Here’ another excerpt from the April released ebook. And it now has a title: Only Hearts Should Be Worn On Sleeves – The Snotty Truth About Motherhood.

We’re getting closer (and extremely nervous)…


The bump


All-day sickness — milk it for all it’s worth

Vomit, wind, dribble and burping — and this is all before the baby’s even born. To be honest, right now I’m in the midst of the easy part of being knocked up. The worst I have to complain about is being kicked in the guts repeatedly or having a foot poke out from under my skin.

It’s a far cry from those challenging early days, trust me. In the initial months, a Queensland holiday sounded like just what the doctor would have ordered — except that the doctor probably knew better.

Having scoffed at women who carried on about morning sickness (oh please, it can’t be that bad!), my payback was falling victim to something that combined sailing, show rides and partying — or rather seasickness, dizziness and hangovers.

And morning sickness, my foot. Try all-day sickness. Mind you, for two months I got breakfast in bed every morning and my dinner cooked every night (couldn’t stand the fumes.Honest!).

But back to the holiday. Arriving at a Gold Coast shopping centre, 15 minutes in I start to turn green. Then there’s panic. No toilet. No rubbish bin. No time to think. So I just close my eyes, bottom up, head down and heave. When I open them again, two women are staring at me like I’m a junkie, while I stare at a once immaculately manicured garden, now far more colourful than before.

I’ve never been so glad to get home from a holiday — there’s nothing quite like spewing in your own toilet.

While the worst part is that all-day sickness arrives just before you’re able to announce you’re preggers (try explaining to work mates you’ve still got your 24-hour bug two weeks on), the best part is stringing the sickness out just that extra month longer. Come on. Breakfast in bed is hard to give up.

Read another excerpt from the book.

What was the early stages of pregnancy like for you? Did you suffer morning sickness?

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11 Responses to Another look inside the upcoming ebook

  1. cami says:

    Three kiddos and three times All Day Sickness for the entire pregnancy. When my daughter was born the midwife asked if I would like to hold my new baby and my response was, “Can I please have a sandwich first?”

  2. Melissa says:

    So sorry Kel, but the most I could manage in both of my pregnancies was slightly queasy. I may not have gone back for no. 2 if it was different. Although, the craving for tuna with no.2 gave me nasty heartburn. Does that excuse me for not feeling ill?

    • Kel says:

      Oh, you lucky thing, Melissa. Ella wasn’t much fun, but Holly was much, much worse. If she’d been the first child, I never would have went back for a second!
      My mum was even worse again. She ended up in hospital on a drip with my brother. So glad I didn’t get to that stage.

  3. Maxabella says:

    None whatsoever for me. It annoyed my fellow pregnants no end!!! x
    Maxabella recently posted..Awakening the ‘I Wish’ BeastMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, go away with you, Bron! LOL! I think it might be hereditary, because my mum and sister suffered really badly with morning sickness too. It would be interesting to look at family histories to see if there was a link. x

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