Ella lost yet another tooth this week. And it’s the front tooth. So she now looks like this:

Tooth fairy

Guess what she wants for Christmas?

Once again, she carefully put the tooth under her pillow and went to sleep as soon as her head hit it. Seriously, this only happens on tooth fairy nights. Generally, she sits up playing “school teachers’’ until far too late.

The next morning, to her shock, the tooth was still there. Apparently, the harsh rain kept the tooth fairy from being able to reach her. Ella was so concerned of a repeat that night, she asked us to Google to see if it would rain again. Thankfully, the weather forecast was for clear skies.

We went through the whole routine again the second night. On cue, Ella was out to it as soon as she hit the pillow.

However, this time it didn’t rain, the tooth fairy had the money under the pillow within the hour of Ella sleeping and all was well with the world the next day.


Have you ever forgotten your tooth fairy duties? (I will add that I remembered it earlier in the night, but thought I’d do it as I was going to bed. What a mistake that was).

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8 Responses to Aussie Giveaway Linkup #112: What a rotten tooth fairy

  1. I forget all the time and have used that rain excuse even when it hasn’t rained.

  2. Cath says:

    Our tooth fairy has a very active social life and can often be out of town visiting other tooth fairies across the country. Also, if a tooth is pulled out, rather than falling out in its own good time, it doesn’t quite fit her “schedule”. Of 6 teeth so far, only 1 has been collected overnight. I think she needs customer service training!
    Cath recently posted..The Power of OneMy Profile

    • You made me laugh out loud, Cath. That is classic!
      I completely agree on the pulling them out over them falling out of their own accord. Ella is a bugger for constantly wobbling them and trying to force them out. Ewww! 🙂

  3. Toushka Lee says:

    oh how cute are the two brand new teeth down the bottom!
    the tooth fairy has not yet needed to come to our house. My son has already said he doesn’t believe in her anyway… I’m sure he’ll believe again when he loses his first tooth.
    Toushka Lee recently posted..Even Royal Munchkins Need Their Nappy ChangedMy Profile

    • Hehe! Of course, Toushka! Just like Easter Bunny and Santa Claus… when it suits them! 😉
      The two bottom teeth have come through really quickly. I’m not sure why, but the top tooth is taking forever to come through. I hope she’s not a toothless tiger for too long!! School photos are coming up….

  4. Hi Kellie! What a cute little toothless terror! Gosh, she’s so cute! My family watched Rise Of The Guardians on Saturday night and after that, if the Tooth Fairy doesn’t come, they will think the Boogey Monster has taken over!

    Lovely to stop in. it’s been far too long 😉 x
    Kymmie @ a day in the life of us recently posted..EAT: APRICOT CHOC CHIP CAKE.My Profile

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