At 7.20am I’m speaking about the Mum Blogging Masterclass on ABC Radio, so I thought it fitting I have a post on blogging today. I wanted it to be of mammoth proportions and, really, how could you go past blogging lessons from the Queen of Country, busty blonde Dolly Parton.

Not that Dolly is a blogger. I know. I Googled. She does have a community blog, but I didn’t learn anything other than what it takes to create a good Dolly Parton collection. Frightening stuff.

Dolly Parton

What Miss Parton has taught me is this lesson:

“Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, scare the hell out of ‘em and then go home’’.   Click to tweet

Basically, what I’m saying is: “be entertaining”. I’ve tried to adopt this mantra into the blog. I’m not sure I’ve always succeeded though. Especially during those horrid sleep-deprived months when I couldn’t differentiate between what I posted on the blog and what happened in my dreams. There was a scary moment once when I thought I’d posted a 1000-word spiel on my love for Australian cricketer Mark Waugh. Seriously, I don’t want to be admitting that sort of thing in public.

I do hope that over the past few years I have occasionally:

Made you laugh: When life goes bottoms up
Made you cry: A father’s tears
And scared the hell out of you: Read this and you will never speed again

I often wonder if we’re moving mountains on this li’l blog with educating, entertaining and informing you about some elements of parenting – or at least how to make pretty birthday cakes. If we’re not, then I’ll just leave the mountain moving to Dolly, who’s doing a darn fine job of it on a daily basis – and I’m sure her back is paying for it too (I know, you saw that one coming, right?).

Do you have a blog post – either your own or someone else’s – that’s made you laugh, cry or scared the hell out of you? Feel free to share.

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2 Responses to What Dolly Parton taught me about blogging

  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Yep you have made me laugh a lot, not cried that much except for the two blog posts that you have about “fathers tears” and “A Mothers Heartache”
    I love coming here. Cant image what Dolly Parton would be able to blog about! Maybe her big assets!
    Love your blog and how much you share xx
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Things I Know About Healing And Our Crazy LifestyleMy Profile

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