By Julian O’Brien

AN AUSTRALIAN study, widely publicised earlier this year, concluded there was “no such thing as baby brain”. Professor Helen Christensen, from the Australian National University, probably spent hours, days and months researching a report to show that there were no signs of motherhood impeding a woman’s cognitive function. 

Well Prof. Christensen, I’ve got plenty of aneacdotal evidence compiled over the course of my wife’s two pregnancies and this week I gathered proof that baby brain may well affect women long after the birth.

You see my wife, Princess Kel, has not worked for some months. A journalist by profession, she went on leave well before the birth of our little one, Princess Holly, last October and has not been near the office since. Yet, after having cause to ring her at home on a Monday afternoon this week, Kel answered our home phone with the words “Good afternoon, editorial, Kellie speaking’’.

What followed was a couple of stunned seconds of silence from me and then fits of laughter from both of us after we realised what she’d done. No further proof needed. Baby brain exists

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7 Responses to Lessons for wives No. 3: Baby brain “does exist”

  1. Elisha Squire says:

    Yes- Yes it does!! Lol @ this blog, nice to see hubby blogging too!

  2. I went to work today with only half of my face in make-up.
    I didn’t even realise until someone asked me why I looked so weird.
    Oh yes, placenta brain does exist alright!

  3. LOL Romina. Classic. I wish someone would tell the good Professor that!

  4. What a funny story! I love it. So glad I’ve found your blog and I look forward to reading more about your lovely family. I think it’s wonderful that your hubby blogs with you too!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Thanks Jennifer for your comment. Glad you like it.
    We have great fun with the site and hopefully it will be a great record for our girls as they grow older.

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