brushing teeth, toddler, preschoolerAFTER mistaking her teacher for the woman with the umbrella who flies, we finally arrived at “big girl school’’ on Friday for Princess Ella’s first pre-kindy session. While I suffered heart palpitations in the corner, she strolled in, threw her drink bottle in my bag and headed straight for the pretend play area to hang the washing on the line. If only she’d do that at home.

This has been our big win of the week. To be honest, we kind of already knew there would be no tears involved. There were a few reasons for that:

  • Ella knew the session would only go for just over an hour. Although, she did plead for “just five more minutes, Mum’’ at the end.
  • Half her childcare friends were there. That’s cheating, I say.
  • She has her father’s confidence. While I struggle to make small talk (yes, watch out at the Bloggers Brunch next month), Ella will happily tell you her name, her age, her sister’s name and both their toilet habits for the morning.
  • Mums or dads (or in our case both, because The Bloke in The Shed hates missing out on things) have to stay with the child. And Baby Holly had a wow of a time eating the orange and green play dough.
  • Two days a week at child care has helped develop her social and coping skills beyond what I ever had as a kid. I recall tears on the first day of high school because I was the last of the Grade 7s left standing outside after the big kids forgot to get me for home group. (Just the thought of that is making my eyes well up).
  • She gets to do ABC Reading Eggs, which she is obsessed with. Except, after using my laptop’s touch pad, it was hilarious to watch her flicking her finger on top of the Apple Mac mouse and wondering why the cursor wasn’t moving. “Mum, this thing’s broken’’.

Ella is not yet four, so obviously young in the eyes of interstate mums whose children don’t start for another year. Although, in the end, a large part of it comes down to the type of person she is. Clingy Holly may be a whole other story…

Anyway, enough about school. Let’s rack up a few more wins for the week by clicking on the links below.

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How did your little one go starting kindy or pre-kindy? How did you feel about the experience as a mum?

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13 Responses to WIN: Aussie Giveaway Linkup #21

  1. That is so fabulous that she did so well. We always seem to worry way more than they do!

    And I had laugh and your lack of being able to make small talk… The bloggers brunch could be interesting, I am the same. But I once I get started seem to be okay…
    Amy @ MahliMoo recently posted..Oh That’s Pinterest…ingMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      I think the champers will go a long way to getting us started, Amy. Then look out, you may not shut us up!!! So looking forward to meeting you. We might have to pre-organise some small talk conversation!! Hehe! 🙂

  2. Addison will start 3 year old kinder next year. Its only 2 hours on a friday but no parents. I’m a little worried about how I will handle it. Not her.!
    Courtney @ Nobashake recently posted..Problogger Event 2011 Post Link upMy Profile

  3. rachel says:

    That’s great the Ella has taken to her kindy so well, now for everyone else to get used to it! lol 🙂
    The Little Emp started at a Montessori school when he turned three and it was four half days a week. I was concerned that this would be too much but he loves it! now that he is four he goes four full days a week and he still loves it. I said to him “i miss you when you are at school” he looks at me, ponders for a moment then says “yeah…. but I get to play with my friends!” so there you have it! some kids are just ready and enjoy it!

    • Kel says:

      Oh, how precious are they, Rachel! 🙂
      And it’s so right, some kids are so ready at that age. Others are not. I’ll be interested to see how Holly is at the same age. Will be interesting to look back on this then. xx

  4. What a fabulous sigh of relief to know that she has taken the big step so well… now hopefully you can relax a little 🙂 Only more positive experiences from here :)x
    the parenting files recently posted..I just signed up to PinterestMy Profile

  5. Mary Preston says:

    I’m so glad everything went well for you.

  6. Lisa Wood says:

    Gosh she is so very brave!! I love how confident she is in social situations….and that thing where you are not that confident with social meet ups…I went to the ProBlogger event and only had the courage to say Hi to those that I know online 🙂

    Silly of me because I could have meet some wonderful bloggers!!

    Lisa Wood recently posted..What Is Your DreamMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Oh, Lisa. Feeling your pain! I have a couple of bloggy events coming up next month and I’m determined to meet the people I want to meet. Even if I just say “hi” and run away!! LOL! 🙂

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