My background is in newspaper journalism, so the whole “disclosure’’ thing has long been instilled in me. However, in the blogosphere, there is no code of ethics. Instead, the majority of bloggers live by their own ethics.

Back in my newspaper days, if someone paid for an advertorial, at the top of the page it stated “advertorial’’. All readers knew this was paid for and viewed prior to print by the client. This blog lives by much of those same principles. If only I were being paid the same sort of dollars!

So you know what to expect from me, here is my disclosure policy:

  • Sponsored posts are paid for by an advertiser and written by me (or in the case of content supplied as a guest post by the client, reviewed and edited by me). It will include a disclosure at the top of the post. The advertiser is not paying for my opinion. All opinions are my own. Sponsored posts allow this blog to continue, paying for annual web hosting and name domain charges.
  • If I’m taken on a blogger familiarisation tour or blogger event and it’s paid for by the company, this will be disclosed at the bottom of the post. Similarly if a hotel puts me up for free. Although, I refuse to disclose if I steal the little soaps and hand creams from the bathroom!
  • Due to the sheer volume of requests that come through now, my dedication to my business and running around after two li’l princesses, I am more selective in which businesses and brands I work with. Most of the time, either myself or you the reader is getting something out of it.
  • There will be few straight reviews seen on the blog (unless I genuinely love a product and think you should all know about it). Reviews will either be sponsored posts or have a giveaway attached. Giveaways incur an admin fee for postage and time taken to organise giveaways.
  • If I include affiliate links in a post with the opportunity to earn a whopping 2% of the sales – usually about 45 cents in total – it will feature an asterix next to it.
  • To learn more about advertising on Three Li’l, please visit our advertise page.

Thanks again for reading and supporting this blog since it began in 2010. Every time someone leaves a comment, a li’l princess jumps for joy.

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