By The Bloke In The Shed
The question hit me right between the eyes – literally.
It was unexpected, I’d never been asked it before and it was just a little unnerving to be asked quite loudly in a crowded hair salon by a hairdresser who looked like she’d not long ago graduated from fingerpainting and play lunch.
“Now, would you like me to trim your eyebrows?’’ she said innocently.
Calmly, I replied “no, thank you” but deep down I felt like someone had slammed me in my hairy forehead with a sledgehammer.
My mind was racing.
Is that normal? Is she serious? Are my eyebrows that bad? Have my eyebrows become an eyebrow?’’
When I turned 35 I think I had a mid-life crisis which lasted about a day.
Now, at 37, one innocent question from a hairdresser sent me into a tailspin.
It led me to post –

Um, hairdresser asked me if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed. What the? #gettingold #monobrow

– on Facebook.
One “friend” said I should only be worried if they asked to trim my ear hairs.
I would have found that funny if only a few months earlier I hadn’t found one rogue hair growing one full centimetre directly out from one of my ear holes.
Another mate said the same question had surfaced for him at age 35 and yes, he still answered “NO!”.
Another suggested I should tell them to trim my nose hairs.
I would, but it’s rather hard to attack a rainforest with a pair of garden sheers.
I came home from the salon and told Princess Kel my sad story.
She laughed.
And laughed.
So much for support.
Oh well, at least in my old age, I’ll have my ever expanding optical warmers to keep me company and who knows, if I live long enough, I might have my own portable knee warmers.

Have you heard of someone being asked this before?

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15 Responses to Hairdresser’s appointment leads to eyebrow raising moment

  1. Carla says:

    Ouch! That’s harsh! Maybe it’s just all a part of the ‘routine service’ these days??

  2. I once was given s Beauty voucher for a manicure, whilst manicuring my nails she said ” would you like your arms waxed they are very hairy” I smiled and said “No thanks” then she said what colour would you like on your nails I replied ” I love this red here” she said ” Red nail polish will make you look slutty” not the best beauty experience I’ve had 😉

  3. Lisa Jay says:

    My 35 year old hubby doesn’t go to the ‘salon’ since he just uses the clippers on his head, but I am assuming that this is probably the new thing all the guys in their 20’s do now… get their eyebrows done… haha! I don’t think you will be the only man over 35 to be shocked by the question. What I think is funny is that it wasn’t a beauty appointment (some men have facials) it was a hairdressing appointment, so yes it would be totally unexpected!
    Lisa Jay recently posted..Good Friday | Sydney photographerMy Profile

  4. jody says:

    I don’t think its a new thing, I have been hairdressing for 13 years and I have to be honest I often ask my male clients that very question, actually I say ‘CAN I trim your eyebrows?’ but only to the men who’s eyebrows actually need trimming! It is not a good look if the odd eyebrow hair is longer than the hair on your head! And it doesn’t mean you have a mono-brow, more that there may be a few long stray ones you can’t quiet see, but are obvious to the hairdresser. You shouldn’t take offence, I am sure she wasn’t implying you are old only that your eyebrows may need some attention, and why not?
    Oh and I always trim ear hair if I see any!!
    jody recently posted..Raspberry and orange butter cakeMy Profile

  5. jody says:

    Sorry for the ranty comment! 🙂
    jody recently posted..Raspberry and orange butter cakeMy Profile

  6. Caz says:

    I read this entire post thinking Kel had written it! I was shaking my head in disbelief. I’ve seen her eyebrows IRL and they’re great. OMG – imagine that. Sorry Bloke in the Shed – it’s terrible for you too – but would have be seriously bad if it was Kellie.
    Caz recently posted..ENJO: Product Review + $233 Kitchen Pack giveaway.My Profile

  7. my DH is older than you and went for a facial. When she asked him ‘Can I wax you here?’ he thought she said ‘Can I wax your ear?’. He got quite a surprise when she waxed the middle of his monobrow. Last month we had a family wedding and he saw her again so she could specifically wax his monobrow in the middle. Yes, and like Caz said I thought it was from Kel at first! lol
    Alannah Shore (luvbooks) recently posted..Almond BreadMy Profile

  8. Lisa wood says:

    Oh wow – that is a bit much isnt it?? Not sure as hubby shaves his hair off (easier for work) and I cut our boys hair..maybe she was being nice?
    Lisa wood recently posted..Life On the Road Free CampingMy Profile

  9. Wow never heard of that! My husband has had haircuts all over the world and never been asked something like that! The closest is being offered a shave with those big scary flip knives. He said no in fear the Greek man might slip!
    Kym – Mumma’s Mini Mes recently posted..A whole Lotta fun! plus a giveawayMy Profile

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