The Bloke in The Shed appeared on Today Tonight last night, as part of a story on the Show Some Respect campaign he has been pushing in his role as Advocate newspaper Editor.

The idea for the campaign came about after witnessing vision of a police officer having to resort to using pepper spray on a teenager, along with the rising level of verbal abuse and assaults on emergency workers. The North West Coast of Tasmania is no different to anywhere else in Australia in dealing with these issues. However, the difference is they’re trying to create some change and bring back respect.

Click to watch the story (and yes, that’s The Bloke in The Shed in the still)…

Show Some Respect

What do you think? Have young people lost respect for our front-line workers – police, ambulance officers, firies, teachers and nurses? What is our responsibility as parents?

And did anyone else grow up in absolute fear of the thought of having to encounter a police officer? *shudders*

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6 Responses to Has respect been lost?

  1. Denyse Whelan says:

    Thanks for this topic and good on your Bloke for an initiative of merit. Since around the mid 1990s I’ve noticed a significant shift in the behavioural standards & manners in particular. my workplace from that time onwards became more of a “battle of wills” place … In a school! I possibly could point out the reason for it as time-poor, physical possessions-rich, and a lack of commitment to being “parents” who are
    More like friends or peers to their kids. Language of unacceptable words ( think f**k) was almost a reason for suspension if uttered within the school environs. Now, by the way I hear parents using it, to their kids, it has been “down played” as a swear word. My answer helpful I know but as a teacher I’ve seen and heard far far too many parents who “give in” to kids too easily and who swear at their kids to discipline them…and then they say “I had no idea that X Knew that word, oh but it’s cute!” Kel and Julian…I rest my case. like your initiative a lot! Good one. Denyse
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    • Kel says:

      Thanks for your insights as a teacher, Denyse. Very interesting indeed. I’m wondering what the trigger was in the ’90s to cause such change. Was there a greater uptake in mothers returning to work and, therefore, having less time to spend with their kids? It would be interesting to see if others agree with you around the timing of the shift in behaviour and what they see as the catalyst for it.
      Let’s hope we can make some change, nonetheless! 🙂

  2. Toni says:

    I watched this yesterday and was very impressed. Julian you were great, and I love that this issue is being brought out into the open and discussed.
    Most everyone realises there’s a problem, but without cohesive community action, individuals feel overwhelmed and as though there’s no point in even trying to get something done.
    I’m so fed-up with people saying, “Oh, well, kids today live in a different world, though.”
    Well, it might have more gadgets but it’s still filled with other people. And the social rules for getting on with them haven’t changed.
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    • Kel says:

      Spot on, Toni. The social rules haven’t changed, despite what other changes have happened in the world. I’d love to see Julian’s initiative go national and make some real change. It’s long overdue. There’s some heavy hitters involved here in Tassie, so it would be nice to see that spread. Here’s hoping…

  3. Lisa wood says:

    I do believe that our kids dont know respect like we did when we were younger! We dont have the same rights as what our parents had, and our kids know that.
    Saying that my boys know how far to push us before they have to stop!
    It is scary to think about what can happen to our teenagers when they do push the boundaries too far, and they do go above and beyond. Its our rights as parents to show respect to our kids, so that they can learn it and reflect back to those around them. And it does take a community to raise a child 🙂 great video! And great idea 😉
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