THE O’Briens decided to make the most of the beautiful spring weather yesterday and headed out for a picnic and bike ride. To be honest, when it rains nine months of the year and drips off the trees the other three, it doesn’t take much to convince Taswegians it’s shorts and t-shirt weather.

We headed off to the Bluff (a playground and sheltered family beach area). Princess Ella held my hand, while The Bloke in The Shed cuddled Baby Holly as we searched for a spot to throw down our fetching brown and yellow picnic rug. We’re relishing these moments, knowing in the future they’ll much prefer to walk five feet in front of us and wouldn’t dare sit on “that ugly thing’’.


picnic with seagulls

Mmm, nice shot of me!


Once we’d all filled our tummies – that included the seagulls Ella decided to feed half her sandwich to – we set off for a bike ride to the lighthouse. Ella walked up to the door and knocked on it, in the hope someone might come and answer.

She was impressed to hear I’d climbed “100 stairs’’ to reach its top. OK, so I made it sound rather romantic, when in reality it was hot and claustrophobic up there. We then walked, hand in hand, around the base of the lighthouse so she could see how wide it was.



Walking around the lighthouse with Ella


No bike ride is complete without a little crash, which thankfully this time only required a bit of patting on the knee and a kiss. The rest of the trek was fairly uneventful, if you don’t count Ella making us stop at the soundshell so she could perform a concert. If it wasn’t for the hair, you would have sworn she was Dolly Parton. Well, sort of.

We ended the day with Holly’s first swim at a private pool. After seeing her earlier with that face – the one of full concentration – there was some trepidation about the swim on my part. I had fears the pool would end up featuring more than just the floaties that were attached to her arms.


mum and baby swimming

Baby Holly and I swimming... ah, I mean, posing.


Snuggled up to her, we were barely five minutes into our swim when I lost my footing in the deep end and dunked her under, resulting in her drinking half the pool. At 150cms tall, it’s not hard for me to be in the deep end. She then held onto me with a vice-like grip – and me to her. Or maybe it was just the fact she missed out on her usual afternoon top up from the milk tankers. Although, there was no way she was getting a pre-swim drink. Apparently, regurgitated boobie juice is like confetti in a pool.

Half an hour later, she gained a little more confidence and was happy to go to The Bloke in The Shed for cuddles and a swim, while Ella showered me in kisses while inadvertently pulling me under. Holly’s scared shivers and little frown were replaced with laughter and splashing as they trailed along behind Ella and I who, I might add, kept leaving bright green patches for her sister to swim through.


dad and baby swimming

A more confident Baby Holly and The Bloke in The Shed


After the usual cuddles and bedtime kisses after their big day, the day ended just as I was about to finish this post last night with Ella experiencing a night terror for the first time since that last episode. Thankfully, some soothing words, stroking of her hair and kiss on her forehead she was back in the land of nod.

What little acts of affection have you shown your cherubs today?

Linking up with Naomi from Seven Cherubs for the final in the Cherish Your Cherubs series.

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20 Responses to Floaties, whizzers and swimming pools

  1. Caz says:

    What a lovely day out (apart from the night terror – not so much fun!). Having three girls means there is endless hugging and cuddles at our house. They are our original hug-a-bugs!!
    Caz recently posted..Where do you send a Mummy when she breaks down?My Profile

    • Kel says:

      It was a beautiful day too, Caz. Hoping for more weekends like that!! Glad there’s lots of cuddles in your house too!! They’re the best! x

  2. Naomi Ellis says:

    I so love the sprinkling of affection throughout this post. Just gorgeous! Love the pictures and you are looking mighty fine after having those two cherubs my friend. Sounds like a perfectly delightful day in my eyes. Thanks for linking up with us. N x
    Naomi Ellis recently posted..Cherish your cherubs project: Show AffectionMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Thanks Naomi. I have the shorts and the rashie – just can’t don a two-piece, let alone a one-piece, anymore!! LOL!
      It was a fabulous day! Hoping we can enjoy more days like that now the weather is improving. x

  3. Gorgeous! My little one adores swimming 🙂
    Megan @ Writing Out Loud recently posted..I want to wear my party dressMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      We’ve committed to going every Sunday now. I was a terrible swimmer as a child and still can’t really swim that well, so I’m conscious of having children who are confident in the water! Plus, it’s good exercise for us all!!! 🙂

  4. nellbe says:

    Sounds like a lovely family day out. I love taking the little ones swimming, they are very cute the first few times in the water. Hope Tassie gets some more sunny days so you can get to do it more often.
    nellbe recently posted..My Menu Plan with Gluten Free IdeasMy Profile

  5. This looks like it was a really fabulous day out, and such great photos. I love the one of you and Holly, its a beautiful shot
    Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots recently posted..10 Ways to Show Your Children AffectionMy Profile

  6. Lisa Wood says:

    Love your swimming pool story! We have a 9 year old who has only learnt to swim early January this year 🙂
    He was so scared of the water, but he wanted to swim. One day he tried without his floaties, the next day he was swimming!
    Funny how they love the water, and how they can learn to swim so easily 🙂

    Lisa Wood recently posted..101.5 Radio StationMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, that sounds so much like me, Lisa. I was petrified of the water as a child. I remember having the entire class standing around the pool in primary school while I tried to swim my 100 metres. It was all doggy paddle and backstroke!!! 🙂

  7. A Keeper says:

    Wow, the Bluff! My hubby grew up right near there and has very fond memories of it. Swimming is great for the kids, such a fantastic and important life-skill to learn. I hope you all enjoy it more and more as time goes one 🙂
    A Keeper recently posted..Toys to RegretMy Profile

  8. I don’t think Tasmania could ever get warm enough for me to swim! LOL Your family time sounds just so precious, what beautiful memories you are creating 🙂

  9. Nee says:

    There is nothing sweeter than walking hand in hand with your little person. You were brave with the first swim! Hubby got that job for both our boys – I couldn’t handle the responsibility 😉
    Nee recently posted..Cherish Your Cherubs: AffectionMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Hehe!! I usually chicken out of swimming, Nee. I’m not much of water person. But when it’s a private pool, I don’t mind! I missed out on experiencing Ella’s first swim, so making it up with Holly! 🙂

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