TODAY I was hoping I’d be posting about what I was going to wear when I met Princess Mary next week. Instead, you get to hear about another Tasmanian princess – the Princess Theatre at Launceston in the State’s north – as part of the My Tasmanian Backyard series. Yesterday The Bloke in The Shed received an invite (plus one – aka me) to lunch with Prime Minister Julia Gillard (yeah, whatever) and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (woohoo!).

Except he declined. What? I know. It seems getting from Tasmania to Canberra and back in the hours the girls are in childcare is just a bit beyond Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar.. Why did I have children again?

So while I’ve just forgone an entire week’s worth of princess posts, here’s a post about a more child friendly princess that will still tickle your fancy. And might I add that she turned 100 this year. She’s looking mighty fine for an old duck.

Princess Theatre Launceston Tasmania

Is that a cheesy grin, or what?

On Sunday she hosted fairies. Now you wouldn’t get that in Canberra. Actually, maybe you would. The fairies in question happened to be THE Fairies – Harmony, Rhapsody, Fairy Minuet, Barnaby, Elf and Wizzy.


Princess Theatre Launceston, The Fairies

Oh, and Santa. Anyone would think the big guy in red was part of The Beatles, considering the reception he received.

Princess Theatre Launceston

The old theatre is exactly what you’d expect to see in most cities – old grand buildings with exquisite detail,

Princess Theatre, Launceston

Looks much more impressive in ``real life''.

elaborate seating, beautiful lights

Princess Theatre, Launceston

and red velvet curtains. The Princess Theatre, under the Theatre North umbrella, has featured some of my favourite concerts while an entertainment journalist. We usually got treated to far better seating than we did on Sunday too.

Princess Theatre, Launceston

See the dots on the stage? To be honest, despite being as far back as was possible (because someone booked the tickets too late), our vantage point was still impressive. This wasn’t our first concert at the theatre this year either, having also watched The Wiggles. You’ve got to love a man in a skivvy.

Princess Theatre Launceston, The Wiggles

And a dinosaur in pink.

Princess Theatre Launceston, Dorothy the Dinosaur

Conclusion:  Entertainment buffs will enjoy the variety the theatre offers, with everything from children’s entertainment, theatrical performances, concerts, comedy and school productions. There’s little fear of numb bum with comfy seating and the slope of the theatre making viewing easier – important for someone who’s shorter than a Melbourne jockey.

Highlights: Seeing Ella have the entire aisle to herself to bust a move. If only Rhapsody was close enough to see her triple twist, which led into a back flip and finished with the splits.

Princess Theatre Launceston, The Fairies

What does it cost: This depends on the show. See the site for the latest concerts and prices.

Attractions nearby: For The Wiggles, we arrived early and had a picnic at City Park – also known as the Monkey Park to locals. It has plenty of area for the kids to run around, Japanese Macaque monkey enclosure, a miniature train for children to ride on, duck pond, barbecues, play equipment, clean toilets and the John Hart Conservatory. It’s within walking distance to the theatre.

How to get there: 57 Brisbane St, Launceston.

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LEARN MORE: Visit the Theatre North website for shows and bookings or the Facebook page.

DISCLOSURE: Not necessary for this post.

What shows have you seen and enjoyed with your children this year? Do you have a favourite venue?

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12 Responses to My Tasmanian Backyard: Princess Theatre Launceston

  1. kirri says:

    You could have had tea with Princess Mary but the kids got in the way?!! Noo…I’m seriously bummed for you. Pesky little mites always get in the way of adult fun time 🙂
    kirri recently posted..If you want to be happier, have more fun.My Profile

  2. Kellie B says:

    We saw The Fairies last week and are off to The Wiggles at the end of the month. I live in Canberra and we have a few old buildings from the 1800’s but we don’t have a grand old theatre. I’m happy to babysit the girls while you dine with the Danes.

    • Kel says:

      I’d love to see the latest Wiggles concert, Kellie. It sounds like a good one! The Fairies was fabulous! I actually quite enjoyed it. Unlike the Dora concert a month or so back, which I found a tad boring. Mind you, Ella loved it!
      I’ll drop the kids off with you at 10am next week then? LOL! 😉

  3. Elisha says:

    I would have babysat for you !!!!

  4. Lisa Wood says:

    Hi Kel,

    I cant believe you gave a morning tea, and a trip to Canberra!!! Plus you got an invitation to meet Princess Mary….gosh couldnt you hide the kids in the suitcases?

    Love that you got to go to the theatre and Princess Ella got to see the THE Fairies – how cool that would have been! Love the Wiggles – my oldest got to see them when he was younger (and that is about 16 years ago!) so they are so amazing to be around for this long.

    Lisa Wood recently posted..Telstra Mobile InternetMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      I think they’ll still be coming out on stage when they’re in wheelchairs, Lisa. Those fellas are amazing! Their success is a credit to them.
      And on the Princess Mary thing, I am honestly so disappointed. The Bloke in The Shed has done a post on it for tomorrow! He may possibly have a dig at me! 😉

  5. Princess Mary? Ohh it would of been too much for me meeting her i think shes fab!

    Love the wiggles we went to see them last Christmas and Santa was the star of that show as well.. Boy Blue still goes on about santa coming!
    mums the word recently posted..Wordless Wednesday~ Strawberry FieldsMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      I know. What on earth would you say to her, Sarah? “Hello. I’m from Tassie too”. That’s about all I can think of! LOL! 🙂
      How cute is it to see their reaction when Santa comes out? The Wiggles do their concerts so well. As far as kids concerts go, they are still by far the most entertaining for kids and parents. 🙂

  6. Jane says:

    I love old theatres. Don’t you just wish they were still made like that? Gorgeous.

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