mum and baby swimmingWHILE Mrs Woog is on holidays, newbie bloggers are taking over the WORLD! Well, Woogsworld, at least. After raising my hand for a guest spot, I put my best pen forward – and then ran out of paper. So I scribbled something down on an old napkin.

Hey, who am I kidding? This has been more stressful than some of the toughest celebrity interviews I’ve done. And I’ve interviewed Tex Perkins under the influence. This one raised my heart rate not merely because Mrs W’s pageviews widget kept burning holes in my eyes (this morning it stands at 778,118), but also because last night some silly fool decided to hit the “update’’ button on the blog theme and threw the entire site out. Whoops!

Then there’s the little matter of “the list’’. I have a little list of my dream blogs to guest post on. Woogsworld was on that list. Of course, I never imagined it would happen. That sort of thing is only reserved for people who fold her underpants and fetch her lattes – like Sawhole.

So, if you’re interested in hearing how I went with my dream guest spot, check out Woogsworld. And let’s see if we can’t get her to 1,000,000 pageviews.

Now, I want to hear who’s on your list? Who would you love to guest post for?

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5 Responses to While the Woogs are away, Newbie Bloggers will play

  1. Dr Bron says:

    Oh, to guest post for Mrs Woog! Or Tina Gray! Or Naomi Ellis, Eden Riley, Kellie O’Brien…. *swoon*. But I did feature on Glowless’s blog last year, yay!
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    • Kel says:

      Just realised I can tick off Mrs Woogs, Tina Gray and Naomi Ellis from your list, Bron! Don’t know how I managed all three. I’m a very lucky blogger, indeed. Now to work on Eden!! 😉
      And Bron, you are more than welcome to guest post here anytime. Would love you to leave your footprint in the palace! x

  2. Maxabella says:

    Aside from the fact that I question your ‘newbie’ status, Kel… loved your post at Woogsies!

    I am terrified of guest posting. I’ve done a couple and it’s scary. A bit like managing someone else’s house for the day!! x

    • Kel says:

      Ooh, you’re onto me, Bron. No, actually I JUST sneaked in! The callout was for anyone who had been blogging for less than 12 months and I made it by mere weeks! Which means I have a bloggy anniversary to celebrate soon. My goodness – 12 months already?
      Guesting for Mrs W kept me awake all week. Your analogy is so spot on! Guest posting is definitely a tough gig. But I seem to keep wanting to torture myself! 🙂

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