THERE used to be two things in life I was scared of – spiders and swiveling around on the toilet to discover there was no toilet paper. Now it’s three things. Yes, now I am scared my li’l princesses are growing up way too fast. Not Kel, as she has achieved her vertical capacity in life and is destined only to shrink with age. No, the other two – Princesses Holly and Ella.

Holly is growing up quickly, despite having a serious allergy (she is allergic to sleep and if Kel doesn’t get a sleep through soon it could well be a life-threatening condition). It only seems like yesterday Holly was born (have I mentioned before she was born the day after a Collingwood premiership? I have? Oh, good). While it has been a hard slog with her aversion to sleep, it’s hard to believe she’s come from being a newborn to now looking at you with an understanding that only a developed littlie can.

Recently I’ve been trying to teach Holly how to do “kisses”. I can see Holly processing it as she sits there like a fish, mouth open, giving me sloppy “kisses’’ while obviously thinking “for god sake, go and brush your teeth, man’’. In one recent “kisses’’ lesson I was too enthusiastic and we ended up butting heads. It shocked me as she looked at me, paused for a second, then screwed up her face and broke up in uncontrollable tears as if to say “you stupid idiot, that really hurt’’.

As for Ella, she’s three going on 13. She already rules the house. Yet we forgive her because she has a personality which is entertaining, addictive and downright hilarious. Her inquisitive mind already has me stumped and dammit it is frustrating.

“But how does it work, Daddy?’’. I don’t know, darlin’.

“Where does the moon go during the day, Daddy?’’. I think it goes for chicken nuggets at Maccas, darlin’.

“Why do boys have scoody-doodies Daddy?” Go ask your mother.

Oh well, Kel and I have accepted this is our lot in life. And truth be told, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2 Responses to SHED: Fearing my girls are growing all too fast

  1. Lovely post and beautiful girls. I have two darling girls as well and often wonder if parents of boys find themselves saying, “Aw they are growing up so fast” followed by a pang of fear. I really worry about seeing my girls through to adulthood, even though it is years in the making. They are so delicate.

    We also have been slammed with a recent barrage of questions that seem far too mature for my liking. To be fair, they are asking about how baby lambs get in their mum’s tummy and why the rams have bags hanging between their legs. So it’s not too hard to see why they are asking. In these cases I have every right to say, “Go ask your father”.

    Have a good day!

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