children drawing up a manual

Writing a manual for Dad!

Never been big on reading instructions. Guess I’ve figured if they print them in type that small then they are probably not worth reading, right?

Where I’ve discovered a possible exception to that rule – instructions on medicine.

A couple of weeks back Princess Ella wasn’t feeling well. She was complaining of a sore stomach and we’d determined that was because it was an inordinate amount of time since she’d been to the toilet.  Instructions came that I was to buy some medicine to encourage a trip to the toilet before returning from work.

As instructed, I returned from work with said medicine and I was smart enough to read the required quantity before administering it.

Only after delivering the medicine did I read this: “It may take 6-8 hours to take effect’’.

Now, I’d administered the medicine at 6pm.
Oh crap. Literally.
I thought, I’m gonna be up in the middle of the night with Ella when this kicks into gear.

Sure enough, at 2am the call from Ella comes.  We stagger into the bathroom and she proceeds to explode.  I’m sitting on the floor, she’s sitting on the toilet and I’m saying “Are you finished yet?”.  A feeble “nooooo’’ is the answer I get on repeated occasions.

Sitting there on the cold, hard floor of the bathroom I then vow ALWAYS to read the instructions.

Is not reading the instructions a male thing? Do you read the instructions?


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3 Responses to Lessons for Blokes No. 3: Always read the instructions

  1. Lisa wood says:

    Oh no! I am not into reading instructions either..but gee that was funny 🙂
    sorry that it kicked in at 2.00am! We use Porridge with brown sugar for breaky’s so it works a treat around lunch time!!
    Lisa wood recently posted..Time Poor Is Not An ExcuseMy Profile

  2. Michelle says:

    Usually with things that come out of a medicine bottle/jar,I am pretty good with reading the instructions. But when it comes to that new DVD player/kid’s toy/App/treadmill(!!) I am a shocker. I am renowned for having to take things apart or reset back to the beginning… and then open the instruction booklet! 🙂
    Michelle recently posted..Chemical Mess 101My Profile

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