two sisters cuddling

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths - probably because they can't keep their mouths still long enough.

I KNOW that the visual of a woman with a telephone in one hand, head nodding, arm flailing and mouth flapping at a 100 miles an hour first starts to take shape about age one. I also know that when Zoey from GoodGoog sent out the tweet: “ The child is trying to kill me by continuous talking and never stopping EVER’’, I felt a huge amount of empathy for her.

With a one-year-old and four-year-old princess, I already have a chatterbox in each ear going from about 6.30am until 7pm EVERY day. I’ve learnt to just nod and say “that’s nice, darling’’ every minute and a half. Although, that often fails because every second sentence from the four year old is often a question.

The following incident then happened yesterday, which I know just reinforced my fate.

Princess Ella trailed behind me as I took Little Holly into the nursery for her morning nap. Ella knows she’s not allowed in there while I’m trying to put her to bed. She usually only hypes her sister up by singing and playing peek-a-boo, none of which help Holly settle.

On this day, instead of leaving when I asked, she popped herself up into the feeding chair and began the following dialogue:

“I’m a big girl now, aren’t I, Mum? I’m allowed in here, because I can be really quiet, can’t I, Mum? I won’t say anything. See? I’m being quiet. I’m a good girl.’’ And it went on.

I rest my case.

Do you have chatterboxes? What are your coping mechanisms?

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50 Responses to Behold the chatterbox

  1. LisaW says:

    Oh yes! My daughter talks non-stop!! I swear sometimes my ears are going to start bleeding. She even talks in her sleep. Pity help me when she’s a teenager and discovers calling friends on the telephone. Feeling your pain Kellie.
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  2. amie says:

    Brings to mind our conversations that start like this: “mummy”, “yes honey”, “mummy”, “yes honey”, “mummy”, “yes”, “mummy”, “MAYA” – and the thought in my head “thats my name don’t wear it out!!”

  3. I would be ok with it if everything didn’t require a response! I’m with you on them not being allowed in when you are trying to get the baby to sleep! Piper loves Riley far too much and is far too interested in her to do anything as mundane as going to sleep when she’s around!

    I do find the chatterbox thing really challenging. In some ways I love listening to her internal narrative. In other ways as an introvert I find it exhausting as well. I tend to let her know that at certain times through the day she can go on talking but I’m going to be quiet.

    The other day I asked her for peace and quiet for a minute and she responded by offering me some toy food ‘here you go mama. A piece of quiet’ That’s as good as I’m going to get, I think.
    Zoey @ Good Googs recently posted..The War on MessMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      ROFL! That is classic, Zoey. Love how their minds work.
      I think the conversations that require constant responses are the most challenging. Especially when they involved the word “why?”.
      Hope you don’t mind me sharing your tweet too. It really resonated with me! 🙂

  4. Sonja Greenwood says:

    When i found out the sex of my third baby we told my excited 3yr old princess but told her how important it was that she kept it a special secret.
    When her Poppy who didn’t want to know the sex came to visit, we again told her how important it was that she didn’t tell him.
    Her first sentence when he walked in the door? “Hi poppy, Guess what? I’m not supposed to tell you that we are having a (insert sex here) baby!! I’m good at keeping secrets aren’t i poppy”

    It’s amazing how our children always learn something new like a new song, But as soon as you ask them to sing it for someone they go all shy! Yet ask them not to say something, and garunteed it will come out sooner rather than later!

    • Kel says:

      LOL! That’s too funny, Sonja. I can just imagine. We have similar scenarios here. The Bloke in The Shed takes Princess Ella out some Saturday mornings to give me a rest. He sometimes spoils her with a lollipop or similar. She then comes home and says: “Dad bought me a lollipop, but I can’t tell you because it’s a secret.” She then starts giggling. I think it’s more the fun of spilling the beans, than it is about not knowing what keeping a secret means!!! 🙂

  5. Yep, ALL of my kids are chatterboxes. And Lucas who just turned 2 has some words but mostly talks to you in gibberish. He’s been doing that since he was about 1. So far it’s cute because he used tone and inflection just like you or I would but the bonus is it doesn’t how I respond.

    But I know that when he actually wants a genuine response from me as his vocab improves I’m going to go nuts.

    My kids will come and wake me up in the morning to ask me about something that’ happening next week.

    Oh and my daughter is 10 so when I ask her how her day was she literally gives me a blow by blow account which is exhausting. I ask my 8 year old son how his day was and usually I get “it was okay”. Not informative at all but sometimes a very welcomed response.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M
    Maria Tedeschi (Mum’s Word) recently posted..MY HAPPY PLACE DAY 3 – 17My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Love that they wake you just to tell you something that obviously could wait! That’s children for you. 😉
      Not looking forward to a blow-by-blow description of Ella’s days in the future either. Mind you, at the moment when I ask her what she did at childcare, she says: “I can’t remember”. Sometimes I’d like just a LITTLE more information than that! 🙂

  6. Ali says:

    Every day is made up of a long list of questions – why, why, why, what would happen if…, why, why, how do you make a…, why why. I start off the day doing my best to answer all the questions, by the end of the day she generally gets and exasperated ‘jeez, i don’t know’. I love her curiosity but sometimes it drives me crazy!
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  7. I have three! I was told, when I announced that our third child was a boy, that he would be quiet and probably not talk for a long time, that his sisters would talk for him.
    Turns out he talks just as much as them so I have three going non stop all the time!
    Becky from recently posted..Things I Know: Thanks to Mars Needs MomsMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, you poor thing, Becky. Two is challenging, so I can’t imagine three! As much as I love them to bits, I do enjoy the peace and quiet when they’re tucked up in bed of a night. Especially when their chatter has been extra enthusiastic throughout the day! 🙂

  8. danneromero says:

    my boys are talkers.. love to tell me everything that interests them….

    my mind set is one that ‘who knows if they will be here tomorrow’…. i don’t want to reflect back and wish i listened more…. so i do… i look them in the eye and listen….. my 20 yr. old son doesn’t talk as much, like when he was a child….

    so….. i say take the time to enjoy the chatter… no matter how busy or not in the mood…. it will not last forever… and you’ll miss it….
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    • Kel says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you. I do love my princesses to bits and enjoy hearing what’s going on inside those little heads (well, Ella’s at least. Holly is more jibberish at the moment)! And often it can be downright hilarious! Sometimes it’s even incredibly touching. So I am very grateful for that, for sure.
      I think sometimes, at the end of a loooong day, a five minute stretch of silence would rejuvenate me! 😉

  9. Elise says:

    Tweenie has not stopped talking since the day she discovered her vocal cords – the only time she clams up is when I show a genuine interest! And Miss 5 months…well jury’s still out, but by the broad range of sounds and babbling she is producing, I think she will be just as talkative. Mine are both girls – I don’t know if thats the key factor
    Elise recently posted..Brownies are my favourite fruit…My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Hmm, I wonder too, Elise. We girls do love to natter!
      Funny how when you want something specific from them, they suddenly can’t find their tongues! I wonder why that is? 🙂

  10. Nee says:

    Oh, I hear you!! Both my kids talk at me constantly. Mostly questions and my four year old won’t except “I don’t know” or “we’ll talk about it later” as an answer. The other day he instructed me to google something when I brushed him off with an “I don’t know”! I’m counting on them becoming teenage boys who just grunt at me but I’m not liking my chances.
    Nee recently posted..I know Christmas is coming whether I’m ready or not!My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Haha! Love that you’re being directed to Google to gain answers now, Nee. That’s brilliant. Whatever did our parents do before internet! 😉

  11. kirri says:

    I don’t have too much trouble with the chatter…I can chitty-chatter with the best of them (as long as they are under 6…with adults I get lost!) but what drives me nuts is the fact that my three must all chatter at the same time, competing for air space and gaining volume by the millisecond. I try and remind myself that in ten years they may no longer want to talk to me so I best make the most of it while I can 🙂
    kirri recently posted..There’s no substitute for the real thing.My Profile

    • Kel says:

      So true, Kirri. It’s easy to get frustrated by the constant chatter – and volume that comes with it. But to know they may not share anywhere near as much as they do now later on is a good reminder to pay attention while they’re asking for it. I can imagine these posts will read very differently in 10 years time. 🙂

  12. Caz says:

    Oh yes I have 2 of those in my mix of 3. Little pink is the worst (okay let’s say the worlds best) chatterbox. Some days I feel like it’s going to do my head in, that and the world mum! Mum Mum Mum Mum!!! I just keep thinking that in a few years they’ll be hiding in their rooms and I’ll be desperate to hear their voices 🙂
    Caz recently posted..REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Me2Me2 girls Chef Set from Mums the Word Boutique (closes 7.11.11)My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Exactly, Caz. Can you imagine the type of posts we’ll be writing then? We’ll be looking back on posts like this one and pining for these days again! 🙂

  13. nellbe says:

    It never ends. I have a 6 year old and it does not stop. To cope I try to remember that when he is 14 and grunts at me then I will wish for the chatty him back again so I just try and enjoy it.
    nellbe recently posted..Things I KnowMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      I know what you mean, Nellbe. Goodness knows what they’ll be like in another 10-odd years. Relishing the insight into Ella’s mind right now, for sure.
      If only there was that perfect balance of chatter from them, starting from their first word right through until adulthood! *sigh*. We can dream! 🙂

  14. Skyelee says:

    You are describing my Miss 5 to a ‘T”. From the minute she is up to the minute her head hits the pillow I am inundated with questions, observations, statements and just general NOISE! I love that she is so curious about everything but I wish there was some kind of word limit she had to stick to!

  15. tiff says:

    My house is full of motor mouths. I don’t know how that happened because Dave and I are really quiet.
    tiff recently posted..Things I know about community.My Profile

  16. Natalie says:

    Argh! The toddler insists on shouting “I’M BEING REALLY QUIET COZ YOU ARE ON DA PHONE MUMMY!” for my entire phone conversations! It’s never ending *sigh*

  17. Ai Sakura says:

    YES! my lil bub is a chatterbox too. Kinda cute most of the times. .but sometimes it’s a bit difficult when we are in public areas like restaurants or libraries. And she will go up to chat with pretty much everybody! Lil miss social she is..
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Korea 2011: InsadongMy Profile

  18. rachel says:

    the Little Emperor started talking at 14months and has not stopped for even a second ever since. he is now four and a bit. he just always seems to have something to say and he never says it once. he will repeat each statement or question over and over, each time in a slightly different way, until he gets a response, which inevitably leads onto a next question…. it’s exhausting! I love that he is so inquisitive and eager to learn things but sometimes…argh! I guess it’s my payback because my nickname as a child was ‘little miss chatterbox’….!! he is so much like me in personality!
    rachel recently posted..Warning! Warning! Man Brag alert:My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, the repetition is the toughest part of a chatterbox, I reckon Rachel.
      Hehe! Love that you recognise he takes after you! Too funny! 🙂

  19. Grace says:

    That’s too cute ! As identical twin boys, talking has been a little slow and it has always had me worried. But people keep telling me that I will soon realise that I will miss those days of silence ! The past 2 weeks, the boys have been ramping up the chit-chat and it looks like I will soon have nothing to worry about…and will indeed wonder when I will ever have peace and quiet again…:)
    Grace recently posted..Things I Know…About Flight CancellationsMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Funny how we worry about these things, Grace. I’ve always worried about the girls being a tad slower when it comes to physical things. But they always get there in the end.
      Love that the boys are starting the chit-chat now! Look out! 🙂

  20. Tat says:

    My niece is like that. I sat next to her in the car once, and the girl didn’t stop talking for one second! And when I was drifting off, she’d say ‘Tat, you are not listening!!!’
    Tat recently posted..Grateful for the policeMy Profile

  21. Kirsty says:

    Ooh I feel your pain! I have 5 of them, yep even the youngest Harry is nonstop yabbering away now!! God help me when they all become teenagers!!
    Kirsty recently posted..Things I Know — Cheeky Christmas Pranks You can play on your kids!My Profile

  22. Kirsty says:

    I get the non-stop chatter and questions, mainly about things I don’t know based on my older kids special interests. The things I know now about obscure musical instruments and the solar system…!

    But, as much as there are times I crave peace and quiet, when I get it I seem to immediately miss the chatter! I’m just grateful that they are verbal and want to share their interests with me at all – well I try and remind myself of that when I’m exhausted from their endless chatter and questions!
    Kirsty recently posted..Things I Know – Completely Random EditionMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh my goodness, Kirsty. That’s full on! What clever kids you have!
      Totally get missing the noise. Every Tuesday, when the girls are in childcare, it just feels too quiet around here sometimes! 🙂

  23. Shae says:

    OMFG Tannah never stops talking. I have to ask her for “5 minutes with no words” when we are in the car for fear I’ll drive us into a tree lol
    Shae recently posted..I heart my bodyMy Profile

  24. chatter box for sure… i have to say though…. i don’t yet fully understand all the words…but there is a lot of chatter… can’t help but smile when she chats to all her toy friends as well 🙂 xx
    the parenting files recently posted..friendships, resilience and confidenceMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, chatting the toy friends is the best. Ella still does it at age four and I love listening to the dialogue. Totally hilarious! 🙂

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