TODAY I had cause to visit a health shop in the local mall.
Yes, those who know me can pick themselves up off the floor and stop laughing, but Princess Ella and I simply love pea chips.
While I was there I witnessed the following event which should serve as a timely lesson to female readers –
Lady shopper walking around the health shop talking loudly on her mobile phone, obviously to her husband: “I’ll meet you if you like, I’m just in the health food shop.”
Short pause.
“The health food shop, I’ll meet you there,” she said, cleary getting  impatient.
“THE HEALTH FOOD SHOP,” she said, again trying to get the message through to her husband.
At this point I’d paid for my pea chips and walked out to be greeted by a bloke standing less than five metres away from the doorway talking on his mobile.
“Where IS the health shop?” he was saying loudly into his phone.
I tapped him on the shoulder: “Mate, you’re standing in front of it.”

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One Response to Lessons For Wives No. 1: Blokes don’t know the location of health shops

  1. Felicity says:

    …you know, the hardware store for your intestines!

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