By Sheralee White

As part of Book Week in August, we put together a homemade Lego man costume for my six-year-old son. It took a few days to make but certainly wasn’t difficult at all.

With Halloween next week, I thought it was the perfect time to share how we made it for anyone looking for kids costume ideas.

Things you’ll need:

  •  Cardboard box large enough to fit your child
  •  4 small round takeaway containers (or small cat/dog food tin)
  •  A hot glue gun with 3-4 glue sticks (these can be purchased from discount shops for about $7)
  •  Pencil
  •  Flour
  •  Water
  •  Salt
  •  Newspaper
  •  Plain white paper
  •  1 can of spray paint


2-3 days to make


Remove the flaps on the open box. On the opposite end, cut out a hole, large enough to fit your child’s head through. Cut smaller holes on each side to fit your child’s arms through.



One at a time, place the containers on the front of the box and use them to trace a circle using a pencil. Remove the container and follow the pencil outline with the glue gun. Stick the container, edge down, onto the glue. Repeat for each container.



Now you need to make the paper mache, Mix one part flour with one part water (about 1 cup flour and 1 cup water is enough) until you get a thick glue-like consistency. Add a bit more water if it’s too thick.

Mix well with a spoon to get rid of all the bumps. Add a few tablespoons of salt to help prevent mould.

  • You need to use strips of newspaper only.
  • Let the newspaper strips soak in the paper mache glue a little before using.
  • Cover your artwork with only 2-3 layers, then let dry completely. This is an important step.
  • Once a layer is dry you can add 2-3 more layers, remembering to let each layer dry before adding the next one.
  • The final layer can be plain paper – so it’s easier to paint – but use the thinnest paper possible and make sure it’s soaked well in the paper mache glue.



Using the pencil, write the words Lego on each raised container, then with the hot glue gun follow over the words so that the word is raised in glue.




You’re ready to paint your block in your favourite Lego block colour.



Grab your child and start having some fun.

What have you made recently with boxes?

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3 Responses to {TUTORIAL}: Homemade Lego man costume for under $15

  1. Wow, that is very cool. I am definitely all for homemade costumes and under $15 (it so peeves me that at every kids’ fancy dress party these days most kids come in shop bought costumes. I’m *sure* it wasn’t like that in my day!). Sadly, I think both my big kids are pretty much detemined to have scary costumes for halloween, like witches and pirates. (Luckily, they’re pretty easy to make too!).
    Kirsten McCulloch recently posted..Got a Toothache? Visit Your Kitchen PantryMy Profile

    • Found you in spam, Kirsten! Hopefully you’ll be safe from Akismet now!!
      I hope Halloween went well for you in the end. We ended up missing it completely, which the girls were sad about. But that’s what happens when you’re in hospital!! x

  2. Thanks Kellie, We kept it pretty low-key – Big Kid’s costume was a YuGiOh character in jeans and a t-shirt!
    Sorry you missed it – now off to read your other posts to catch up on the hospital trip – hope you are all okay now!
    Kirsten McCulloch recently posted..Simple, Seasonal Goodness: Celebrating Advent with a DifferenceMy Profile

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