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One thing I wasn’t so comfortable with in the early days of blogging was opening this space up to other bloggers. Seriously, this is my site – get your own. However, I’ve also learnt over time that it’s a great way to promote and market your blog through others’ networks, assist with gaining content you may otherwise have not thought of yourself and the content is generally high quality (we always put the most effort into content we write for others). Lastly, and probably most importantly, it’s an opportunity to help grow a fellow blogger’s site as well.

To attract guest posts, you could include a “be my guest” page on your site or just include a few lines about accepting guest posts within another page on your site – your About Me page, Advertise/PR page etc. Alternatively, write a post about wanting to attract guest bloggers, do a Facebook or Twitter shout out or directly email bloggers you have in mind.

It’s a good idea to give some guidelines on what you’re after. Having a guest post series has worked well on this blog, including the Alphabet Photography Challenge last year. I really should get onto creating another series…

So, are you willing to open up your space to other writers? Do you already accept guest posts?

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14 Responses to 5. #BloggingPrompts: Open yourself up to guest posts

  1. Kelly Brough says:

    I agree that it is a great idea. I guest post on a number of sites and really enjoy it even though blogging is not my main business.

    I’d love to have some guest bloggers on my site: the oola blog, though haven’t been sure about the approach since I am a toy retailer with a blog. For some thy muddies the waters, though for me, I want the content to be informative, uplifting and helpful for parents. It’s the place my store gets to show its personality!

    Thanks for the tips and a great post. I’m going to get out there and find some guest posts.


    • Kel says:

      Good on you, Kelly. Making the approach can be the hardest step. Once it starts, it’s generally fairly easy from there.
      I’m going to write some more on guest posting next week, but my advice for you is to look to bloggers where you can find a mutually beneficial relationship. So maybe another mum in business who’s blog style is in a similar vein to you. Maybe they have a similar sized following on their blog/social media channels. It’s a great way to help each other out. You never know, but it may be the start of a relationship where you’re able to continually support each other’s endeavours with future social media shoutouts, blog posts, business support etc.
      Hope this helps a little. x

  2. At Family Capers we have built ourselves around guest posters and contributors for the magazines. I love it and the diversity it brings but on my own blog I must admit I am more cautious 🙂

    • Kel says:

      I definitely understand your point on your own blog, Linda. I’m much the same. I still only really accept posts from people I feel I have some sort of relationship with – so whether that’s been built in person, on the blog or via social media. Maybe that’s me being a little ol’ fashioned! 🙂

  3. Lisa Wood says:

    I actually get too scared writing for other blog sites, but make myself do it at least once a month!
    I would love more regular guest posting on my site – so thanks for the great idea! Will put a shout out and see what responses I get 🙂
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Fire Wood CuttingMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Good on you, Lisa. It’s well worth the effort – as you would know!:) But I so hear you on feeling scared about writing for others’. It’s like having the keys to their house for a day!

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  5. jan says:

    My blog is nearly a year old and so far I have not had any guest blogs on my site or done any on other people’s. I have had several people approach me, but they are not people I know. I do see the benefits and maybe one day it will happen!
    jan recently posted..Fantastic Friday – Framed – Castelo dos Mouros RampartsMy Profile

    • Kel says:

      Only when you’re ready, Jan. And some bloggers never open themselves up to guest bloggers – and that’s OK too. I guess the beauty of having a blog is that it’s your space and you can do whatever like you with it!! 🙂

  6. Madeline says:

    I’ve had a few guest posters for my Humpday Holiday series and am always happy for more! If anybody is interested it’s really easy – just write about a place you’ve been or a place you want to go to on a holiday. Even just a photo and a few words is enough.
    Madeline recently posted..And breathe…My Profile

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