OLYMPIC gold medallist Cathy Freeman has announced she’s pregnant with her first child.
Such news usually only rates a brief mention in our household, except for the fact this time hubby Julian (the bloke in The Shed) feels a particular connection to the former athlete.
The Three Li’l Princesses’ resident daddy blogger was just metres from Freeman during her gold medal win at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and still gets goosebumps when he remembers the moment she crossed the finish line.
The pregnancy news also pricked our attention because, despite being an elite athlete, she’s admitted to New Idea she isn’t immune from health challenges.
Freeman’s pregnancy has triggered type 2 diabetes, which she will need to manage with insulin throughout the nine months.
There is a chance the condition may disappear once the baby is born.
“It came as a jolt at first. Being an elite athlete I was really healthy, and I was really fit – I was one of the fittest women in the world. And then all of a sudden your body is disappointing you, in a way. And it’s like your pride gets hurt,” she told the mag.
Freeman, who is married to funds manager James Murch, admitted to being “totally overwhelmed’’ when she first saw the ultrasound.
Just wait ‘til she first sets eyes on her newborn.

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