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Those of you who follow this page on Facebook will know a couple of weeks ago I put a shout out on Facebook for decent gift ideas for a six-year-old girl’s birthday. One of Ella’s friends was having a party and I was completely stumped with what to buy her. I also didn’t fancy pacing the streets for two hours looking for something. I’m possibly the only woman in the world who isn’t good at shopping. I’m serious.

Next week we’re into birthday party No. 2 for the year and the first thing I did was revisit that Facebook list. Which took forever to scroll through to find, I might add.

My time management skills tell me it would be a heck of a lot easier to just put all those ideas into a post. Mainly because I’ll be calling on the list again come November and December when Ella’s birthday and Christmas arrive. See, that’s why I have a blog!

So, here are the ideas graciously given by the Three Li’l Princesses Facebook community.

Ideas for a six-year-old girl’s birthday

  • Books
  • Movie tickets
  • My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic figures (apparently big at the moment)
  • Craft supplies or anything from Smiggle
  • Pillow Pet dream light
  • Lego Friends
  • Slushy Magic
  • My Little Pony Wedding Castle
  • Ice cream maker – similar to what’s made at Cold Rock
  • Little Pet Shop critters
  • Scarf, beanie, gloves, raincoat and/or umbrella  for winter
  • Lip balm and bubble bath
  • Beanie Kids bears
  • Diva bangles

My favourite:

  • Mixing bowl, spatula and cake mix wrapped in a tea towel or apron

Best birthday idea for your own child:

  • Money and a date card for just the two of you for ho chocolates and a shop.

6 year old girl birthday ideas

Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions. It means a lot – especially to my feet.


What are your suggestions for gift ideas for a six-year-old girl?

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These are a few of Ella’s favourite things


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  1. SameliasMum says:

    Fabulous ideas! My daughter has started school and has her first 6 year old birthday party next weekend.

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