THREE LI’L PRINCESSES… Where parents are sent for time out

Kellie O'Brien Three Li'l PrincessesHi, I’m Kellie.

After 15 years in journalism, much of it producing newspaper entertainment magazines, I decided to start Three Li’l Princesses.

It’s a continuation of the successful long-running “Mum’s The Word’’ newspaper series – one I still get asked about five years on.  It was an honest account of Princess Ella’s existence from when she was a mere bun in the oven, with a bit of humour thrown in.

But, as we know, parenting can also be damn challenging. Even more so with the addition of Holly, now two. Some days you barely survive the piercing repetition of “but why?’’, tripping over mountains of toys, two hours of sleep in 24 hours and the fourth tantrum for the day (yours, not the kids).

Three Li’l Princesses is the place to curl up with a good ebook, tinker away at winning cool stuffcooking or photography. Then again, you can just pop in to catch up on the news, share stories or be reminded why you became a parent in the first place in this virtual mum’s group. Subscribe to the site and join us on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll never miss out on a conversation.

Dads, you’re not left out either. Daddy blogger Julian has plenty of room in The Shed.

So whether you’re living through it, lived it in a past life or are on the brink of jumping in, make yourself at home in The Palace and share a laugh, shed a tear, be inspired or simply recharge the batteries. After all, when parenting gets “interesting’’, it’s nice to know there’s someone out there experiencing the exact same moment.

Who lives here?

Kellie (Princess No. 1): Journalist, author, social media and PR consultant, funny mummy blogger, mum to Princesses No. 2 and 3 and a li’l princess herself, at just 150cms. OK, so that’s being a tad generous. I’m happiest when my tummy is full of either coffee, wine or chocolate. My goal this year is to date my husband at least once a month.

Julian (Bloke in The Shed): Newspaper Editor, daddy blogger and dad to Princesses No. 2 and 3. Married to his iPhone and is finding a thinner version of himself via a PT and two li’l girls.

Ella (Princess No. 2): Now five years of age and ruler of the house. Loves dancing, singing and coming out with ridiculously funny lines, which is inevitable when she talks as much as she does.

Holly (Princess No. 3): Now two, she has fast caught up to her big sister in the talking department. We’re now midway through toilet training. Always a highlight of raising children!