We refrained from showing a photo of her picking her nose!

BABY Holly has developed a disturbing habit – this is one thing I know, for sure. No, it’s not her habit of passing wind or pooing religiously at every tea time (although that is disturbing). No, at only nine months, she has learned the art of picking her nose.

And this just isn’t any accident either. Her movements are slow and calculated. Her index finger slowly extends and calmly heads towards her nostril of preference where it quickly embeds itself. Then the index finger is slowly removed, making its way south to become lost in the abyss of Holly’s eating cavity.

Now, if that wasn’t disturbing enough, it gets worse. The other day I was sharing a lovely moment with Holly – she was on the floor on her back and I was giving her kisses on her cheek.

At one point I sat back a bit and she looked deeply into my eyes. “She really loves me,’’ I thought foolishly. It was then her index finger, which had been resting on my face, extended. Slowly it made its way to my nostril, as I sat frozen in disbelief. Then she pulled it out and tried to stick it in her mouth, only for me to wake from my trance, to save it millimetres from her lips.

Since then, she has become a nose picking machine and at any opportunity will try to pick the nearest available nose. The experts say all baby behaviour is learned. So I am blaming Ella, who has turned picking her nose into a secret society akin to the Greek mafia.

Ella will disappear for moments or skulk behind your back at a quiet moment to mine her nasal passages discreetly. Not sure where Ella learned it from though…

Is your child a nose picker? What do you do to deter your child from this terrible habit?

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29 Responses to SHED: How to pick a winner

  1. Elisha says:

    The experts say all baby behaviour is learned < I think the experts probably dont have children ! But in my peronal experience , they ALL do things like this and she will grow out of it ! I recently had my then 14 month old doing exactly this, and i figured like all things children the more i said NO, the more he would do it.. eventually he just stopped ! So…. Just go with it ! thats my advice anyways !! P.S Where di baby Holly LEARN her sleeping habits? hehe…

  2. My kids aren’t now pickers but I walked in to the toilet after two of them this morning at 7am and I tell you what – I’d prefer a nose up a nostril over what I saw in there.

  3. Marita says:

    I got no idea, but if you find the solution, could you please let me know so I can try it out here.

    Kids, bring gross and disgusting to a whole new level.

  4. hehehehe you made my breakky feel a little unwelcome in my belly LOL

  5. Mother Duck says:

    I know that my almost 2 year old has started picking at her nose on occasion too. I just move her hand away and say that’s yukky. Ewwwww!

  6. Oh clever baby figuring that out so young!!

    Had to laugh, we’ve got pickers here too 😉

  7. Haha, I was actually quite proud of Pumpkin the first time she did it… the coordination needed by such a little person to do something like that intentionally… I got over that pretty quick! And so did she, once she found other inappropriate things to do 😉

  8. pixie says:

    You obviously have a very early learner!!!!

  9. nellbe says:

    Well I think she is clever for figuring out so young!

  10. Grace says:

    Haha ! Hilarious ! Hubby said he spotted Little N picking his nose. He freely admitted that perhaps he had seen his dad doing it…:)

  11. Shae says:

    Willow is booger eater also. She tells me they are delicious *BLERK*

  12. lol your description made me laugh. So far weve only got one little nose picker here. Ive tried to tell her not to and PLEASE dont eat it but so far its gone in one ear and out the other!

    • We were out tonight visiting friends and Princess Holly was determined to pick her nose and I was determined to stop her. It was like wrestling an octopus. Caused a bit of mirth for the onlookers.

  13. This cracked me up, all my boys are nose pickers and to be honest I don’t mind the picking so much, it’s the subsequent consumption or wiping onto upholstery that gets up my nose (so to speak). At 17 months our youngest has mastered the double fingered pick (both index fingers inserted into each nasal cavity), he’s pretty talented that one lol!!

  14. Belinda says:

    Haha! Our 3 year old is a picker! We tell her not to do it, it’s yucky. She say’s, “But I’ve got a snot up there!” LOL

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