A recovered photo of Ella at the Don River Railway

WELL, I lost my iPhone last week.
No seriously, stay with me, the story gets better.
There were days gone by when losing a valuable, handy and time-consuming technological device such as this would have made me crawl up in a huddle and cry for days.
OK, I sort of did do that, but losing the iPhone wasn’t the sole reason for it.
No, what left me blubbering like a toddler at the Coles checkout after being told for the 50th time they could not have a chocolate frog was the memories that iPhone contained.
On it was the best part of three weeks of images and video of being on holiday with my li’l princesses.
Video of Princess No. 3 Holly having a giggling fit, Princess No. 2 Ella’s first ride on a train … And they were gone.
Losing those memories hurt and, as silly as it sounds, I felt I’d lost a moment of my little girl’s childhood.
What happened? I was rushing to get Ella into the car to enjoy a sparkling Sunday at the pool. The other Princesses, who’d had a rough night, were staying home.
In the struggle it can be to get Ella into the car seat – it can be like trying to harness a live eel – I put the iPhone on the roof of the car.
It was not till I got into the city (probably 4kms) it occurred to me: “Where’s my phone?”
My heart sank.
I retraced my steps without luck, reported it missing to the police, spent the afternoon scouring roadside verges and put an advert offering a reward in the next day’s paper – all to no avail.
It was gone. Out of hope of a miracle I decided to put the advert in for another day.
On Tuesday at 9 pm, two days later, Princess Kel’s phone rang and I answered it to hear the sweet words uttered by a rugged council worker: “Mate, I think I’ve found your iPhone’’.
Sure enough, he’d found it not long after I’d lost it, but had only just read the paper.
The next day, I got the phone back and council worker Shaun got his reward.
My heart was in my mouth as I plugged the iPhone into the laptop as gently as a bomb squad officer handles a grenade – “PING’’
You cannot believe the joy I felt as the images and video appeared and downloaded onto the laptop.
iPhones and technology can be replaced, memories cannot. I owe you, Shaun.

Here’s the video of Holly laughing:

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6 Responses to SHED: Dads, what not to do with your iPhone

  1. Deanne says:

    No I hope you have installed the app Find my iPhone!


    I have Deanne. I have, lesson learned.

  3. Felicity says:

    Ah the happy ending = wonderful.

    It made me wonder though, will the ‘Man Bag’ become a must have item?
    It used to be that a bloke could shove some notes and coins in his back pocket, with the car keys [BTW never understood the whole concept of sitting on your wallet and keys] and away you’d go.

    Now there’s phones, iPods, wallets, keys, sunnies, water bottles….and that’s for a guy without a toddler and baby in tow!


  4. Ok so this made me cry, lol. Going to follow this blog.

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