Kel and Holly

WHEN you grow up with a miracle mum as a role model, your expectations of what a “mum’’ is, is kinda high. You see, Betty O’Brien had seven kids and I was the last of them. I was a mistake in fact. Result of a housewives basketball celebration dinner apparently … still getting therapy for that revelation.

I was nine years after my next oldest sibling and my mum was well over 40. My birth nearly did us both in – I was so premature I spent months in hospital after being born.

Despite that, I still reflect at the amazing amount of time my mother devoted to me in my childhood, even to the point of having nightly post-school “foul shooting competitions” at the family basketball court while tea was bubbling away on the stove. My point? Bear with me …

I reflected on this influence privately recently. What I concluded was, in looking for my own partner I did, subconsciously, look for someone who would similarly take the same approach to motherhood.

Don’t be confused. Kellie and my mother are completely different people (it would be kinda weird if they weren’t). However, they both share an unfathomable love and devotion for their children.

Take our six-month-old Holly for example. Since conception, it has not been easy for Kel. A perfectionist with a great career and true professionalism, Kel’s sickness associated with the pregnancy meant she was largely bed-ridden for a large portion of the pregnancy and had to give up work way earlier than expected.

Since birth, she has had to battle a baby, which – while delightful in every way – has slept only three-hour stints at night on less occasions than you have fingers. All this while managing an independent and spirited three-year-old and a husband with a challenging, full-time job requiring long hours.

Kel does all this while remaining sane, (largely) happy and actively aiding the development of both children to the point they are a sheer delight to all those who meet them. Her kids adore her, as do I. She, like Betty before her, is the perfect mum.

Kel on our wedding day

Happy Mother’s Day to my dearly beloved. xx

What do you love most about your mum?

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29 Responses to SHED: For the love of a mother

  1. Barb says:

    Gosh….that made me cry too! How lovely, who could ask for a better Mother’s Day gift? Well done Kellie on an awesome job and special mention to the Bloke in the Shed for emerging and sharing his thoughts and feelings 🙂

    • Thanks Barb. It’s funny, these type of posts are the easiest to write because they come straight from the heart. Our little tackers are very lucky to have a great mum. I’m sure they’ll realise it too one day as I did with my mum ……. and as your lovely little tackers will do too.

  2. Barb says:

    Oops, so caught up that I forgot to answer what I love most about my mum.

    I love everything about her, she did her best always, and always with love….who could ask for more.

    I miss her like mad and know she would have made the most amazing Grandmother…I only wish my kids could have known her love too.

    Happy Mother’s day to all the awesome Mums out there!

  3. Naomi Ellis says:

    These pictures are gorgeous and of course I have a soft spot for a mother who had seven cherubs. Love the emotion and love a woman devoted to her kids. Awesome post! Naomi x

  4. ooooh! How early were you?! My big girl was born at 26 weeks and spent five months in hospital (sadly I always get excited about people saying they were premmie).

    • Totally understand Bec. I think I was about 30 weeks from memory but would have to check. Funny side story: All my siblings sent a list of names to mum in hospital of what I should be called, but the head nurse said to mum “no, I think he should be called ‘Julian’.”. For years, especially the infant/primary school years, I hated that nurse 🙂 Have often also tried to use the excuse that it’s because I’m so premature I’m so immature …. not sure it washes though.

  5. Dammit this made me cry…and I’m in public no less.
    I have a staunch reputation to uphold you know 😉
    Such a sweet, sweet post.
    It’s so refreshing to hear of a man who celebrates their wife…and so you should, she’s pretty amazing!

  6. Louisa says:

    What a beautiful tribute xx

  7. Elisha Squire says:

    Yep this one bought tears to my eyes – What an amazing mum you have ! And what an amazing wife you have! I can only hope one day my children or at least one of the little beggers – will see me in this same kind of light ! Photos are beautiful – I especially see Sheralee a lot in the wedding shot! Its gorgeous…

    I couldnt say what i love MOST about my mum – she is my best friend, i think that just about says it all xxx

  8. Jodie Ansted says:

    Wow. That was so beautiful. I’m all teary now. Fabulous post. I’m showing my husband this! 😉

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  9. Melissa says:

    What a beautiful post!

  10. This made me swoon.

    So lovely.

    I COULD just change the spelling of Kellie and then pretend it was my own 😉

    {BTW I am glad for the happy accident enabling me to read this but I actually clicked on the brownies recipe in your frugal recipes section – yes, I am wandering around in your blog heh – so you might want to fix the link xx}

  11. Aw, so sweet. Sounds as though you guys are made for each other. And TBITS’s mum sounds like an absolute gem.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  12. Jillian says:

    Hey dropping via the fibro. Love your story and your heartfelt emotions about the important women in your life.

  13. SurelySarah says:

    I really admire a person that can be so open in their own admiration for their partner! Nice post 🙂

  14. Kim H says:

    What a lovely post. And what an extra expecially lovely blog. I’ve never been here before and I felt so confused at first as I read this post. I get it now! What a great and lovely idea to have a hubby and wife share a blog. Two perspectives on life!

    I’m book marking you guys – I’ll be back!

    {I’m visiting via the lovely Pink fibro Rewind}

  15. Tat says:

    What a sweet post and I’m so jealous, I usually lose out on the comparison with the mum.. at least that’s how I feel. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday!
    Tat recently posted..Grateful for Friday nights and guava seasonMy Profile

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