Girl in children's kitchen

Li'l Holly making herself a drink in her big sister's kitchen.

By The Bloke In The Shed

SOME of my fondest memories as a child are of jumping into my mum and dad’s bed early of a morning. Compared to my own bed, it seemed enormous.

Not only that, I watched my dad – the hunter/gatherer of the family – religiously be the one to get out and make my devoted mum her cup of tea in bed of a morning. Like breeds like.

Our family loves our morning snuggles in bed and, yes, it has been traditionally yours truly to get out of bed and make the morning drinks for the clan.

Ella’s morning brew, as opposed to mum’s cup of tea, has been Milo since about the age of two. On the odd – and I’ll say very odd – occasion, mum has got up to make the family drinks, Ella has chucked the most enormous of hissy fits.

“No mummy, I want daddy to make my Milo; you make it yucky etc etc etc etc.”

Until recently, I’d always worn it as a sense of pride. That is, until, Princess Kel and I both had cause to be up in the kitchen during the drink-making ritual.

Collingwood beer holder

Li'l Holly insists on putting her milk container into a Collingwood stubby holder.

As usual I poured milk for Li’l Holly, a one-sugared tea for mum, a one-sugared coffee for dad and a one-sugared Milo for Ella. Princess Kel looked at me as if I’d just shot the Pope.

“YOU SUGAR ELLA’S MILO!!!!!!!!!!,’’ she wailed, like Tom Cruise wailed for ‘the truth’ in the closing scenes of A Few Good Men. I refused the urge to say “you can’t handle the truth’’ and offered up a feeble, “yes”.

“We talked about it when we started giving her Milo,’’ I said, with the knowledge I was backed up by my photographic memory …… um, what were we talking about?

Let’s face it, Milo without sugar is like bacon without eggs. It’s not right.

Whatever the scenario, mum was offended and upset at the fact her sugarless offerings had been treated with the contempt they’d deserved.

Ella and I looked at each other. Shrugged. And poured ourselves another hot drink.

God love her.

Do your children get to drink Milo or is it strictly a morning milk affair?

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9 Responses to One man’s sweet take on the “morning cuppa”

  1. Eccentricess says:

    You sugared her Milo?! ICK! The 12 yr old at our house would discreetly pour your version down the sink and start again, properly. ;-p

    We have a morning Milo here, with ground flaxseeds in it and rice milk. Cold. And you have to pour the milk onto a spoon, so the Milo stays at the bottom. Or she’ll hand it to me and say, “that one’s yours, Mama.”
    Eccentricess recently posted..ElsewhereMy Profile

  2. Ai Sakura says:

    Oh yes, my girl loves Milo and it’s always with sugar… not sickly sweet but still. Who drinks Milo without sugar??
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Ultimate Colla-gen from Korea | Combat Aging Inside-OutMy Profile

  3. Lisa Wood says:

    We dont have Milo in our house hold, but we do have Teas – usually with honey 🙂
    I think that milo needs sugar – it makes it taste perfect! And 1 teaspoon of sugar wont hurt her.
    Lisa Wood recently posted..What Would You Choose Sex or SleepMy Profile

  4. Andie says:

    Not sure if this is pointing out the obvious or not, but milo already contains a lot of sugar, about 47g per 100g according to the label. So I guess it depends on how much you control her sugar intake (not judging, just mentioning) as to whether you add it or not.
    Andie recently posted..Lemon LoafMy Profile

    • Judge all you like Andie, we love opinions. Can’t have a blog without opinions. You raise a point I hadn’t thought about before actually, but our girls eat pretty healthily generally. Would you believe they both love just plain, and I mean plain, porridge for breakfast! I mean, who eats just plain porridge? Uncle Toby would even screw his nose up at that.

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