I'll give you this photo and save you the picture of me in the bath!

WHEN I volunteered to write a post about “me time’’ for mums, I thought how warm and fuzzy that exercise would be. Then I sat down at the laptop to write about my very last “me time’’ moment. (Insert long period of silence and fidgeting of fingers).
Nine months of breastfeeding a bub has meant I’ve been busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony. “Me time’’? What’s that? I don’t even get to go to the toilet alone. Sure, The Bloke in The Shed will argue I’m on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, 10 email accounts and whatever else I can get my typing fingers on every night. I also had a bath a couple of weeks ago, complete with bubbles. Please, hold me back. The five minutes of bliss before three-year-old Ella came in to ask if I was “having fun’’ was absolute heaven. She then proceeded to try and pop all the bubbles for me. How thoughtful.
In the early months of Baby Holly being born, I dashed out one Saturday afternoon for a quick facial. I say “quick’’, because I had to return within the hour so I could line up at the dairy to be milked. I also have a Mother’s Day voucher for a massage on the kitchen bench. The voucher’s on the bench, not the massage.
During my REAL “me time’’ (aka, breastfeeding at 4am) I often think about how I’d love to spend a night alone in a hotel, with the spa bath full, a bottle of Dom Perignon, girly mags and DVDs, an assortment of Cadburys chocolate and one full night of uninterrupted sleep. But truth be told, I’d hate to wake up alone, without hubby by my side and the girls wanting their morning cuddles and kisses. And whingeing because they’re hungry and want their breakfast. NOW.
So then, what would make me happy? All of this… but at home. For now though, I’ll just have to make the most of pretending to get rice cakes for Ella’s morning tea, all the while dipping into my secret stash of chocolate at the back of the pantry. Shh, don’t tell. By the way, if you want to know what to hide in your pantry, try the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse (RRP: $4.20) from Coles, Woolworths, SUPA IGA, Big W, Target, Kmart and other select retail outlets.

Would you like some “me time’’? Of course you would. Then we have five “me time’’ packs to giveaway to mums needing some pampering and well deserved “time out’’.
To go in the draw to win one of five “Me Time’’ packs – featuring a block each of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse chocolate, an Ecoya candle, Palmer’s body butter and a copy of The Devil Wears Prada – simply tell us your last experience of “me time’’.  The giveaway closes Sunday, July 24 at 7pm and a winner will be drawn randomly and announced on this blog and via Facebook and Twitter. Australian residents only. Limit of three entries.
Want extra entries? Then here’s how you can up your chances in the draw. Each task is worth one extra entry, but must be included as a separate comment (or it won’t count).
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104 Responses to WIN: Some real “me time’’ (WITH chocolate)

  1. Alison L says:

    My last real ‘Me time’ was on the 30th of May 2001, the day before my first son was born..
    It was the last time I recall not worrying about whether someone was cold, hungry, safe or anything like that.. It was the last time I was able to take a bath before 10pm without being invaded..
    I am happy to give up my ‘me time’, but boy oh boy wouldn’t I just LOVE a little vacation for an hour or two!! 😀

  2. Alison L says:

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    Shared on Twitter… 🙂

  4. Tania M says:

    The last tuime I had some ‘me time’ was on Mother’s Day when I packed up the kids and their Dad and sent them to the movies
    while I soaked in a warm relaxing bath with a glass of bubbly and a magazine. I reckon it’s the first time I have EVER read a magazine from cover tocover in one sitting!

  5. Tania M says:

    I have shared on Facebook

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    I have also tweeted

  7. Oh Kellie, I can so relate to this post. Even now my girls are a little older I still struggle. I have booked a hotel in Melbounre (ALONE) for the friday night before Blogopolis. ME TIME!!!! First time in longer than I can remember!! Can’t wait. Oh joyful happy dance. (Sadly I’ll probably miss my pinks silly:)

  8. Twittered to my tweeps too.

  9. Jasmine says:

    I’ve never really had me time 🙁

  10. Barbara says:

    Last week Monday I had ‘me time’
    I was playing my music, then I read a book and ate heaps of choccies 😉

  11. Trish says:

    My first me time experience in 4.5 yrs was the AUS BLOG CONF and it was my last pretty much, unless I consider the day I got my hair coloured in a bloggy venture 🙂
    Love to win this ME time prize.

  12. Trish says:

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  13. Trish says:

    Shared on my facebook page too – My little Drummers.

  14. I Shared Via Twitter!

  15. My last Me time experience was with a 3 year old in a coffee shop right before we had to do some grocery shopping. Not so sure this is actually classed as Me Time, but its as good as it gets lately 🙂

    Fantastic Giveaway, all it needs now to be complete is a bottle of wine or vodka hehe 😛

  16. Without bragging I managed to get away with work for a couple of nights this week. My ‘me time’ consisted of watching Winners and Losers(with some dark chocolate and a glass of red) without having to get someone a glass of water, a glass of milk or watch someone poo and as an added bonus I got two full nights sleep. Bliss!!

  17. tweeted and facebooked 🙂

  18. Louisa says:

    Well how fun! I’m actually enjoying some me-time, complete with iPad, quiet and coffee down the coast in Vic. It’s fantastic! (don’t hate me)

  19. pixie says:

    The AusBlogCon was the last time I had time to myself.

  20. melanie w says:

    every scholl holidays nanna has the kids for one weekend its fabulous hubby works away 6 and 1 so i am definately needing that weekend by time it comes around.

  21. melanie w says:

    Tweeted @hootylishous

  22. Bec S says:

    Well I actually went to Sydney for work Wednesday and Thursday night, so I had 2 nights of me time. Wed was just the plane trip really, and then hotel and bed. But Thursday after the course I went for an hour stroll around the harbour and the opera house. Had a nice dinner (by myself) and then went back to the hotel and read my kindle!

  23. Bec S says:

    I’ve shared on FB.

  24. Cate says:

    I have ‘me time’ when my husband is home, once every 2 weeks, as he works away. I feed my little one and race down the street for ‘me time’- looking around the shops, often aimlessly! It’s a weird feeling though- I often check in the car seat twice before I remember that my little boy is safely at home with his Dad.

  25. linda says:

    Me time will be at 10pm tonite when the kiddies are fast asleep, hubby at work and im warm in bed with a good book, hot cuppa and some secret stash chocy.

  26. linda says:

    ive shared on facebook

  27. Leila says:

    The last me time i had should have been yesterday, however the 4 children (and the ring in) were quietly in the loungeroom watching a movie while i tried to catch up on a spot of reading in a nice relaxing bath only to have hubby come in to harass me… not ‘hey hunny i’m in the mood’ type harassing but ‘do you want tomato on your burgers tonight, do you think the mince mixture works or do i need to tweak it some?’ HELLO… the idea of asking you to watch the kids and not letting them in is so that i can enjoy me time!!!!!

  28. Di says:

    My Dad looked after our son overnight when we attended my Auntie’s 50th Birthday party last week. I got the next day to myself and my ‘me time’ was glorious! I actually got to watch something other than kid’s TV and had a big sleep-in. YAY!

  29. Wendy Hatton says:

    My youngest child has left home almost completely now so I am lucky enough to find time to use for me occasionally. Last month I took one of my daughters (mother of 2 littlies) to the theatre and we both had a few hours me time together.

  30. Liz says:

    My last ‘me time’ was at the nail parlour – getting a nice manicure and having assistants pamper and fuss over me!

  31. Lionesslady says:

    My last me time was with some lovely lady friends – we went away for the night where much chocolate and alcohol was consumed, many laughs had and a little bit of crafting thrown in for good measure!

  32. Kirsty says:

    What the heck is Me Time?? I dont think I have experienced that in 5 years, I mean between sharing a shower with 4 other little bodies that decide they have to have a shower at the same second you are trying to hop in, to having the house screamed down if you even DARE to think of closing the toilet door to go to the bathroom, I have shared every day to day thing with the kids. I can tell you that I have booked in a ME time holiday… It starts at 4am on Friday 29th July and ends on Sunday 31st July around 11:30am! Blogopolis here I come, child free and husband free!

  33. Kirsty says:

    shared on Facebook 🙂

  34. Kirsty says:

    shared on Twitter 🙂

  35. Elisha says:

    Ha! me time? I have no idea what that is and cant after many many minutes spent trying to think of my last “Me Time” I have come up blank ! BUT i want to win, because 5 kids later – I DESERVE to win !! hehe

  36. Elisha says:

    I have shared on facebook =)

  37. Ange Hamilton says:

    mine was a girls weekend away to melbourne with my sister in May. 48 hours child free, I missed them like crazy but also had a wonderful time and secured a new winter wardrobe of clothes

  38. Ange Hamilton says:

    shared on fb

  39. Rheyanan-lee says:

    With work being crazy as a bugger right now i haven’t had much time for myself. Probably a fornight ago was the last time i sat down and decided to do something for myself!

  40. Melissa K says:

    ooh yummy giveaway!
    have shared on facebook 🙂

  41. Melissa K says:

    shared on twitter also

  42. Super Sarah says:

    I am lucky enough to get me time twice or three times a week at the moment, when I go running!!!! Its not quite the stereotypical “me-time” but its certainly hugely beneficial to me, quiet time to think, feel the rhythmic beat of my feet on the tar, knowing I am making a good choice for myself in taking time to exercise.

  43. Deb says:

    Me time is when I go and get my hair done every 6-8 weeks I MAKE my hairdresser give me a scalp massage whilst I sit there thinking of being on some tropical island and then……….. 2 minutes later its all over:( but those 2 minutes are bliss:)

  44. Deb says:

    Shared on fb also:)

  45. Me time, me time hmmmmm, I am thinking…..still thinking…… I am really not sure when that last was….boo! Um it probably was before the latest princess was born and the eldest was at her one day a week Family Day Care so probably about 8 months ago and I probably went to the shops but didn’t run the whole time and just walked!

  46. Kel says:

    The husband went on a 10 day trip to Bali with 3 of his mates. And I stayed home with the Toddler.
    Seriously – that’s worth a ‘me time’ package in anyone’s book!!

  47. Tutu Ames says:

    I’m having me time now and I’m doing what I do best, be on the computer!

  48. Keren says:

    Me time for me comes when I’m out running and freezing my butt off first thing in the morning. I get to think without being interrupted, and listen to my music without the older kids complaining how old it is.

  49. Marita says:

    I actually blogged about my last experience of Me Time – it was on Saturday, hubby took the girls to the park for bit over an hour and I had a shower alone and ate lunch while it was hot.

    Bliss enjoying a hot shower, all the way from start to end, without having to chase children around inbetween shampoo and conditioning.

    Then double bliss to get a hot meal that I could enjoy all to myself while it was still hot from start to end.

    Most times my showers are lukewarm to cold and my meals end up cold and mostly stolen.

  50. kate says:

    It seems sad to say, but my ‘me time’ is everyday, as i do the nightly dishes… no one wants to be asked to help out, so my family all find other things to do each night between 6:30 and 7pm.
    Although it sounds a bit blah, I do in fact celebrate this blissful half hour when the kitchen is quiet around me and I have time to just think, without someone wanting me to pick them up, sort out a disagreement, or listen to latest recap of the weather (namely “look at the temperatures in tassie-why do we live in qld?) and the ensuing debate over states, nope its me, a big pile of dirty dishes and silence.
    I love my ‘me time.’

  51. Gael Macpherson says:

    My ‘me’ time is every night when I crawl into bed and read for a while before sleep. Love it.

  52. Suzi says:

    I don’t get much me time, but the last one was being able to go for a walk last weekend, all by myself

  53. Monique says:

    The last me time was actually yesterday… DH was heading to the shops to get his smashed iphone looked at, and I thought “perfect!! I can tag along and get my underarms and legs waxed for the first time in 3 months” (don’t the love the image that conjures)… so I got a 1/2 hour all alone in the waxing room hehe 🙂

  54. Mich says:

    my last “me” time was yesterday. I spent an hour power cleaning while hubby and the kids went to go pick up my father in law.

  55. Mich says:

    And Ive tweeted (@Knowmich)

  56. Kate says:

    My last ‘me time’ was on a business trip to China in August last year. Was 15 weeks pregnant but a whole week sans toddler and husband. Missed them terribly but it was great just to be able to wake up and eat a hot breakfast at the buffet with my colleague (who’s one of my great friends). Seems such a distant memory now!!

  57. I remember it fondly…it was 10:05pm, 2 October 2005. I had just given birth to she who is now referred to as Miss5. She was whisked away for the usual newborn tests, the Doctors and nurses had done their thing and buggered off for a cuppa. #1 Hubby went to the loo to hide (because I was less than impressed with having to do all that pushing and experience all that pain – I may have morphed into something other than the refined lady I would normally be, around hour 2 of my 16hr active labour).

    And so at 10:05pm, I had around 3 minutes of shell shocked peace and quiet. Then the baby was wheeled back in. Then #1 Hubby emerged from the loo. Then the medical staff returned to start looking in places that I wished they wouldn’t.

    Since that day, I have not had any me time. Even on my one single day a week of 5hrs child-free, I’m running errands, going to appointments, doing the shopping, cleaning the house etc – y’know, all that domestic goddess stuff that comes with being “the mother”.

    Seriously. I haven’t even been afforded solo-bathroom privileges since that day.

    In a couple of weeks I’m off to Vietnam for 2 weeks of child-free and husband/4th child-free bliss. I’m planning on treating myself to some swanky champa’s for the first time, courtesy of my duty free allowance. Kellie, I shall sip it in my hotel room bubble bath, and toast you. You’re welcome.

  58. Pam says:

    My last Me Time was one afternoon last week when my OH took my 10mo out for the afternoon – they were gone so long I almost didn’t know what to do with myself by the end. Almost 😉

  59. Caroline says:

    Umm before Miss K was born so probably January 2010

  60. Jess says:

    The last ‘me time’ i had was a couple of weeks back when i spent the morning using a gift voucher i got for my birthday (back in January) for a facial, mani, pedi and massage. Unfortunately i am so unaccustomed to me time that i spent the whole time worrying that my son who was spending the morning with Nana would need a feed and thinking about how long i was taking away from work (i work from home)! Not quiet as relaxing as i dreamed!

  61. My “me” time is when I get home from work at 12:30am and lose myself in the blogging & Facebook worlds. So, I get “me” time 4 nights a week. Not bad going! Except that it leaves me sleep deprived, as I have to be up by 7am to get the 4 kids & I out the door by 8:30am. I tend to survive on about 5 hours sleep. Which is more than some others mums get.

  62. I’ve shared this on Facebook too!

  63. Gemma says:

    I am wanting some me time at blogopolis. I am thrilled to leave everyone and just be own my own. The last me time I had a few days ago was when my mum took my two girls to the movies and the baby was asleep and a very annoying lady dropped her daughter at my house to play, even when i said that the girls weren’t there. i was so desperate to enjoy the peace and quiet while the baby slept and instead I got a bloody annoying kid who kept asking for me to look at her and play with her. I was so taken aback my the mother I didn’t know what to say. Next time I shall be more prepared. I need the choc to pretend that never happened!

  64. I had a bath by myself when I was 6 months pregnant… Babygirl is 8 months old now. Hmm that’s a worry!

    I do have a lot of short grabs of evening time alone with hub away on the road so much. But I’m not sure if those brief sojourns to the couch actually count when they’re interrupted so often by kids that need resettling!

  65. nellbe says:

    The last time I had me time was in hospital having a procedure last week… not sure that counts though as I shared the room with others and had nurses poking at me. But I did get cups of tea made for me which was nice.

  66. Candice says:

    Hmm the last time I had ‘me’ time was when I went to the hairdressers and had my hair done about 7 weeks ago. It was so lovely!!!! Getting regrowth now so its about time I went back!!

  67. Alexandra says:

    My last ‘me time’ was sitting in bed with a coffee and a good book…and I was also sick! Thanks for a great competition and blog! XO

  68. Alexandra says:

    Shared on Twitter! @AlGal17

  69. Alannah says:

    Me time? I so get your comments about feeding at 4am. I have seen too many clocks in the dark with 4 on them! Usually I sneak some time to read at night when the kids are in bed. I cannot remember the last time I had a bath by myself. I would love to, and light a candle to relax in the soft light!

  70. Alannah says:

    shared on my facebook…thanks for the chance. smiles

  71. kirri white says:

    Actually, I am a big fan of Me time. I may not get long periods of Me time but at least once a week I try to steal some time away from the minions. Last week, I got a haircut and blow wave =bliss 🙂

  72. kirri white says:

    Twittered the chocolate love too!

  73. Michelle says:

    The last ‘me’ time I had was last weekend, I had a dreadful virus which left me bedridden. Hubby decided to take the kids to his mums for dinner, seeing as how I couldn’t cook!

  74. Michelle says:

    I’ve shared on Facebook too!

  75. Michelle says:

    I have shared on twitter too!

  76. bronnie says:

    A hot bubble bath in a posh hotel room. Last enjoyed about a year ago when I was on a fleeting work trip.

  77. Blue Zone says:

    My last ‘me time’ would have been when I had my gallbladder out in march last year. How sad is that!

  78. Cathy says:

    Recently, and for the first time in YEARS, I went to the movies with girlfriends to watch a movie (Bridesmaids)! This was followed by dinner and dessert! Got home to find hubby had managed to feed kids, clean up kitchen and put kids to bed. Bliss!

  79. The only ”me time” I ever get is that five minutes I manage to sneak into the toilet without anyone noticing! So, this morning? Lol 😉

  80. Nicol says:

    Last experience of me time was last night ! Went out and had a couple relaxing drinks with my sister 🙂

  81. Nicol says:

    Have shared on facebook

  82. Tweeted – aka_mrfrog

  83. And shared on FB xx

  84. Sarah asome says:

    My last me time was two years ago when I had 4 days in Singapore for a friends wedding. Took 3 days to relax enough not to think about the girls then it was time to come home!!

  85. Natasha says:

    I’m always in demand being a full time carer, so I rarely get any me time. I think the last time I got some me time was when I was 16 (now thats 4 years ago!!)

  86. Natasha says:

    Tweeted! – Trash_Infekt

  87. Mel Phillips says:

    I’ve been breastfeeding for the past 9 months too (as of this Wednesday), so I can relate to your BLOG!! My husband watched our darling son on Friday night, and I went out with a girlfriend for 3 hours (yes!!!) for some me time!! A “Chicks at the Flicks” function was organised at our local cinema, complete with arrival photo (my excuse to “Glam Up”!!), goodie bag, food platters, bubbly and movie! There were a few business displays, such as one from an online ‘sexy lingerie’ business which got a few giggles!! I had a great night out and have been on a “high” ever since!!

  88. Mel Phillips says:

    I’ve shared this on Facebook with all the Mums I know, who are in need of some “me time”!!

  89. Roxanne says:

    Haha I so relate to preparing morning tea but secretly I’m scoffing my face with chocolate lol I cant remember the last real me time I had – I’m a single mum to three gorgeous kiddies 5,3 and 1 years of age ♥ I would really love to win this prize I cant go a day without chocolate & for now that’s me time to me : )

  90. Roxanne says:

    I have shared on Face Book xx

  91. Jasmine1485 says:

    My last Me Time is right now, browsing blogs, entering giveaways and listening to music of MY choice! 🙂

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  92. Jasmine1485 says:

    I tweeted about it here:


    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  93. Jasmine1485 says:

    I shared it on Facebook here:


    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  94. Louise says:

    I honestly can’t remember!!! Pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, breastfeeding just about sums it up!!!

  95. Veronica says:

    How did I miss this giveaway before? Chocolate is my favourite thing ever.

    Me time: Sydney. 5 star hotel and lovely women to share it with 🙂

  96. kristy Sweeney says:

    The only me time I get is when all of my five children and my husband are in bed then usually I cant keep my eyes open so I go too. Me time would be nice

  97. kristy Sweeney says:

    shared on facebook

  98. Natasha says:

    Have shared on facebook!

  99. Chrissy Mat says:

    whoops I posted mine in the wrong place sorry 🙁

    Oh it’s been so long. I was 8 months pregnant with my first and my friends dragged me around all night thinking I’d enjoy it. Not the best night so the last ‘real’ me time was the day before I found I was pregnant and I treated myself to a massage and that was over 6 years ago. I’ve been a single parent for 4 years now and I definitely get no me time. As soon as the boys are asleep I’m busy sewing for my little WAH business