Join us as Three Li’l Princesses hosts a Royal Wedding Pyjama Party in the palace on Friday from 7pm. It’s a chance for those princesses and queens who can’t go to the `actual’ wedding party for Kate and Wills to have a wine and gossip in our gowns (ah, dressing gowns) and slippers (just so you know, we’re not talking Cinderella slippers, either) as we watch the real thing on tellie.

Simply click on the link below on the wedding night and start chatting. Feel free to come and go as you please. We’re all mums, so we understand that getting children to bed comes first.

If you have an iPhone you can also download a free app to use with the blog at the iPhone app store or on

13 Responses to Royal Wedding Pyjama Part-ay: Click here to join in

  1. Elisha Squire says:

    Ohhh i get it now – Its a chat room !!! LOL Kel, this has had me wondering for days!!! Ohh dear, i need to get some sleep !

  2. Barb says:

    Got the ugg boots all ready ….frock on I say!

  3. Caz says:

    Is it easy to do? Shall try it tonight Kellie :O) See you then!!

    • Kel says:

      Brilliant, Caz! Looking forward to it.
      And yes, it’s super easy. Just click on the “play” button when it goes live tonight at 7pm. Then you’ll see a “stream” of the conversation happening. Kind of like what you see in a chat room. Feel free to add to the conversation whenever you feel like it (there’ll be a little box at the bottom of the stream where you can add your comments, gossip or fashion opinions!!! hehe!!)

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  5. thanks so much for organising the wedding chat x

  6. Tat says:

    Sorry I missed it. I dropped in for second and I was going to come back later. Then I had to lie down with my daughter for a bit because she was having nightmares and guess who fell asleep first.

    • Kel says:

      LOL! Oh dear, Tat! Sounds like one rather tired mama! 🙂 It’s no dramas at all. Hopefully you’ll be able to stay for our next live event (when we figure out what that will be!!).
      Poor little darling. Nightmares are not fun at all. Ella has the odd night terror, which thankfully she has no recollection of. Nightmares are a whole different ball game. Hope she ended up having a peaceful night’s sleep. xx

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