Last Mother’s Day I got this beautiful plate of food for breakfast.

We love you

Initially, I thought it was a plate of fruit with excrement on it. You know, some sort of joke. It turns out, after uploading the photo to the blog, it’s a We Love You written in chocolate and mandarin.  I feel a tad bad for criticising my little Masterchefs now.

This year, I’m hoping for something a little more beautiful. In fact, here’s my little wish list:

Rose gold Swarovski Crystal edge pendant, I Love You & Baby Feet coin and single ball chain from InnerPower (RRP: $255)


There is such a heartwarming story behind InnerPower. Sonia Merlino, at age 24 and pregnant with her first child, was told by her parents she was adopted. Her mother told her that as she passed Sonia’s cot Sonia wriggled her hand out of her tightly wrapped muslin as if to say `pick me’. Sonia’s mother walked past her cot – but soon turned around. “Then she picked me up and, so she says, ran for her life,’’ Sonia said. It was the start of a special bond between her and her mother – the woman who is her support and inspiration for her business.

InnerPower pendant

The double sided I Love You and Baby Feet coin (top photo)is enclosed in a Swarovski Crystal edge pendant (above) and thread on a matching single ball chain

InnerPower chain

and is just perfect for new mums on Mother’s Day. What I really love about the three-piece collection is that you can customise it to suit your style or mood by adding a different pendant, coin or chain each day. There are over 100 coins on the website at the moment, 12 pendants and many options for chains. Sonia herself admits to changing from leather to ribbon and even solid choker chains to mix it up.

For more information, visit and make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Nana Huchy full apron with stripe ($33) and set of three linen tea towels with stripe ($37.50)

Nana Huchy apron

As Nana Huchy owner Lucy Morrison put it, the apron is good enough to wear to the table. I have to agree. I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent the full apron with stripe and set of three tea towels and they’re exquisite. It’s made of linen, features a blue stripe at the side, a pocket at the front and has been superbly designed. I just love the French classic colour scheme. This is not how I remember aprons to be. 

You can also purchase a set of three matching tea towels with stripe.

Nana Huchy towel

These are very sweet. I just love the luxurious linen feel.

Make sure you view the entire range at and follow them on Facebook.

*** Mother’s Day bouquet (RRP: $69)

Who doesn’t love flowers on Mother’s Day? While it’s nice to pick fresh flowers from the garden, they’re never quite presented to the same standard as a florist can. Especially when children are involved! Then there’s the sheer variety on offer. The Mother’s Day Bouquet is a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers with a pink theme that any mum would love. Well, you all know we love pink here.

The bouquet can be delivered anywhere in Australia and if you order before May 10 you’ll have them in time for Mother’s Day. also sends internationally. The flower shop is based in Brisbane, but has an easy process to order completely online. offers such a huge variety of bouquets, there’s sure to be something to suit every occassion and fit most budgets – with same day delivery free. If you’re unsure of what to get, there’s plenty of categories to go wandering through. You may just get lost with the choice!

Check out the full range at and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Would you like to win ALL these gorgeous gifts? For a chance to win a Rose gold Swarovski Crystal edge pendant, I Love You & Baby Feet coin and single ball chain from InnerPower; Nana Huchy full apron with tea towel; and Mother’s Day bouquet VALUED AT $394.50, simply leave a comment telling us the best thing about your mum. The most creative answer will win. The giveaway closes Tuesday, May 8 at 7.30pm and winner announced on this blog and via Facebook and Twitter. Australian residents only. One entry per person.

Feel free to share the post via Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to sign up to my eNewsletter so you nevere miss any of these fabulous giveaways.

**DISCLOSURE: I received a Nina Huchy apron and towel to review ONLY. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. Visit the WIN page for the winner.

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78 Responses to Beautiful last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas (+ giveaway valued just under $400)

  1. Kristy Blissett says:

    The best thing about my mum is, she loves me unconditionally (even after every tattoo I have ever gotten…lol)

  2. The best thing about my mum is her patience. She listens, she advises, she encourages, she occasionally heckles, but above all she is patient – letting us figure out things for ourselves when we had to, and loving us all the while. She’s wonderful.
    Anna Bartlett recently posted..Family Art TutorialMy Profile

  3. Michelle Vamvas says:

    The thing I love most about mum? Her ability to take me by the hands and dance me through the days of my life, even when life isn’t a party.

  4. Samantha Savva says:

    The best thing about my mum, is that she is my mum. No one can ever or will ever support me, love me, cherish me, discipline me (yes even at 28), advise me, laugh at and with me, guide me, stand up for me, cook with me, sew for me (and my daughter) and know me like she does! I love her, with all of my heart plus some!

  5. nyssa geary says:

    I love my mum because as someone who suffers anxiety and depression she has helped me so much in my first 14 months of mother hood. I have had times when it has been really hard and she has been a rock i was worried she would like so many of my friends mums judge me when i did things differently. Also she didnt get disapointed when we decided to get married when i was 5 month pregnant

  6. Fiona Myers says:

    Colicky baby, mischievous child, bitchy teenager, depressed twenty-something (with chronic illness), bridezilla, crazy hormonal pregnant woman- the best thing about my mum is that she has survived it all,was always there, and is still there no matter what. Now she is the best “Mooie” to my kids- the colicky baby, and terrible (nearly) two year old 🙂

  7. Née Harwood says:

    I understand my mum
    More now that I am one.
    If I hurt, so does she
    She is always there for me.
    If it’s broken she will fix it
    If a cake is needed, she will mix it
    She does it all, my mother
    I love her like no other x

    I may or may not have failed poetry at school! Great giveaway Kel x

  8. kerry santillo says:

    A cuddle in the morning, special
    A kiss for bedtime, delightful
    When Im in trouble, mum is there.
    Mother and daughter moments, cherished.
    Her beautiful smile, remembered.
    The softness of her hand on my cheek,
    A memory of her that will live on.

  9. Narelle Rock says:

    Time can go by,
    Not a word spoken between us,
    It will be like we never parted,
    When we catch up over coffee and treats!

  10. Leonie White says:

    The best thing about my mum is the values of life and respect for others she passed on to me and I have passed the same on to my children and now I see that they are passing them on to theirs.
    Leonie White recently posted..The Suburban Homestead Garden Holliview Way Massage & Complementary TherapiesMy Profile

  11. My Mum has taught me how to be the best Mum I can be… nothing more special and precious than that.

  12. Caz says:

    The best thing about my mum is that she’s always there. I dread the day when I can’t say that any more. For my entire life she’s been a constant, caring force of love that has held me together on more times than I’d like to share. She’s ever practical, always honest and never fails to open her arms to me (or my own girls)for a hug. How could you not love that 🙂
    Caz recently posted..For those who love to juice ~ the beastly Philips Quick Clean Juicer.My Profile

  13. Sandra Argese says:

    To say that my mother is the glue that binds my family together is an understatement, what she is exceeds that beyond my wildest expectations. If I could write the dictionary myself, I’d place my mothers name next to the words Loving, Caring, Supportive and Determined. She is not Superman, she is not Wonder Woman; she is more. She is a hero, my hero. She’s raised me and my three sisters by herself, being a single parent and made me what I am today. A strong, confident, happy and aspiring young person. Mum, you’re more than a hero. You are truly something special.

  14. LisaB says:

    My best thing about my Mum is after everything she has been through(including 3rd degree burns to most of her body as a little girl) she still remains strong. I hope to be that strong for my girls. I am glad she is my number 1 role model and I am lucky to have my Mum.

  15. Ying Ying TAN says:

    Mum is not perfect, she makes mistakes, best thing about her is she learns from it and ensures I do not repeat it. Though she’s not perfect, her love for me will always be!

  16. Karina W says:

    4 naughty children and she has not yelped a single complaint. She’s always full of smiles. She’s amazing!

  17. Mary Preston says:

    The best thing about my Mum is that she is mine. Nothing can ever change the fact that I will always be her daughter and loved without having to be or do anything else.

  18. Emily Woodhouse says:

    Hi Kel. I’m amused to see that fruit plate wish that you got. Absolutely fantastic. The thing that’s special about my maa is she never got mad at me, even when I did something out of control. She just put her hand on my head & taught me what’s wrong or right. Love you maa!
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..How to Cure FluMy Profile

  19. Pauline says:

    Her cooking! I know everyone thinks their mum’s cooking is the best…but my mum is a chef – her cooking really is the best!

  20. Caroline says:

    Her determination to ensure that her children would, at least, learn the basic life skills necessary of running a household.

    For me, this included beginning my cooking skills early for self-preservation.

  21. Andrea L says:

    She’s held my hand when times are down, we’ve shed tears together and chuckles of laughter in high spirits. She continues to be there for me and will forever be my mother and my best friend. I love you Mum!

  22. Ash says:

    Best thing about my mum is she is a giggler. She laughs at everything. She laughed her way through raising a bunch of kids on no money. Her motto is Dont’t worry, be happy.

  23. Carolyn K says:

    The best thing about my Mum is that she always has a solution to every problem, and can fix anything. It’s like she’s has superpowers and knows everything.
    If I turn out to be half the Mum she is, I’ll be happy.

  24. Her unconditional LOVE,
    Im sure she’s been sent down as an angel from above!

  25. Di says:

    The best thing about my Mum is her smile, she radiates happiness. Always giving so much of her self, never asking for anything in return, never complaining.

  26. DIANA says:

    I can, and do, tell her everything. And I mean everything! She never judges, always seeing the positive in everything and everyone. She’s my best friend and I’d be lost without her, she is the best of the best.

  27. Donato says:

    Boy can she cook! And never uses anything pre-prepared, packaged or processed. It’s all done the old fashioned way, and most of it she grows herself. She’s the best cook, and the best person too. The best that all look up to and aspire to be, I am lucky to have her 🙂

  28. Wendy S says:

    The best thing about my Mum is that she’s never ever said “I told you so” though I’ve given her plenty of opportunities to do so!

  29. Carolyn E says:

    She’s always doing something for someone whether it’s for her family, neighbours or friends,
    She is the one on whom our whole community can depend.
    Never thinking of herself she’s totally selfless,
    That’s what I love the most about her I guess!

  30. tamra childers says:

    I came home one day and told mum I was going to bible college in Sydney. She said ok lets make it happen, and organised everything for me. At the last minute I changed my mind and my mum said ‘oh thank God.’ She didnt want me to go but she also knew the imporatnace of letting me make my own dicisions. As a mother myself now I really appreciated what my mum did for me in putting her own feelings aside to let me be who I am. I love her for it

  31. Rosslyn Tadd says:

    My Mum’s life through bad life choices, has been a huge struggle. Yet she survived it and has become my greatest support as I make the same bad choices that she once made.

  32. Alison says:

    The best thing about my Mum…. I never really understood WHY she did things sometimes… why she worried about me when I was a child, why she stressed out about sending me to the best school, why she agonizingly deliberated with me over university choices….. and now, with a 7 day old new son I finally get it. Being a Mum is constant worry, fears and hoping for the best for your child….as long as you live. Thanks to my Mum for being the best Mum and NEVER stopping caring or worrying about me!

  33. Rebecca Baker says:

    The best thing about my mum, is that she has never walked away from me, no matter how much of a little **** i was. She has stuck by me, and always will <3 u mum

  34. The best thing about my mum is her versatility by being a mum to me and a grandma to my daughter. She is reliable and can look after my daughter when work unexpectedly comes in. She is a perfect example of a mum and grandma.
    Rebecca Senyard recently posted..Toilet & Urinal EtiquetteMy Profile

  35. Lyndal Griffiths says:

    Best thing about my mum is how she always manages to smile even when she is angry at me!

  36. Emma says:

    The best thing about my mum?
    She is strong and sweet
    She spent 3 years wiping my bum!
    She took care of me, right down to my feet.

    She is my mummy and we fight
    She is my mummy and she protected me from the start
    but she is my mummy and we always make it out alright
    but she is mummy and we will never be far apart

    My mum had me at 18 and protected right from the beginning, she put me through private primary and secondary school and sacrificed so much for me. My beautiful mummy got married this year after 15 years with my wonderful step dad and I am so proud of her, she did so much for me and if I am half the person she is when I’m bigger I will have very lucky children.

    My mum is my protector, she has always been there for me.
    My mum is the most courageous, beautiful and hilarious person I know. She isn’t just my mum, she is one of my best friends no matter how different we are at times.
    I love my mummy 🙁
    Emma recently posted..Mummy’s Super Quick Beauty RoutineMy Profile

  37. Emma says:

    That’s supposed to be a smiley face!!!! 😀
    Emma recently posted..Mummy’s Super Quick Beauty RoutineMy Profile

  38. Melissa K says:

    Dear Mum brings sunshine, joy and laughter into our lives. Her love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever.
    She is my role model to be a better parent and makes me feel loved at all times. Whenever I need support or a listening ear, she’s always there for me.

  39. Barbara says:

    MUM offers me optiMUM support. She shows maxiMUM love and forgiveness. Even on a miniMUM wage, she’s still sweet like chocolate

  40. Jasmine N says:

    Mum is like a diamond -hard to find, unique, precious, beautiful, valuable, treasured. She gives me sparkle whenever I face darkness, and never fails to give me brilliance and shine

  41. Rene Ballantyne says:

    The best thing about my mum is that she is my mum

  42. teresa hogg says:

    my mum is the best shes taught me well respect and honesty and everything else i love her dearly

  43. shana rahman says:

    Mama’s got a laugh that’s unique and contagious.
    Its just outrageous,
    the number of people who can’t help but smile or laugh along.
    like her its unlike any other,
    she’s the only one I truly adore, yes, my mother.

  44. Jess Newman says:

    The best thing about my mum, is that she considers not seeing her grandkids for two weeks a long time.
    Jess Newman recently posted..The Renegade RabbitMy Profile

  45. Cyndie says:

    The best thing about my mum is that she’s always supported and encouraged me, even if that means we are living 16,000 km apart and we haven’t see each other for over one year.

    My mum is a very positive person, that taught me to look at every challenges as an opportunity and she also always reminds me to make the best of life.
    I love her so much and miss her deeply 🙁
    Cyndie recently posted..Monsieur Slimalicious is Cooking…Bruschettas (& How to Get Your Husband to Cook More)My Profile

  46. Jamie-Lee Lorraine Brown says:

    She’s my best pal,my favourite chum-loving,caring,sharing mum.

  47. Sarah Armstrong says:

    She taught me that it’s okay to be me and she taught by example. She always been a little kooky and individual in everything she does. Growing up it was a little embarassing, but as an adult I realise it’s what help me with the confidence I needed to be me and stand up for what I believe in.

    Thanks Mum – Love you for just being you.

  48. sabina griffiths says:

    My Mum tought me how to be a real mum

  49. Melissa Okimoto says:

    My mum takes my random phone calls in the middle of the night when I am scared my baby is unwell, she gives me advice and a shoulder when im unsure, she is my cheerleader always supporting me. She is always there for others to as she is an amazing midwife.

  50. Kimberley Belford says:

    Unites the family.
    Mums the word !

    Mum is everything a mum could and should be.
    She never gives up on me,
    When I feel like I’m falling apart, shes the glue to stick me together again.
    There really arent enough words to express my love for her, but shes knows!!! She just does 🙂

  51. Michelle Bloomer says:

    The best thing about my mum, is she loves unconditionally. Even when she does not approve of the things i do, she will still support me. Love ya mum

  52. Karlene Forrest says:

    This week? That she was able to look after sick master four so I could go to work.
    Every day? her advice (usually spot on.)

  53. Rachel says:

    My mum and I have had a ridiculously hard relationship.I often feel like I am the mother and she is my naughty selfish teenager. The best thing about her that she still tries. She might continually destroy her good work, but then she comes back again to try again. We have to love her for what she is, not what we want her to be. Rachel x
    Rachel recently posted..High brow, low brow or just unrulyMy Profile

  54. Tara says:

    Mum is a star, or this week a supermoon shining bright through all my dark days.

  55. Jess says:

    I love that my mum is not just my mum but a close friend. We are very close and have shared a lot being pregnant together and giving birth 5 weeks apart, being at each other’s births and sharing our parenting journeys from newborn to adult. When I have had a bad day she has always been there patiently listening to my whinging without being judgemental. I always feel better after a chat with mum and I love her heaps! 🙂

  56. All Mums are the best. They have their own ways at being the best. Some are the best at Soccer and being sporty, some are the best at sewing up clothes from a simple pillowcase, some are the best at baking that awesome cake. They all have their unique and super human abilities that leave you wondering as a child how they do it!
    My Mum is the best at making teddy bear shaped pancakes for my eldest and getting her to eat her dinner! and she is the best at making my youngest squeal with delight when she comes to visit. I adore the squeals and the hands waving madly, they are moments I try to capture images of and store away in my mind for the years to come so I have them forever. x
    Kym – Mumma’s Mini Mes recently posted..Kellogg’s celebrate working with Aussie Corn Farmers for 50 years and you can celebrate and win too!My Profile

  57. Monica says:

    My mum and i stubbled across a Dutch Day in Melbourne recently..her delight at telling me about the Dutch stuff there was delightful! But the ‘sausage’ she had never heard off….Frikkinmellon (something like that) had us both laughing as it sounded quite rude! At 73 my mum is a joy to be with!!

  58. Kelly Arndt says:

    When I was growing up, my school teacher Dad,
    Was the main disciplinarian we had,
    Mum was our source of comfort(still is),
    But most of the decision making was his.
    Dad was our Rock, the backbone of our family,
    I held him in awe, he meant so much to me…
    Then came that day that rocked our foundation,
    A day that was, so far, the worst in our imagination.
    Dad was sick, really sick, and he needed us all,
    Mum swayed a little, but she didn’t fall…
    She became his strength and yes, ours too,
    Our foundations were crumbling, but she was our glue…
    Dad fought long and hard, but finally…
    Another terrible day in our family’s history…
    Dad passed with us by his side,
    And left a chasm, vast and wide…
    Mum found even more inner strength from that day,
    She has made us so proud, in every way…
    Learning to do things Dad had normally made his task,
    And still, whatever we needed, we only had to ask,
    And slowly, Mum found herself more and more,
    Her independence and strength came to the for…
    She had never traveled anywhere,
    But now she’s been from ‘Here’ to ‘There’,
    She wears a locket with Dad’s picture inside,
    So she can ‘take Dad along for the ride’!
    We’re so proud of our gentle, brave, wonderful Mum,
    She’s as incredibly special as they come!

  59. The best thing about my Mum is the beauty that shines from within her. She’s strong yet gentle. She works hard, yet still is so organised & calm. She devotes all of herself to her family. She is EVERYTHING to her Grandchildren, they adore her. She has been my rock….my inspiration all my life.
    Claire Chadwick recently posted..No Plans. And winners of eBook.My Profile

  60. The best thing about my mum is she is always there when I need her. She helps with the kids when I need to work and supports most of my decisions, she will tell me if she thinks it’s wrong and is generally right:)
    I love her so much:)

  61. Sorry. Pasted my blog wrong it is
    feel free to leave it off:) sorry
    Sarah Montgomery recently posted..Run Away CashMy Profile

  62. Dorothy says:

    My mothers love
    Caring, nurturing , strong
    teaching me right from wrong
    Guiding me through toil and strife
    Most precious of gifts she gave me LIFE

  63. Pauline says:

    My mum has the best sense of humour & the ability to always see the bright side to everything even when life seems overwhelming

  64. kerry horvatth says:

    Mum’s sacrificial beyond a doubt
    we kid’s never went without
    because she always put us first
    please give her this
    so the roles are reversed

  65. Sandymg says:

    “Would Mum approve?” That’s the question that’s helped me through moral dilemmas; difficult decisions; thorny choices. She’s my yardstick and will always be my rock. She sets an example I can only hope I can set for my own daughters.
    Sandymg recently posted..WANDERER CATERPILLARMy Profile

  66. Ally L says:

    My Mum, She is a Gladiator.. Nah not really, not true!
    My Mum, She is an Astronaut! Perhaps she’s not.. Nah, She’s not.
    My Mum is a gourmet chef.. No, again I lie.. But she’s better!!
    My Mum, She is my very best friend.. Yup, that’s the one! 100%m correct!
    My Mum, She is the glue that binds, my family together through all the hard times…..

    Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is or will be, or would like to be a Mother… Or to any woman who loves…

  67. Kell says:

    The best thing about my mum is her heart of gold. Everyone she meets is touched by her kindness – whether it’s the grandkids that get showered with love and presents or the Indonesian lady who has no family that my mum works with. She is throwing her a baby shower this Sunday. Just because my mum’s like that.

    She will buy my friends kids gifts and give encouragement endlessly. When I was hurting she sent me a care box of homemade chocolate balls (my favourite). At that moment, that meant more to me than anything in the world.

    I am so blessed to have my mum!

  68. Dannielle says:

    The best thing about my mum is…

    She is always there.
    With 3 other siblings, she’s always been fair
    Her roast dinners are ever so yum
    But overall… She is a wonderful mum!

  69. Kerryn Woods says:

    The best thing about my Mum is that she rarely says “I told you so”. And man, has she had plenty of opportunities!

    Kerryn Woods recently posted..Fit for fashionMy Profile

  70. There is nothing quite like a mother’s unconditional love. Mine has taught me that skill to help me through those “tear your hear out type of days”!
    Donna @ NappyDaze recently posted..No news is good news?My Profile

  71. Debbie O says:

    My Mother has been the greatest role model and teacher any child could wish for. She is 82 years young, still enjoys a good game of golf and takes good care of herself. Two years ago Mom lost the love of her life (my Dad) to a heart attack on May 12. I would love to brighten her life at this difficult time of year.

  72. michelle says:

    When I was pregnant with my first child, my partner was out of work so we had a very limited income coming in. My mum would go op shopping and buy baby clothes and furniture and toys etc without being asked or would take any sort of payment in return. I admire her generousity and willingness when it comes to my children. She still buys things now that they are older if she sees something on sale. And still refuses to let me pay her back!

  73. Leoni says:

    Where to start? My mum is on my mind every day. This will be my second mothers’ day without her. Although I am now a mum of two myself, and should enjoy the day, it still feels empty without her. She was a beautiful, selfless woman, that was taken away from life too soon. She was a mother first, and a wonderful friend.
    I am the mother that I am today because of her, and I feel very lucky that I had her to learn from xxx

  74. My mum has been there always. When she was incredibly sick in hospital her thoughts were still for us. I didn’t ever think my kids (before I had them) would have a grandma. Fortunately they do. My gorgeous, strong mother
    Alli @ ducks on the dam recently posted..To green or not to green?My Profile

  75. kate says:

    Because my mum loves me even though i forget to call her, and broke her bedroom door when I was a teenager. luckily I turned out ok. thanks mum!

  76. Candice E says:

    My mum lives in Victoria (Im in WA) so I dont get to see her very often. All I can say is that you must treasure your mum. When she is here then she makes the most of being with her grandkids and with me. I see people take their mums for granted and envy that at least they have their mum around to help & support them each day. I wish she could be here with us everyday to make things that little bit easier but we make the best of the situation. My mum has been a great support to me (as much as she can from there)and I know that she would do anything to be back here with us. She is a great role model and hard worker which is why my brother and I have turned out like we have 🙂
    So appreciate your mum this Mother’s Day and treasure your time spent with her – she is special – she is your mum!!

  77. Bernard says:

    Simple. Mum was a wonderful and loving partner to Dad. So good relationships come naturally to me.

  78. susan graam says:

    It is so beautiful to wake up and see their tiny faces knowing another day is filled with their laughter and smiles.

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