View from the seat at the MCG

AS A mad Magpie attending his first Collingwood live game since the little princesses were born,  I knew it was gonna be a long day when the first person I saw at the ground was Geelong premiership captain Tom Harley.

Maybe, just maybe, if the next person I saw was Collingwood premiership captain Nick Maxwell things might be alright, I thought. I turned the corner … and there was Joffa – Collingwood’s comic-like cheer squad leader. Crap.

Earlier in the afternoon I’d left Princess Kel and the li’l princesses after a long day of shopping to make their way back to the Medina Grand, while I jumped onto a tram on Flinders St to get to the MCG.

A view of the city from the MCG walkway

It was a bitterly cold evening and Kel was concerned I did not have a jacket, despite shopping for one all afternoon. In stark contrast to how it normally works (I’m the shopper of the family), Kel had seemingly bought half of Melbourne and I’d bought nothing.

“Julian, you’ll freeze,’’ was Kel’s parting comment as I kissed her, assuring her I’d be OK. It was on arrival at the MCG I spotted the merchandise stand. “Got any Collingwood jackets?’’ I enquired, as the lady proceeded to unveil a sparkling new Magpie waterproof, lined polar fleece jacket.

Entrance to the 'G

I rang Kel: “Want the good news or the bad news?’’

“What?’’ she replied, suspiciously.

“Well, I’m not gonna freeze anymore … I bought a Collingwood jacket and it only cost me $100 … Hello? Kel? … Are you still there?’’ Bonus.

Princess Kel bought me the ticket to the game as a Christmas present (actually she didn’t buy the ticket, she just said I could go). I organised the ticket, which looked on paper a bloody good seat, through an equally mad Magpie workmate. With much excitement, I raced to my seat to check the view only to discover it was right on the fringe of the Geelong cheer squad. Sent a scathing text message to my workmate. Double crap.

Among my new Geelong ``friends''.

Oh well, best enjoy the night anyway. To my surprise I found the surrounding Geelong supporters bloody nice people (thus disproving my previously held theory about Cat supporters). I enjoyed the game and had a ball despite the eventual Magpie loss, roaring myself hoarse (which Kel would have been most embarrassed about had she been there).

My beloved Pies were pretty ordinary on the night but, had Geelong lost, their supporters could have felt more ripped off than the MCG patrons who pay $8 for a mid strength beer.  I raced home, still buzzing from the experience, to the comfort of our hotel room and the li’l princesses sound asleep. Magic.

Tell us about your best experience at a sporting event.

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5 Responses to SHED: I know a bad omen when I see one

  1. Martine says:

    As one of those really nice Geelong supporters (though not in the cheer squad), I would have to say my best sporting experiences have been the 2007 and 2009 Grand finals…not merely for the fact that we won, but because i was able to celebrae with my dad, who i have been going to the footy with every week since I was young and also with 2 of my own boys who will no doubt be going for a long time to come too. There is nothing like seeing your usually pretty macho dad cry tears of joy whilst being squeezed with elation by 2 of your children.

  2. rachel says:

    oh bummer your team didn’t win Julian but glad you had a great time. there really is nothing like watching your team play at the G especially when you have made the trip there from interstate! i have made the trek over from WA a few times and watch my beloved, yet frustrating, Dockers lose every time!! lol! still love em though. the curse of a true fan – bit like a marriage (for better and for worse, till death do us part….)

  3. Robyn says:

    “Nice” as it is to see your Team win – nothing beats the experience of watching your team play “live”at the MCG or Etihad…………….we are off to see our team (which shall remain nameless!!!) next month twice in 3 weekends……either end of our holiday!!!!

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