AS I sit here eating a piece of pink dragon chocolate cake, it seems timely to share what little gems The Bloke in The Shed received for his birthday. And what little gems they were. So, of course, first there was the pink dragon cake.

Now what man doesn’t want one of those for his birthday? It was either this or a butterfly cake. Both suggested by this person…


Then there was the utterly delightful pop-up card.

Yes, complete with ballerina. The ballerina is apparently Ella. Although she’s more like an elephant than a ballerina when she dances.

I know, you’re all just dying to learn how to make it. Right? Well, here’s the step by step instructions.
1. We used an old birthday card addressed to me.
2. We glued paper on the inside to hide the original message (which was lovely. So thanks to the person who gave it to me).
3. Then we drew a picture of Ella in a leotard. Then stuck it inside the card.
4. Next was to make the tutu out of coloured paper, by folding the paper like a fan. First fold 1cm, then turn and fold back onto itself. Rinse and repeat. Glue one end together, leaving the other end to glue into the card.
5. Stick in the tutu and whar-la (hmm, not sure that’s how you spell that) – a beautiful pop-up ballerina birthday card. Complete with some letter stickers!

Here are the steps in picture form for those who are “visual people”.

What special homemade gems do you make for birthdays?

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6 Responses to How to make a ballerina card for a *ahem* dad’s birthday

  1. Oh how gorgeous, i reckon a blokey bloke with lots of girls in his world could only expect & love a balleria card & pink dragon cake, i bet he loved them!! Happy birthday in your household, love Posie

  2. Haha I love it! Especially the pop up tutu! I think hand made cards are the best! I always get the kids to make cards for birthdays. I’m really not into bought greeting cards, and they are so expensive, I saw one the other day that was $8!!!! It was just a card too, not one of these new recordable ones or anything fancy. I hope The Bloke in the Shed had a great birthday 🙂

    • Kel says:

      $8- that’s incredible! I’d love to know how much it costs them to make it. I bet a mere fraction of that!
      I think homemade cards are lovely too. You’re more likely to keep a homemade card than you are a bought one – especially when the kids make them. 🙂

  3. Great work, love it! Homemade = precious.

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