What appeals to me about the wonderfully bright Raggs, other than the Australian accents, is that it addresses preschool curriculum topics (yes, really), looks at emotions and there’s great variety within its format to keep little ones engaged.  The downside is that those songs are just way too catchy.

Although, you can put up with that when you have characters like the wise-cracking cat Dumpster. He was definitely put in the show to entertain parents.

For more information on the show or DVD, visit Now for the giveaway…

To go in the draw to win a Move Your Tails! DVD and Have a Ball! Raggs 15 Hits Songs CD (with free 16-page activity book), leave a comment telling us your favourite game to play with your kids.  The giveaway closes Friday, June 24 at 7pm and a winner will be drawn randomly and announced on this blog and via Facebook and Twitter. Australian residents only. Limit of three entries.

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**DISCLAIMER: I received a DVD for review. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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Winner of the DVD and CD was…..

Deb! Deb said:

My favourite game to play with my kids is hide and go seek, its so funny because when its their turn to hide they actually tell me where they are….

Congratulations, Deb!

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42 Responses to WIN: Raggs DVD and CD (review and giveaway)

  1. Mel Phillips says:

    I love playing “Peek-a-Boo” with my little boy! He kicks his legs and squeals in delight!! Can’t wait till he is a little older and can play games like Hide’n’Seek and Chasey!!

  2. Claireyh says:

    We have a couple of these, old ones, but my little nephew loves them. He is struggling with some developmental delay at the moment and I know when he comes to visit us he loves the Doggy One.

    We love anything crafty, but especially pasting, painting and face paint.

  3. Deb says:

    My favourite game to play with my kids is hide and go seek, its so funny because when its their turn to hide they actually tell me where they are….

  4. Deb says:

    shared on FB:)

  5. Di says:

    My favourite game to play with my son is Snap! He loves matching the animals and screaming SNAP! at the top of his lungs 🙂

  6. Di says:

    Ive shared this on Twitter, username @ShinyGlitterBug, tweet below

  7. Hollie says:

    My favourite game to play at the moment with my 4 year old is musical chairs. This is something she has learnt to play at kinder but doesn’t quite get that we don’t have the same numbers at home. So we have 2 chairs and it’s mummy’s job to run around the chairs until zoe presses stop on her music box – I then run to one of the chairs. She giggles with delight – so does my 2 year old who watches on in fascination at mummy being silly. We then swap and it’s Zoe’s turn to run around. They don’t care if it’s played the right way – they are just having fun!

  8. melanie w says:

    I love playing memory with my younger kids im always amazed by how much attention they pay to the game and how good they are at it and with he older kids i love playing Cluedo we have the simpsons version which makes it even better.

  9. Ash Mack says:

    MY favourite game to play with the kids is monopoly. It gets their brain ticking, helps with their maths and we all have fun too.

  10. Ash Mack says:

    I have shared on Facebook too. Thanks a million.

  11. Trace A says:

    I have shared this on Facebook

  12. Trace A says:

    Because my 4 kids range in age from nearly 16 down to 3 yrs old , we all love the xbox 360 kinect games . Great fun for the whole family .

  13. Sarah Shelley says:

    My 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old sons and i love to take turns doing ‘Body Slams’ on each others belly’s we take it in turns having the other 2 run up and body slam on top of each of us. It is hilarious and helps the two boys bond a little more which is sometimes hard as they are so close in age and get a little competitive. And no! i don’t crush their little bodies when it’s my turn, i only body slam with my arms but they don’t care of the difference. LOL

  14. Sarah Shelley says:

    I have shared on Facebook. Thanks.

  15. Sarah Shelley says:

    I have also tweeted. @sargef. Thanks.

  16. Elisha Squire says:

    I would love to show Raggs to the boys – I think they would LOVE him ! Exciting… My fav game at the moment is a colours game i play while i feed Emily – I have 6 large round coloured dots on the wall ( from my BSK page) ! and while i feed, i get the boys to learn colours… “Find me the BLUE one Jack” and he sometimes gets it right and other times we go through all the colours etc.. its good fun for them, educational and i can do it while feeding Emily ! Yay … thats the way !

  17. Elisha Squire says:

    Have shared on FB x

  18. Linda Courtney says:

    We have lots of great hiding places in our house, so our favourite would have to be hide and go seek.

  19. Linda Courtney says:

    I’ve shared this on Facebook

  20. Cheryle says:

    Peek a Boo and Building Towers and Knocking them Down are both Favorites in This House . i like raggs for any age as is displays themes suitable for all ages and abilities … and is easy to follow for the younger ones as well . Tv episodes allow me to be able to minotr screen time with out too much fuss from Miss 3 . ( Have Shared on Facebook )

  21. Lucie says:

    We love playing Hide and Seek 🙂

    I shared on facebook
    I shared on twitter

    thanks 🙂

  22. Amy Shambrook says:

    I love playing in the park with my friend’s little boy… usually I’m the shark and he has to escape me!

  23. Wendy Hatton says:

    Isabelle (4yo) loves to play pretend- shopping, going for a picnic, being at school, practically anything really. She seems to like that I really get into the occasion and act out her characters a bit. I get the impression that pretenders at kinder are a little on the passive side.

  24. Ann Sculley says:

    We have a game called build a beetle and my daughter loves it ,we have games every sat afternoon and she always asks for the bug game 🙂

  25. Ann Sculley says:

    shared on fb also

  26. we love raggs here 🙂 My favorite game to play with the kids is hide and seek. even our little 10 month old joins in and looks for them 🙂

  27. Just shared on twiiter too 🙂

  28. I’ve never seen Raggs before! I must be deprived…….The favourite game between Megan and I at the moment is colouring in. She is crazy about it. And glueing (spelling?) things onto paper. With all the kids, all I can say is that one can never outgrow homemade playdough!

  29. I also shared this on Facebook.

  30. Chont says:

    We like playing Twister. Gets lots of laughs and great for motor skills.

  31. Chont says:

    I shared giveaway on FB (Chon Ky)

  32. Katrina Corbett says:

    I love playing hide and seek with my soon to be 4 yr old and 1 1/2 yr old. We have so much fun trying to find each other although their hidding spots need a little work on.

  33. Trudy says:

    Hush. Mummy’s got a headache.

  34. Caroline says:

    Counting because it helps develop their cognitive reasoning.

  35. jodie ward says:

    My favourite game to play with my kidlets is the matching game … take one odd sock basket tip on the floor and say ready set match … they have a ball and my loney single socks find there mate

  36. Angela Hamilton says:

    My favourite game to play with my kids is building castles with their mega blocks.

  37. Angela Hamilton says:

    I’ve shared this on facebook 🙂

  38. Cheryl Beswick says:

    Play ippsy wippsy spider and teddy bear teddy bear to lots of smiles and giggles.

  39. Deb says:

    Ohhh thankyou!!! I love my morning coffee and catching up with the three little princesses and/or the bloke in the shed, having a laugh or shedding a tear:) Once again thankyou for the wonderful dvd and a great read:)

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