AFTER announcing on Facebook and Twitter that I was interviewing someone famous on the blog today, instantly the questions started. A clue? He’s in a rock band. Another clue? He has heaps of girls screaming his name.

Aussie rock band? No, the US of A! (Actually, to be honest, Australia too, and a myriad of other countries). New or old? New. Very new. Should they marry a Queen? Hmmm, this one had me puzzled. No, not a Queen. Well, not that I know of.

So, who is our mystery celebrity guest?

Enough with the questions. Please, let me introduce you to….

That’s right, Raggs, from the TV show of the same name and Kids Club Band fame! Contain yourself, ladies. Please. Let the dog talk.

Kellie: So, what can we expect to learn from Raggs and the gang this season?
Raggs: There are so many great things to learn this season, but the most important lesson is for everyone to work together.  When you share and work together, everyone wins.

Kel: We hadn’t seen you on our tellies for a while. What were you up to during the break?
Raggs: As you may know, besides our Raggs TV series, we’re also a real rock ‘n roll band! So during our break, we’ve been busy playing concerts in Australia and the United States! We have also been asked to put a program together for the Club Med Resorts, which have 80 resorts around the world. But, it is really exciting to be back home in Australia!

Kel: Your guitar playing skills are to be admired. Who are your guitar heroes?
Raggs: Thank you for the compliment, but I am still learning! I am influenced by rock, blues and jazz guitarists, but would probably say that I admire Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and a guitar player from the Mississippi Delta named Robert Johnson. Many people don’t know who Robert Johnson was, but he was really cool!

Kel: What’s your favourite song from the show and why?
Raggs: That is a really tough question. I love all of the songs because they remind me of something that happened in the show or the way that we performed it. Can I pick three favourites?! They might change next week, but today I would say: “The TV Theme Song,” “What’s the Dealio,” and “Jungle Zoo!” You can download our songs on iTunes!

Kel: Life can be tough, not to mention frustrating, for pre-schoolers as they try to learn new skills. How do you always stay so positive?
I used to get upset when I couldn’t do something, but my friends have taught me that it doesn’t matter if I succeed as long as I give it my best shot. And, if I keep practicing, I might just get it right.

Kel: Where does Trilby go shopping to get all her stylish accessories? She seems to have a different accessory for every occasion.
Raggs: Trilby loves to shop.  Her favourite store is the Bow-Wow Boutique. She says that they have the best accessories for every occasion.

Kel: Do you have plans for any touring?
Raggs: Oh, yes!!! Playing music for our friends is the most important thing!
We have a lot of exciting touring events scheduled for this year and the next.  Some of these events are free too! Please tell all of your readers to keep checking our website for news and our tour schedule, which we’ll keep updating!!!   Go to:

Thank you very much for your help spreading the news that we are back on TV! Please let us know if you have any more questions, anytime!!!
Pawsuuup! Your friend, Raggs

  • You can catch ‘Raggs’ on Boomerang at 9am weekdays and on 7TWO at 6am Monday thru Saturday.

Come back tomorrow to read a review of the new Raggs DVD and win a copy o f the DVD and CD.

What question would you – or your child – have asked Raggs?

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12 Responses to FEATURE: A celebrity is visiting the blog

  1. Stephanie Young says:

    How do you keep your fur so clean and colourful? (My kids would like to know)

    • Kel says:

      Oooh, great question, Stephanie. I need to know that one for my own tresses!!! Guessing it’s an expensive brand of doggy shampoo! 😉

  2. lol Kel! Ummmm question… how to control yourself from licking everyone that comes near you like every other dog? 🙂

    • Kel says:

      Glad it gave you a giggle, Kym!!! Hmmm, come to think of it, I haven’t seen him lick anyone yet either! Maybe they edit those bits out!! LOL! 😉

  3. Jane says:

    He he. This was great. Thanks for giving me a laugh! The kids just love Raggs, so can’t wait for the giveaway.

  4. Toushka Lee says:

    I we used to watch Raggs all the time.
    Last Christmas the mall santa gave the kids a Raggs colouring book and dvd. I hadn’t seen raggs in about a year but I put on the DVD and it was american! The accents were just weird. it was so different. the cat was smarmy instead of funny and the songs were strangely different too.
    I like the TV raggs with Australian accents. And that’s saying something coming from a kiwi/american.
    I have no further questions for raggs. Just an autograph request.

    • Kel says:

      LOL!! I’m sure an autograph is on its way soon!! 😉
      I’d love to hear the American one, Toushka. I think it would be a spin-out for Ella. I have to say, Dumpster the cat is my fave character! He’s hilarious!

  5. Glenys says:

    Ha Kellie, That is funny! My boys are starting to grow out of this TV show but it was a favourite for some time.

  6. Glowless says:

    Very cool. My question for Raggs would be a two-parter; “How have you managed to curtail your desire to sniff the other dogs bottoms? And could you please teach my dog?”

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