THIS has to be the world’s greatest mystery and one of my biggest frustrations. Who can tell me where on earth their mates are? It’s not like they could grow legs and walk (ah, hop) out on us. Could they?

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51 Responses to PHOTO: The world’s greatest mystery

  1. Penny says:

    Haaaaaaa – this is an epidemic!! Blogged about it and some of the comments about what goes missing in people’s houses are hilarious.

  2. Penny says:

    Oooh – just realised that looked a bit spammy – feel free to delete me! 😉

  3. Tutu Ames says:

    We have the same problem here.


  4. Ash says:

    That’s so funny! I remember a show long ago that explained that they do actually get stuck in the washing machine somewhere. We have the same problem – with socks and mittens!

    • Kel says:

      Wow! Really? There must be a whole wardrobe in ours, Ash. LOL! Maybe when it breaks down I can pull it apart and get them all back again! 😉

  5. Moodi Mumma says:

    OMG I have a drawer where I am keeping odds in hope that their partners will return from their journey!! Good luck on yours returning :o)

    • Kel says:

      That’s a good idea, MM. I should do the same. I’m sick of them all sitting in the lounge room chair, for Ella to then take off to her dress up box! 🙂

  6. Ha ha at our house we call i sock salad…!

  7. Heehee it’s a big problem in our house too! My mother always used to say it’s due to the monster in the bottom of the washing machine lol. There is fantastic photo on Pinterest that I want to do in our laundry for our missing socks 🙂

  8. Kirsty says:

    ooh we have this epidemic as well!! So with a family of 7 you could only imagine how many odd socks we have! This holiday I created a game with all the odd socks! Its on my blog! (dont know if I should link ok not!!)

  9. lol – we’ve had exactly the same problem here, I blogged about it too hoping that their mates would return. At the time of publishing I had 12 single socks without a mate, now I think that’s increased by at least 4! It’s driving me insane!!!

    • Kel says:

      LOL! 16 odd socks is a LOT of odd socks, Jacqui!! I’m nearly tempted to pair up some of The Bloke in The Shed’s black socks. No one would know they were odd! 😉
      I would love to read your post about it. With all these blog posts about odd socks, we could nearly start a new meme!! LOL! xx

      • Hahaha!! I think it gets to a point when you become more accepting of inter-sock relationships in your household, you eventually get used to seeing striped ones matched up with spotted ones!! Given that so many people have written about it, it’s clearly a huge issue and I’m starting to think a sock conspiracy has erupted. Perhaps started by sock companies that can see more value in selling single individual socks for a higher price instead of selling socks in pairs…… 🙂

        • Kel says:

          Ooh, I’m agreeing on the sock conspiracy!! hehe!!
          I think on days when we’re home, the girls are going to have to suffer odd socks! Mind you, they’ll probably love it! 🙂

  10. Skyelee says:

    I wonder if they all congregate somwhere and laugh their cottony tails off at the look of bewilderment and frustration on our faces?? Happy W.W. 🙂

  11. Lol, i just try to buy all white socks! Same colour=pair, i gave up a long time ago on finding the mate!! Happy WW xx

  12. pixie says:

    I personally think there is an alternate universe where single socks go….along with all the pens.
    My girls use the single socks for craft….they make great puppets!!!

    • Kel says:

      Oh, don’t get me started on the pens, Pixie!! LOL!
      I think we might have to turn our single socks into puppets. That’s a great idea! 🙂

  13. Nay says:

    I wish it was only socks that go missing in our house…

    So far I have lost a whole set of Leilah’s summer pajamas and even more weird… a set of cot sheets!!! My washing machine must have a HUGE appetite!

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! The cot sheets made me laugh, Nay. That’s too funny! I’ll make sure not to buy your brand of washing machine!! hehe! 😉

  14. Daisy says:

    OMG I know! Although now, I only buy white socks for the children, black socks for Paul and I, and then there is always a matching pair!

  15. Grace says:

    Haha ! Love it ! My boys wear mismatched socks all.the.time. It’s getting a little embarrassing, actually 🙂
    I like Daisy’s idea. One colour for children, another colour for adults 🙂

    • Kel says:

      Isn’t it a great idea? I’m definitely going to adopt Daisy’s idea too.
      Love that your boys are wearing mismatched socks, Grace. Bet they think they’re pretty cool too! 😉

  16. georgi says:

    haha, i saw the text before I saw the picture and thought in my head ‘i bet this is about socks!’ I don’t even try to match them anymore.. ! x

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! How funny is that! I had a similar comment on Twitter today. I obviously chose the right headline, Georgi! hehe! 😉

  17. I just found a few stray ones myself this morning! Arrghh!

  18. trish says:

    I wish I had the answer too.
    I have about 50 odd socks in a recycled 20 L laundry powder bucket.
    Thanks for linking up.
    Happy WW

  19. I remember those it’s just hub and me it is not so prevalent..but I *think* I bought the 6 pairs the same for son & daughter …when they were at school.
    Mystery.It is a mystery alright…

    • Kel says:

      Sounds like a good idea, Denyse. Sounds like a much better idea! Most of the missing socks seems to be The Bloke in The Sheds! Don’t know how that happens. 🙂

  20. Hehe.. when you solve the case of the missing socks please let me know! 🙂

  21. Jane Blogs says:

    I read a book by Terry Pratchett called “The Hogfather” that addresses just this problem.

    Turns out there’s a little creature with an elephant-like trunk that sucks them up and eats them (but only one of each pair).

    Hope you catch your eater-of-socks!

    Jane 🙂

  22. Caz says:

    I love the fact the post has so many comments. How true. I found a heap of them down the bottom of our shoe bin the other day. (Along with piles of sandpit dirt!!) And then there are always some under my big pinks bed. (Probably won’t help you much!!). We actually have a sock draw these days were all the oddies go – and every now and then I pull them all out and we play the matching game.

    • Kel says:

      The volume of comments is a bit sad in reality, isn’t it? Just shows how big this problem really is! hehe!
      I actually found some in the dress up box and some under the couch, so I can’t blame this washing machine monster for those! 😉
      The sandpit dirt is never much fun. Someone empties their shoes in the bathroom after childcare and it then ends up being transferred right throughout the house! For some reason, the vacuum never seems to get it all.

  23. Missy Boo says:

    Strangely people always complain about losing odd socks – thankfully it doesn’t seem to occur in my house :p

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