We went to select a pair of frames for Ella’s new glasses this afternoon. Ella and I left more confused than a chameleon in a bag of skittles. Here I was thinking the biggest issue would be shape and colour.

We’ve bought three pairs home, not because we can’t decide on whether to go light pink, dark pink or medium purple. No, it’s because we’re having to decide between different types of material, whether the arms bend 180 degrees and if they have a two-year warranty.

Ella is no help. She thinks she’s liking the same pair every time, but is actually choosing a completely different pair. She really can’t tell the difference. In my day, the only option I had was whether they wrapped right around your ear or not. Hideous, I tell you.

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Adidas children's glasses

Adidas – Two-year unconditional warranty. Will replace, no questions asked for two years. Even if she treads on them!

OIO children's glasses 

OIO – Made out of titanium, which is one of the most lightweight and strong materials.

 Hush Puppies children's glasses

Hush Puppies – 180 degree hinge, which means the temples bend right out.

 What do you think?

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32 Responses to She just got framed

  1. O my goodness she is too cute in them!! I’d go the Adidas two years unconditional warranty is pretty awesome! ! Glad she likes them 🙂

  2. Di-licious says:

    Remembering what I used to do to my glasses when I was a kid, I think the two year, no questions asked guarantee is too good to pass up Kel! Ella’s been a champ through this whole process. I hated getting glasses when I was in grade 2!
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    • Kel says:

      Back when we started this process last year, I was really nervous about it, Di. I think the fact so many kids have glasses these days has made the whole thing so much easier. And yes, can’t go past that two year warranty!

  3. Michelle V says:

    I’d have to say the Adidas ones too, based on the warranty. I did like the last pair slightly more but that’s just because Ella is smiling the biggest and brightest in that image! 🙂 so definately Adidas pair. xx

    • Kel says:

      Thanks Michelle. I think you’re right. They’re more expensive, but I think they’ll be cheaper in the long run with that warranty attached! 🙂

  4. Nee says:

    She looks as cute a anything in all of them but style wise I think the OIO one’s suit her best. But the adidas warranty is a bonus. Mind you she might be bored & want a new style/colour by then!!
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    • Kel says:

      Hehe!! Too true, Nee. I think most people like the look of the OIO ones, but the warranty of the Adidas one. I wish I could combine them and get the best of both worlds! 🙂

  5. amie says:

    Maya had so much fun – her only condition of course was that they were purple! Unfortunately we seemed to be limited by what size they came in! I was concerned about breakage/loss but thankfully the brand we went with came with a spare pair (Not as good a quality but enough to put my mind at rest!)

    Brand was oio the titanium flex, no complaints from maya except when worn with a head band!

    Good luck 🙂

    • Kel says:

      Yes, Ella’s been stuck on the purple thing too, Amie. I’m not sure why. As you know, she’s always been a pink girl! There were some cute purple ones at Optomeyes today.
      I like the idea of a spare set. That’s such a great idea.
      Glad to hear Maya’s doing well with hers. Must send you an email soon too. x

  6. Kim says:

    Like the OIO ones. I know how you feel about choosing the frames had to do it the other day and it was – is – a nightmare. I laughed at your reference to a bag of skittles, you are trick!
    Have been kept busy with the ‘Hooked’ project. Went for the co-ord job for the project but didn’t get it, would have suited me too. Ah well never mind.Wasn’t meant to be.

    • Kel says:

      Glad I gave you a giggle, Kim!
      I was looking at the Hooked project photos on your Facebook page the other night. You’ve done a great job! A pity you didn’t get the job though. You would have done so well. Maybe there’s something even better around the corner waiting for you! x

  7. Caz says:

    That warranty sounds good – very good. They all look cute – so go the warranty 🙂
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  8. Denyse says:

    Hi Kel, teacher me commenting! Are the glasses to be worn all day at school? Which of the pairs will easily stay on when she is running around the playground? Which ones will “bounce” if they fall off, and the glass won’t scratch ( I know that my titaniums with protected coated lens survived a face plant I did on the road in the rain last year) and which pair will survive if her sister gets hold of them. Or miss Ella starts playing with them & the arms bend out of shape?
    Sorry Kel, best to tell you this now……denyse
    Denyse recently posted..Survey of Parents.My Profile

    • Kel says:

      The voice of reason! I love that, Denyse. You’ve given me lots to think about. Thank you. I love getting your perspective on these things. I might have to get her to do a little run around the house in the morning before school to give them the full test! 🙂

    • Kylie Ofiu says:

      lol, these were my thoughts. If they slip when doing anything or getting active they are so frustrating. And kids are very active! I agree with what Denyse suggested and if the Adidas suit all that then go them because of the warranty.
      Kylie Ofiu recently posted..Best Start Winner and Frugal TipsMy Profile

      • Kel says:

        Hehe!! Yes, I think the Adidas ticked all the boxes in the end, Kylie. We did a bit of jumping and springing up the hallway and all seemed to be OK! 😉

  9. Nicole says:

    I don’t know of its just me but the first pair look a tiny bit wide, warranty sounds good though, definitely get anti glare coating and I second Denyse little babies love to grab a hold of them!

    • Kel says:

      Thanks Nicole. The baby/toddler thing is definitely a big issue. It’s hard enough with my own glasses!
      I think it might be the camera angle with the Adidas ones, but might get her to put them on again in the morning just to double check. There were a few she tried on at the optometrist and they were HUGE on her! The downside of having a tiny face! 🙂

  10. Lisa Wood says:

    WOW – never heard of a two year warranty before! That is the one I would be going with. They sure look good on her 🙂
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  11. Bronwyn Cunnings says:

    OIO, they follow the brow line, so don’t look miss placed and the colour suits her too.

  12. Kel says:

    I like th Adidas ones – mostly for the fact that I think they suit her face the best 🙂 But the warranty on them is kick-ass!
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  13. I like the Oio ones the best, but that Adidas warranty it pretty darn good.
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  14. hmm hard choice, two year warranty sounds great.
    As a teacher I have seen lots of school children with glasses and they seem to sweat a lot around them. I wonder if a lighter material would help with that.

    Good Luck
    Julia Kuku Couture Invitations recently posted..Printable Easter Egg Hunt Kit- FreebieMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Ooh, that’s interesting to know, Julia. I know the lenses are costing us a small fortune, so they can grade them down to make them really light for her. So I hope that contributes to eliminating the sweaty factor. Thanks. x

  15. bec says:

    Hi, my 4yo son has a pair of the OiO glasses! he is rough, sometimes wears them on the trampoline
    ($500 you would think we took better care of them) the lady at the optometrist showed me how they bend in half almost & have been adjusted heaps of times so they don’t slip of move off his head! they have been a really good choice for us & he has just started kinder this year & are still in one piece 🙂
    we taught him as soon as we got them that they must always stay on & if they need to be removed, how to put them in their case or a REALLY safe place! From the very first day his vision has been better so we have never had any problems getting him to keep them on cause life is heaps clearer now 🙂 Goodluck, bec
    ps riley’s fav colour is blue so we picked the very bestest colour blue so he would love them too xx

    • Kel says:

      Wow, Bec. That’s pretty good. She’s so excited to get them at the moment and keen to look after them. As long as it’s not just a novelty for her. We’re also getting her a little bedside table to encourage her to take them off of a night after she finishes reading. Otherwise, I can see her sleeping in them!
      And yes, we’ve gone pink – her FAVOURITE colour! 😉

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