Dad and daughter

The Bloke in The Shed and Princess Ella sharing a milkshake

This week I’m grateful for:

  • My husband. Despite being under a lot of pressure at work, he took a day off this week when Baby Holly and I were particularly unwell to wipe our noses and bums. Well, Holly’s bum, not mine. We love him very much. Happy Father’s Day for Sunday, darling!
  • Being able to document Princess Ella’s first year in The Advocate Newspaper and now having documented Baby Holly’s first year here on the blog. Sadly, in exactly one month and one day, she will no longer be my “Baby’’ Holly. My li’l girl is all grown up.
  • Princess Ella’s leap in her drawing skills. Yesterday I was told: “you and Dad have oval faces and Holly and I have circle faces’’. Her attention to detail in her drawing now blows me away. As long as my nose doesn’t get any longer.

I’m joining with  Maxabella Loves to share what I’m grateful for.


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26 Responses to Grateful for dads

  1. Nothing like having someone else to wipe the bums! Thanks for linking up

    xo em
    Emily@ The Beetle Shack recently posted..Grateful for DadsMy Profile

  2. Seana Smith says:

    Ah, your baby will be a toddling wee thing; it is too fast and I do regret the many times I wished they would grow up faster. Good to think about drawing, my little boy has recently taken to it in a big way. His twin sister has been at it for ages, and I thought he’d never get going, and, most importantly, enjoy it. But now he does. Hooray!

    • Kel says:

      That’s great your little boy has now found the joy in drawing, Seana. It’s such a wonderful creative outlet for them.
      And yes, I hear you on the “wishing away the baby days” and then regretting it. I’ve done that a few times over the past 11 months. I think it’s probably only natural though, especially during those particularly trying moments. And boy, have I had one of those this week!! 😉

  3. Caz says:

    They grow up WAY.TO.FAST!! Nice work Daddy on staying home – way to make the princesses feel loved. And yes, it looks like you have a very clever little Ella on your hands. Watch out mummy and daddy!!
    Caz recently posted..Grateful for laundry planning and a good man!My Profile

    • Kel says:

      He’s so fabulous, Caz. He even let me go out shopping this morning (OK, so it was for him!) and has now taken Princess Ella out for lunch. Enjoying the peace and quiet at the moment! x

  4. They do have an amazing eye for detail don’t they? Even my 2 y.o. blows me away with her observations 🙂
    have a great weekend
    keepcatebusy (Cate) recently posted..Day 323 – hooray for runningMy Profile

  5. Wow, clever munchkin you have there. And a wonderful husband to boot!
    Lee Alexander recently posted..Yogurt rant – Things I knowMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      He is pretty fabulous, Lee. Yesterday he was named one of the top 5 Mentally Sexy Dads for 2011, so now everyone knows what we’ve known all along! 🙂

  6. georgi says:

    oh, so nice that he took the day off despite being busy… x
    ps. love the pic too! x
    georgi recently posted..THERE ARE SOUNDS IN MY HEADMy Profile

  7. what a sweet man for staying home and looking after you both! Nice to have such a great partner you can rely on! xx
    mums the word recently posted..Grateful for Time Outs!My Profile

    • Kel says:

      So true. It made the world of difference to my recovery and to Baby Holly’s too. Plus, he was still able to get a bit of work done from home while we slept!! 🙂

  8. Absolutely grateful for my husband too. He is the best Father in the world and his love for our girls is just so overwhelming. Sounds like you have a good one there too xx 🙂
    Jodi @ The Scribble Den recently posted..Grateful for…just beingMy Profile

  9. Oh look at all the cheeks in that image, all pinchable!! Hoping you’re all super fit now, we just had a glandular fever scare, OMG, nooooo, just a horrible virus. Love Posie

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! Very pinchable indeed – as much as she hates it!! Hehe. 🙂
      We’re feeling much better now. Thanks Posie. Just runny noses now, but that’s easily managed. I hope your little one is feeling much better now too. How frightening for you all. The volume of sickness around the blogosphere the past week has been incredible! xx

  10. Toni says:

    Thank God for dads, hey?
    Toni recently posted..a hairy taleMy Profile

  11. jody says:

    Dads are the best! and so nice your hubby stayed home to look after you. have a nice day tomorrow. x
    jody recently posted..Family Time and Fire . .My Profile

  12. Tat says:

    Wow, oval and circle faces! You’ve got an artist there.

  13. Lisa Wood says:

    That is so funny!! I am glad that you are grateful for all that he does….and I am grateful that he doesnt wipe you bum!!! What a great Dad he is to his two gorgeous girls. Thanks for the laugh, and for sharing your family.

    Its nice to read about how Dads are appreciated.

    Lisa Wood recently posted..Happy Fathers Day Daddy Wherever You AreMy Profile

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