baby smiling in high chairThis week I’m grateful for:

  • Going out for coffee with The Bloke in The Shed… without children. Embarrassingly, it’s the first time we’ve done this in 11 months. How did that happen? It meant I drank a whole chai latte… hot! Every two minutes, we’d forget we were alone, resulting in a quick swivelling of the head and gasps of: “Oh gawd, we’ve lost the kids.’’
  • Another hot date on the beauty front. After last week’s rendezvous with the beautician, tomorrow I’ve somehow wrangled a date with the hairdresser. Feeling like a Kate Middleton-style princess at the moment. Please don’t hate me. If only I’d thought to run the review and giveaway of Garnier’s new beauty phenomenon, BB Cream – complete with photos of my ugly mug – AFTER the appointment. This is probably why I’ve refused to show the vlog of me putting the cream on.
  • Princess Ella teaching me good manners. She’s still oblivious to the world of swearing (thank ^&#*$), but if I say: “oh, stupid computer’’, she responds with: “we don’t say stupid, Mum’’. Or “I hate the skin on this mandarin,’’ she comes back with: “We don’t hate things, Mum’’. Sheesh.

I’m joining with  Maxabella Loves’ Grateful For over at the LionessLady‘s blog.

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35 Responses to Grateful for hot dates

  1. Debbie says:

    Don’t be embarrassed about not having a date in 11 months…we’re pretty much the same. Every time I’m sans kids and I hear another child cry – I always think one of our children has gone wandering and is lost! I wonder if it will always be like that…

    Enjoy your time at the hairdresser. So jealous 🙂
    Debbie recently posted..Training Up a Child.My Profile

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! Oh, I hope not, Debbie. Maybe when our children get older we’ll hear a teenager whine and think it’s one of ours!! 😉
      The hairdressers was bliss!! 🙂

  2. Lionesslady says:

    Oh, what bliss! A coffee date without small people!!! Hope you get another one soon.
    Lionesslady recently posted..This week I’m grateful for….My Profile

  3. Ha ha ha.
    I love that the little people keep us honest.
    I’ve posted before that Magoo actually expects me to live up to my expectations of him.
    It’s no mean feat!!
    Enjoy your hiatus at the hairdresser. Well earnt.
    Mum on the Run recently posted..Grateful For…Save Of The DayMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      They are too funny. Yesterday Ella was telling her dad off for not putting his seat belt as he was backing out the driveway!! I’m with her on that one! 😉

  4. Kate Sins says:

    Hehehe, love that you “lost” the kids on your date… Every time I’m child-free I have a heart attack moment!

    Don’t we become a product of our own behaviour… Love that the kids remind us of what we should say.

    Happy weekend x
    Kate Sins recently posted..And the winner is… ME!My Profile

    • Kel says:

      I guess we should be thankful, shouldn’t we Kate!! Although, according to Ella, I’m not allowed to say the word “annoyed” anymore either!! Gah! 😉

  5. I have a date with my hairdresser tomorrow too! Big change happening over here, will have to work it into the blog somehow 😉

    Miss Ella has beautiful manners 😀

    Kellie Heitman recently posted..Grateful for Love.My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Can’t wait to see how the big changes went, Kellie!! I was a little more daring than usual!!! Hope you enjoyed your time out as much as I did! 😉

  6. I said “stupid” the other day when in the car (that was my polite term for the “driver” who nearly collected our car) and I got told off by my kids too…I should be happy that they’re actually listening to me at all! 😉

    Glad you got some alone time with your husband, even if it did take 11 months to get there…it’s always worth the wait!
    Kirsty@MyHomeTruths recently posted..I’m Grateful for…One-on-One Time with my KidsMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      That’s too funny, Kirsty. It’s hard to know what to say now when you’re in the midst of frustration. I’ve had to start going all “Winnie the Pooh” in my moments of rage and spit out a “oh, boooother”. LOL! 🙂

  7. Rebekah says:

    Ah! Alone time! Yes! We had our first date since December last weekend and it was so refreshing. One of those “Why don’t we do this more often” moments… and then you remember why… but still… it feels good to be purposeful in our marriage, doesn’t it? Hope your haircut goes well! My hairdresser has left and its another thing I haven’t done since December… but I’m getting desperate to find someone!!
    Rebekah recently posted..Happy, Happy, Happy!My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, there is nothing worse than losing a good hairdresser, Rebekah. I hope you’re able to latch onto a good one!
      And so glad I’m not the only one who’s only just got around to a date with their partner, too! x

  8. Nee says:

    Cannot remember last time hubby and I had a “date”. Must organise. Will is constantly telling me what words “we don’t say”. The other day he told me “capitulate” wasn’t a nice word! He’s probably right.
    Nee recently posted..Grateful for ShortcutsMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Definitely put it on your to-do list, Nee. You’ll be glad you did!
      LOL re: “capitulate”. I’d love to hear him pronounce it too!! Too cute! 🙂

  9. Maxabella says:

    My children also believe that the Worcester ‘stupid’ is a swear word. When I think about that, I realise that it probably should be! They are clever our children.


  10. Maxabella says:

    And speaking of swearing… Bloody iPhone! I’m definitely going to stop commenting on blogs via my phone!!! x

  11. Lisa Wood says:

    Wow – coffee without kids? I would burn myself for sure!! How amazing – you are going to the hair dressers? How did that happen! So jealous..I cant remember the last time my poor hair was cut 🙂

    Lisa Wood recently posted..Off To BrisbaneMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! Yes, it’s rare when you become a parent, isn’t it, Lisa!!! Pining for another hot drink now!
      And Lisa, you really must book yourself in for some pampering. Or request a good pampering gift as a Chrissie present. Well, that’s what’s on my list, anyway!! 😉

  12. danneromero says:

    a date? what’s that? a hot one… it’s been a while….
    danneromero recently posted..AYSOMy Profile

  13. jody says:

    yay for dates! sounds good to me 🙂
    jody recently posted..Riley Turns Three.My Profile

  14. Tat says:

    Sounds like Ella really knows her stuff 🙂 You should listen to her.
    Tat recently posted..Please help me align my blogMy Profile

  15. Louisa says:

    Wohoo! Go you! I realised yesterday that we have THREE dates this week – one to see a comedy show (thanks blogging), one with inlaws for SIL’s bday (I’m counting it b/c it’s sans kids which means at LEAST a car trip alone – how sad is that?!) and then our wedding anniversary on Sunday. I feel all footloose and fancy free – lol!
    Louisa recently posted..12WBT and Me.My Profile

  16. Seana Smith says:

    Sounds like a good week, indeed. A little bit of freedom/hairdressing goes a long way when you are a mum. Trust you and your bloke will make the coffee a weekly date?! Hopefully, anyway. And finally… we need Ella here to teach my wee Rusty Rocket about manners and NOT swearing, he’s picked up some dreadful expressions (from his big brothers… ok and me.)
    Seana Smith recently posted..Good Enough Mum – End of Term RELIEF!!My Profile

    • Kel says:

      We really should, Seana. Might have to start scheduling it in and wrangling a few more favours from the grandparents!!
      Giggling about the swearing. I always thought Ella would pick up heaps of swear words by now from childcare, but so far so good! I’ll send Ella ’round! 😉

  17. Woohoo! 2 hot dates in one week, sounds like you have waited patiently and are most deserving of them.
    Oh, I am not looking forward to the time when Skye starts correcting my on my poor manners 😉
    Erin @ Eat Play Bond recently posted..Care Packages for New MumsMy Profile

  18. oh isnt it amazing drinking a whole coffee before it goes cold? Sounds like us we always check for the kids.. my heart stops til I realise they are not with us lol!
    mums the word recently posted..Crazy WeekMy Profile

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