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spirit of tasmania
Right now, as I write this, I’m looking out the window at the Spirit of Tasmania sitting out on the Mersey River. It’s such an awesome sight on a still night.

It’s one of the reasons we first bought his house. You never tire of watching the Spirit sailing in and out of the mouth of the Mersey.

I’m going to be honest and say it’s been a while since we last sailed on the Spirit. Pre kids actually. I remember doing a day sailing over and getting to explore the ship, while on the way back we opted for a night trip with a cabin.

A few years back, just before one of our previous trips to Melbourne, Julian was talking to Ella’s child carer. Ella repeated her usual “yes, we’re going to Melbourne to see Uncle Rick, aren’t we Dad?’’.

“We hear so much about Uncle Rick. Apparently he has a really big boat?’’ the child carer said.

Julian then had to explain that the “big boat’’ is actually the Spirit. The child carer had more than a little chuckle at that.

Due to the boat being so visible, there’s been repeated requests we go to Melbourne on “Uncle Rick’s big boat’’ since instead of the plane.

Watching this video I’m questioning why on earth we don’t go on the Spirit more often. Especially with trying to organise kids. I know they would think it was such an adventure.

Tell me: do you prefer to fly or sail?

DISCLAIMER: I was paid to write this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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5 Responses to Spirit of Tasmania versus flying: Which do you prefer?

  1. Ohhhhh that’s a hard one. I love the Spirit of Tasmania, it’s exciting and really makes you feel like you are going somewhere special. BUT I couldn’t sleep at night! I am not sure if the waves are always as terrible as they were when we went to and from Tasmania, but for me it was just too much! I was awake all night as the ship lurched through those massive waves. I wasn’t worried per se but it did feel unsettling! Maybe on a calmer night it would have been better. I did love everything else though. And when my kiddies are older I would love to take them on it for the experience. 🙂

    • It’s been amazing weather here the last week or two Caroline. Perfect for sailing right now. I definitely need to pick my times for sailing! For me, I prefer the day sailings than the night. Not sure why, but I just feel more comfortable! 🙂

  2. We love going on the Spirit, it’s so much easier with a large family to jump on the boat, and take our van, than trying to get everyone on. My children love the day trips.
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  3. Sam says:

    Do it!!! 🙂
    I just took two littlies on the spirit to visit Daddy who’s doing fly in/out work in Launceston.
    We opted for the day sail and it was great! Yes admittedly it was along day but worth it as were seeing Daddy who’s been away for a month. We chose to sail instead of fly as I needed a car for the 2 week visit as hubby had to work a few days.
    My 4 year old thought it was a real adventure and was a bit disappointed we didn’t see any pirate ships lol. There was plenty to do and look at on the boat (cinema, leaving the port, kids playroom, top deck has lots of room for kids to run off some energy) and there was entertainment for the kids as well – badge making, circus acts and the face painting was amazing!!
    Pack lots of snacks and nibbles as the food options are pricey and take books/ games and things to keep the kids amused when they are needing some down time. We had a wonderful time and even after we left to return to Melbourne the kids enjoyed the trip for the second time.
    I managed to do it alone with an 18month old and a 4 year old.
    I’m looking forward to doing a night voyage at some point perhaps with just hubby and later down the track would possibly take the family again for a day sail as theres so much so see and do in Tasmania!!!!

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