girl on iphoneTHE other night on my personal Facebook page there was a bit of harmless office gossip going on. It was actually more a bit of fun than gossip, because it was instigated by the person the gossip was about.

As the conversation grew, so did the inclusion of ex workmates – me included. It ended up being more like an online reunion. During the conversation, I added the comment: Ah, I so miss office gossip. Ella whispers secrets in my ear, but they’re nowhere near as interesting!’’

It got me thinking. While I wouldn’t change what I’m doing now for all the world (although going through the height of sickness this week did have me questioning it once or twice), some days I miss the banter that goes on in the office. The: “Did you hear she’s leaving?’’, “Did you see the size of that engagement ring?’’ or “Did you know he had a love child stashed away?’’ Oh sorry, that was Kyle Sandilands. Wrong office.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some incredible Mum PR clients who I speak to regularly on the phone or via Skype. And because we’re all sleep and conversation deprived mums, we do tend to natter a little longer than the usual office coffee break. So in that respect, I’m pretty blessed.

Really though, can anything compared to conversations like this one with Ella yesterday after hearing an ambulance siren down town?

Ella: “Quick Mum, let’s follow and find out what’s happening’’.

Me: “It’s OK darling, we don’t need to follow them today.’’

Ella (pulling out her pretend phone); “Yes, hello? I’m on my iPhone. I thought you might like to know I heard eee-awwws. Yes, we’re on our way. To your stations.’’

Yes, she’ll always be the daughter of an Editor and someone who watches way too much Octanauts.

Do you miss the (harmless) office gossip now you’re a stay-at-home or work-at-home mum?  Or is there something about your old workplace you miss more?

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10 Responses to Office gossip coming to a screen near you

  1. Caz says:

    I do miss the chit-chat and banter – but not enough to go back at the moment :O) Think I prefer the Octonauts version!!
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    • Kel says:

      Can relate to that too, Caz. I guess every side has its positives and negatives. There are plenty of things I’m happy to have left behind from the workplace too! 🙂

  2. I do actually. The gossip and just the social contact really. I rarely see anyone other than my kids, so going back to work did me heaps of good. And it was when I lost that social contact, as my job changed, that I quit. All the hassle of work and the stress just wasn’t worth it…
    Dorothy @ Singular Insanity recently posted..And now the words….My Profile

    • Kel says:

      That makes perfect sense, Dorothy. Half the fun of working in an office is the interaction. Especially if you have a good group of work colleagues. 🙂

  3. I don’t miss the work nor the greater office since it wasn’t really the most inspiring or encouraging of places. I spent far too many years tirelessly slaving away under awkward circumstances and putting off my family to the point of almost not having them. Family comes first now; I had to learn the hard way. I do miss the chit chat and camaraderie I had with my immediate team though. We’d been through a lot of upheaval all around us but our little unit kept keeping on. We even created a little private FB group to remind ourselves to enjoy our lives and to remind us of what mattered most. I wouldn’t trade any of it for my family though.
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    • Kel says:

      How wonderful that you were all so tight and even had a private FB group. That’s fabulous. Not so fabulous that you all had a tough time of it though. Glad you’ve found that balance, Veronica. Family really is so important. xx

  4. Danni says:

    I don’t overly miss anything to do with work…
    Although what am I saying… Being a mum is full time work!
    We do playgroup so that alone is full of gossip but I found since becoming a mum gossip really does come down to the Octanauts…
    Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso!
    Danni Out!

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! Oh yes, Danni. What Captain Barnacles and Peso were getting up to this morning was worthy of some gossip at playgroup today!! 😉

  5. A Keeper says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know, can anything beat school mummy gossip???? 😉
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