NEVER, I repeat NEVER, ask your wife if she wants you to pick something up from the supermarket before you come home. Listen to the voice of experience.

Yesterday I emailed Princess Kel asking if she wanted me to pick up some steak for tea before I came home. What followed was, well, you might as well read for yourself:

“Yep, can do. While you’re there, can you get:

* milk

* pumpkin

* wipes

* nappies (if on special)

* apples

* Be Natural cereal

* baby rice

Don’t worry about eggs, we have a whole carton + couple in a second carton.’’

Far out. Was I sorry for asking.

I’d previously had the whole trip home planned in my mind. I’d figured, a quick trip into the supermarket, home in five minutes, cuddles with girls, crack a cold beer, help feed and bathe the girls and settle into the couch for some tellie.

How wrong was I? Serves me right I guess.

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12 Responses to Lessons for Blokes No. 1: Be careful what you ask

  1. Glen says:

    Sounds eerily familiar. Be grateful she didn’t ask you to pickup her special lady monthly equipment because A: you won’t get the right things, B: you have to stand there as the cashier stifles her mirth and C: you won’t betting any kind of thanks when you get home – far from it.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Lol! Surely you should know better by now?

    Hope you got your beer in the end?

  3. Melissa says:

    lol. I do it to mine every time. 🙂

  4. Elisha Squire says:

    Be thankful – thats a pretty short list =P My Hubby usually ends up quickly grabbing a whole trolley full of stuff ! haha !

  5. Emma says:

    Ha ha, funny post. I think you got off lightly though. On the rare occasions my husbands offers to shop I too run with it – though along with the ‘also gets’ are severe warnings of what not to get. He’s very keen on stocking us to the gills with chocolate, cookies, ice cream etc and it is just too dangerous! Plus, he gets the expensive stuff and I’m a bit of a tight-arse.

    • Are you and Kel the same person Emma? The reason Kel took to online grocery shopping was to stop me buying all the stuff “we don’t need” (translate: stuff that actually tastes nice and would not be available in a health shop).

  6. Glowless says:

    This is why you should catch public transport to work – save the earth and not have to worry about picking stuff up on they way home.

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