Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, wombat

THE first in the My Tasmanian Backyard series has to be a local haunt, which is why we’ve chosen Wing’s Wildlife Park at Gunns Plains in the state’s North West. With an animal-obsessed preschooler and bub who is mastering the lion’s roar, bear’s growl and cow’s moo, a park that displays the largest collection of Tasmanian wildlife is a huge attraction.

Wing’s boasts everything from American bison to camels, wombats, quolls, albino rainbow trout and a family of monkeys.

Oh, and Tasmanian Devils, of course.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, Tasmania, North West, Tassie devil

Ah, wrong Tasmanian Devil.

And a goat.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, goat

But not all of the animals were to Princess Ella’s liking, when a roaming rooster started chasing her after she decided to “feed the birds’’.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, rooster

The experience didn’t quite live up to the Mary Poppins moment.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, rooster

Then there was the turkey, which could obviously smell that we’d just devoured one of its mates for lunch. Not a happy camper.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, turkey

Speaking of which, the serene park has clean self-contained cabins (with ensuites), backpacker units, camping along the Leven River and well maintained powered sites. There’s even a Swap’n’Go gas bottle exchange and a café and souvenir shop. The family business, which has three generations working together, also encourages a spot of fishing in the river, barbecues, bird watching and bush walking.

The hundreds of animals in the indoor and outdoor exhibits are too many to mention, but are listed on the site.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, animals

Conclusion: This family-friendly tourist attraction is ideal for those wanting to escape the rat race and connect with nature and all its beauty. With its stunning scenery and visitors able to be in such close proximity to some unique and familiar wildlife, the park is ideal for everyone from small children learning to associate animal noises with the real thing to “big kids’’ with an interest in the rehabilitation and care of injured and orphaned wildlife. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn about the importance of looking after our fauna and flora. The only challenges may be the steep hill to access the monkeys and a degree of walking to view the larger animals.

Highlight: Earlier this year the girls witnessed a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. Ella, quite loudly, informed everyone how: “it’s got a baby hanging out of its bum, hasn’t it Mum?’’. Ah, not quite, darling.

Wings Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, kangaroos

What does it cost: Accommodation options range from $5 to $120 a night. Admission to the wildlife park is $18 adult; $9 children (3-14) and under 3 years free. Farm-only admission (large animals and picnic grounds only) $6 adults; $5 children (3-14) and under 3 years free.

Wing's Wildlife Park, Gunns Plains, North West, Tasmania, accommodation, cabin

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Attractions nearby: Along with general country life with cattle, potato and poppy crops, there is the Gunns Plains Cave in the Gunns Plains State Reserve and the Leven Canyon (offers a spectacular view and is free).

How to get there:  137 Winduss Rd, Gunns Plains. From Devonport, head west to Ulverstone, turning off the highway at the second bridge and then left onto Gawler Rd. Continue until you reach Gunns Plains Rd, turn right and head down the bottom of the hill. Turn right onto the South Riana Rd and soon after turn right into Winduss Rd.

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LEARN MORE: Visit or join them on Facebook.

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22 Responses to My Tasmanian Backyard: Wing’s Wildlife Park review

  1. Margaret says:

    Great story Kellie, Im really looking forward to these articles about Tassie, as much as I love Melbourne Tassie will always be regarded as home. Can just hear Ellas comment about the kangaroo joey, thats classic.

    • Kel says:

      Thanks Margaret. It’s so hard to know where to start!!! Hoping to get down the West too and do a few things down there. Might even tie it into the wedding anniversary! 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Just gorgeous, Kellie !
    We saw a kangaroo and its joey yesterday at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Although, I must admit. No one came up with a comment as insightful as your little one’s 😉
    Grace recently posted..The Common Denominator Between Me and Britney Spears…My Profile

  3. Candice says:

    Aww. You’re making me home sick! Make sure you get out to the Far North East as well! Looking forward to reading more!
    Candice recently posted..Guest Post: When croup turns nasty: Part 2My Profile

    • Kel says:

      Hehe!! So sorry about that, Candice! 😉
      Will definitely be getting across to the Far North East. Any suggestions on what we should include, Candice? It’s been a while since I’ve been in that neck of the woods.

  4. Caz says:

    Looks fabulous Kellie. I’d take my girls there – maybe one day we’ll trip back over the straight for another tassie tour! look forward to more ideas from you about where to go :O)
    Caz recently posted..STORIES OF LIFE: Ordinary beauty.My Profile

  5. Leonie White says:

    We have a permanent camp site in the park and find all the campers and locals friendly with some just wanting to keep to them selves and others like to mix and have a conversation, what ever it is peaceful and relaxing. We are really looking forward to when we finish setting our site out so we can have the grandchildren come and stay. There is plenty of room for them to run and play with lots of things to do like the animals and fishing. “Might have to leave the hook off the rod”.
    Leonie White recently posted..Building the GardensMy Profile

  6. Rose London says:

    Your little princess looks so cute, I think that she enjoys being with the animals so much and you did a great job making her such a good person, well done!

  7. Veronica says:

    Cool! I keep hearing about Wings on TV, but it’s too far away for us to visit easily. I love this post.
    Veronica recently posted..Showcase Tasmania: Blueberry Boost TeaMy Profile

  8. Looks great, Kellie – experiences up close with animals are so wonderful with kids!
    Megan @ Writing Out Loud recently posted..In which I ask, “Is it a good idea to be squashed by a car?”My Profile

    • Kel says:

      For sure, Megan. Living in town, the girls just don’t get the opportunities like I did as a kid living on a farm, so places like Wings are heaven for us! 🙂

  9. Di says:

    Looks like a fantastic place to take kids Kel. I’ve only made it to your beautiful isle once and fell in love with it straight away. We stayed at Cradle Mountain Lodge and walked Dove Lake. Definitely planning to come back one of these days!
    Di recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The sandpit gets a pirate wheelMy Profile

  10. Lisa Wood says:

    That sure looks like a lot a of fun!! I love Ella sense of humor..yep the Kangaroo has a baby in its bum!!! What a shame that the rooster. We had a rooster once..after it round up one of our boys, and then attacted me on the back side while putting out the washing, it was off to the cutting board. Actually he made for a yummy meal, as long as I did not have to clean him, nor cook him!
    The Wild life park sounds fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing your day out and about.
    Lisa Wood recently posted..The Space Hotel MelbourneMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Hehe!! Oh dear, Lisa! 🙂
      Yes, your boys would love the wildlife park. You can easily spend a few hours looking at all the animals. x

  11. Mary Preston says:

    I visited Tasmania with my family quite some time ago now. It was beautiful.

    • Kel says:

      It’s so nice to hear people’s reaction to the state, Mary. Hopefully you’re able to bring the family down again at some stage. 🙂

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