cuddles Three Li'l PrincessesTHE memories of going into my dad’s work with him as a kid remain as vivid as if they occurred yesterday. I still recall every step up the stairs to the office where he ran a construction company and I even remember the distinct, peculiar and unique crisp smell of the carpet which I have never rediscovered to this day.

Being a bit of a mistake, my arrival was towards the end of my father’s office professional life, but the occasional journeys with dad into his work were brilliant. It felt like I was being let into a secret society. It may even be why I trended towards an office career than a trade like so many of my brothers.

Last weekend I took my three Princesses into work with me. Princess Ella has been into my work often for short stints with me, Kel used to work there before becoming a mummy blogger and PR consultant and Baby Holly won’t remember it anyway. But being in there as a family reminded me of my memories with dad.

My life has got a whole lot busier of late. Some of you may have, but probably not, noticed I’ve been spending a lot less time in The Shed. A work promotion has taken all my focus and left little time for thinking about tinkering here.

A little over a year ago, just to add to the schedule, I joined a service club to give back to our community and I’m clinging to a lesson from that club. “Family first, work second and service thereafter’’.

While I’ve been working hard to establish my new work position and will continue to do so, family is the most important thing in life. I’ve tried to devote as much quality time with the girls as possible, hence the weekend’s excursion. The girls, particularly Princess Ella, loved it – interacting with the people there and discovering a dish of chocolate caramels (otherwise known as “motivators’).

It’s a delicate balance, but I hope it shows my girls they are always included and a part of my life, as well as acknowledging none of it could happen without their support.

Did you ever visit your parents at work as a child? What are your memories?

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14 Responses to SHED: Family will always come first

  1. Jane says:

    My dad worked in a factory, so we never had the opportunity to go and see his workplace. To this day, I still don’t know what the insides of those walls look like. It’s wonderful that your princesses get to see the other side of your life.

  2. Deb says:

    Oh I bet Ella had a fantastic time, especially discovering the “motivators”. I never got to see as a child through my fathers workplace but I know he worked very hard!! He used to tell me so:)

  3. My Mum used to run a business with my grandparents, my brother and I were there almost every school holidays!
    When my grandparents moved away we would visit and go to work with them too.
    Fond memories 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    Sure did Jules,
    I also remember the smell of the office. I used to love sitting at his desk and reading all the papers. Visiting him in the newsroom was what made me decide to become what I am today!

    • Anna, your post makes me both happy and sad.
      Your dad was a great journo. You were lucky to learn from one of the best.
      Your dad always was and would continue to be very proud of you.
      It’s funny what we remember isn’t it? The smell of an office? Go figure.

  5. Well done, Ella – I used to go into work with my Mum during the school holidays and nag her for jelly beans all day. (You can’t blame me… pharmacies have the best jelly beans!)

  6. Rod says:

    Getting on the bus dad drove was always exciting and can still remember sitting in the big chair in his office and getting to play with paper! My kids spent a fair bit of time with me at work on weekends….they still remember playing offices!

    • It’s a great experience to let your children into your workplace Rod. Gives them an understanding of where you go all that time and how we all interact.
      Ella asked me the other day ”are you going to work with your mates again?”. I smiled and replied “yes”.

  7. Denyse says:

    Ah, such a beautiful post…. “maybe” you might need a bit of leave from the community thingy for a bit #justsayin’ …. And I’m old enough to be your mum, so figure it’s a mum saying.

    My memories of going into Dad’s work as an under 8 yo were on a weekend, to the Office where he was the accountant in a Fertilizer company in Port Kembla. The smell of the phosphate rock before it was processed was what hit me as I got out of the car. Dad must have needed to do something or was fostered on to check on things. It wasn’t a 24/7 place. I recall having my first “go” on a typewriter & I loved it! Manual of course. And one strong memory is of fluorescent lights flickering as they came on, had never seen this before & made me scared because it reminded me of lightning!
    Great idea for kids to see where parents work. In my last working role as a teacher, I found most kids under 8 had “no idea”. Could be a sign of busy Sydney life and long travel distances.
    My grandkids – the youngest- aged nearly 4 & nearly 2 know Daddy works in a hospital ( psychologist) and Mummy works at The Club ( nah!) it’s the base for the Wellness Practice she manages 4 days a week.
    Oh, our kids knew where we worked, especially DD, as we taught her in a small country school. Now her kids are at the school where she teaches! It’s got more good points than bad…..
    How’s that brother going up the road from my place at Woolworths Way?

  8. Don’t worry Denyse, Princess Kel would assure you the community thingy is not getting in the way of anything.
    Great memories of your dad.
    As for Grant, he’s life is about to get a whole lot busier. Mine pales in comparison 🙂

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